Cremation is an alternative to burial in which the body is burned to ash. Taking place in a specialized crematorium, this is a less expensive option for final disposition.

Alternative options for cremains

Cremated remains (cremains) are typically stored in an urn within a loved one's home, but this is only one of the options you can choose. Today, you have a lot of freedom to choose any alternative when it comes to your cremains. Some of the more popular options are tree burials, scattering ceremonies, or creating a memorial diamond. Some families opt for something a little less traditional, like getting a tattoo with a loved one's ashes, creating a vinyl, or even blasting them into space.

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An urn is a vessel used to hold cremated remains (cremains). Though most people are familiar with traditional urns, they actually come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. From eco-friendly urns that grow into trees to keepsake urns that only hold a small bit of ashes, this is a highly personal decision for families. Ultimately, the urn is yet another way to express your legacy and your impact.

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What is cremation

This burial alternative involves the disposition of the dead through burning. The body is reduced to essential elements (ash and bone fragments) through intense heat and evaporation. Taking place in a specially designed furnace called a cremation chamber, this is an affordable, more sustainable option for disposition. Recently, cremation became more popular than burial in the United States, and this popularity is only expected to grow.

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