A eulogy is a funeral speech, and it's a chance to honor someone who has died. This type of speech shares details about their life, accomplishments, and legacy.

Eulogy for friend

Losing a friend is often like losing a member of the family. Writing a eulogy in their honor is an act of service, compassion, and remembrance. Not only do you get to share a special side of your friend with their family in their time of grief, but you also find your own closure through this formal goodbye. Whether your eulogy is emotional, upbeat, or laugh-out-loud funny, make sure it comes from the heart.

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Eulogy for grandparent

Writing a eulogy for a beloved grandparent is an act of compassion and remembrance. How do you sum up a lifetime of memories and achievements? Though it can sound difficult, it will be meaningful and memorable because it comes from a special grandchild. The bond between grandparents and their grandchildren cannot be fully put into words, but a eulogy is a chance to try to capture these feelings for the world to see.

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Eulogy for parent

A eulogy for a parent is an opportunity to say goodbye to one of your most important caretakers. Your parent was always there for you, and now you get to be there for them in this important moment of legacy. Writing a eulogy can be an emotional experience, but it can also help you heal from the grief of this loss while giving you closure.

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Eulogy for sibling

A sibling is one of life's first friends. Always there through life's ups and downs, saying goodbye to a beloved sibling is never easy. Your eulogy is an opportunity to share what this person meant to you. Not only will this help you find closure after a difficult loss, but you can also share precious memories with those you trust the most. When you speak openly about them, you keep their memory alive.

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