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Eldercare is another word for elder care, and this is the practice of caring for the special needs of aging adults. Including home care, assisted living, nursing homes, and more, this is any type of care for the elderly.

Aging in place

Aging in place is when you choose to stay in your own home as you grow older. While some aging adults choose to live in nursing homes or assisted living facilities, others prefer to keep their independence as long as possible by staying in their homes. While aging in place can be a great option, there are unique concerns like hiring a caretaker, creating a long-term plan, and preparing for retirement.

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Assisted living & nursing homes

Assisted living and nursing home facilities are residential facilities for aging adults, those with disabilities, or adults who need long-term care. These living facilities offer personalized care, activities, and medical aid for those who need it. Many of these housing centers provide home-like settings and promote independence, while others offer round-the-clock medical treatment and care. Caretakers at these facilities are licensed and qualified to give dedicated, unique care for different needs.

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Books & movies about aging

Aging can be intimidating, especially in our youth-focused society. Is there such a thing as aging with grace? They're called your Golden Years for a reason. Luckily, this is a topic explored widely in films, TV, and books. By exploring some of the latest and greatest titles, you can connect with others who have walked the tried-and-true path through adulthood into all the stages that come next.

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Caring for aging parents

As your parents get older, your relationship begins to change. Suddenly, you might find yourself in a caretaking position. Depending on their health needs and concerns, this could become a challenging, demanding role. No matter your relationship with your parents, it's important to understand these different roles as your parents enter this next stage of their life. From helping them with their estate to planning advanced care, be there every step of the way.

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