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Digital afterlife

If you access the internet in any way, odds are you have your data on the internet. Your digital afterlife is the digital presence that lives online when you're gone.

How to manage & delete digital accounts

What do you want to happen to your digital accounts when you die? These are a part of our everyday life, but we don't usually think about what will happen to them when we're gone. How you manage your accounts today affects what happens to them in the future. Talking to your family and creating a digital afterlife plan is the best way to make sure your accounts are handled according to your wishes.

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Protecting digital assets & photos

In this day and age, it's essential to protect your digital assets, photos, and online privacy. What will happen to your accounts, passwords, and files when you're gone? You need to take steps today to protect your digital afterlife in the future. Whether you want your family to take over your accounts, save your photos, or delete everything, this is a conversation worth having sooner rather than later.

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Social media & your digital afterlife

Posting on social media is the new normal, and it's changed the way we connect with friends and family. What happens to your online profiles when you're no longer here? Your social media is a part of your digital afterlife, and it's a part of your story. It's up to you what you want to happen to your social media profiles when you're gone, whether you memorialize them, delete them, or leave them for friends and family.

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