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Funeral etiquette

Funeral etiquette is the proper behavior expected of both guests and planners at a funeral or memorial service. Though the family is free to define what's meaningful to them, it's always important to understand basic funeral etiquette.

Funeral attire

Funeral attire is what you choose to wear to a funeral or memorial service. Funeral etiquette dictates that funeral guests should dress conservatively and wear black to show their respect to the family. While this is slowly changing, it still stands true for the majority of funeral events. Your funeral attire affects the mood of the service, and it can also be used to honor the deceased. By dressing appropriately, you show the family you take this occasion seriously.

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Funeral etiquette for guests

Funeral etiquette is the proper protocol for offering support and condolences at a funeral or memorial service. Whenever you attend a funeral, it's important to be mindful of proper funeral etiquette to avoid offending anyone or overstepping the family's boundaries. Though funeral etiquette has slowly evolved over the years, some things remain the same. From wearing black to keeping your emotions relatively contained, these provide guidelines for comfort and support.

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Funeral etiquette for planners

Even if you're planning a funeral, you still need to be aware of funeral etiquette. This helps determine what happens at a funeral as well as how the family will act. Though you're free to make your own changes, having a clear guide can be a comfort. Recently, more families have abandoned some aspects of funeral etiquette, especially related to dress code. Ultimately, it's up to you to determine what's important during this service.

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Funeral traditions - what to expect

What should you expect at a funeral? Funeral traditions vary by religion, culture, and family, but there are still a lot of similarities. These traditions lay the framework for grief, comfort, and support, and they're a way for families to find peace after a loss. From prayers to funeral speeches, there are a lot of unique funeral traditions across the globe. Exploring these traditions helps you know what to expect at a funeral service, as well as plan your own memorial event for a loved one.

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What to say at a funeral

At a funeral service, it's important to pay respect to the bereaved family. While you know you need to express your condolences, what do you say at a funeral? Finding the right words in person is difficult. Luckily, you don't have to overthink when it comes to what to say at a funeral. As long as your words come from the heart, you're on the right track. Whether you share a special memory, personalized words of encouragement, or just I'm sorry for your loss, these are all perfectly acceptable.

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