Funerals & memorial services

A funeral or memorial service is the process of saying goodbye to a loved one after their death, honoring their legacy, and laying their body to rest through burial or cremation.

Funeral & memorial poems

Poetry has the power to describe the feelings that are hard to put into words. Some of the most beautiful verses ever penned have to do with death, dying, legacy, and remembrance. Perfect for honoring a life full of love, each poem connects to the reader in its own way. Poetry continues to be a common, popular choice for funeral and memorial services, and it's easy to see why.

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Funeral & memorial readings

Reading a special passage, quote, or poem at a funeral or memorial sets the tone for the service. Finding the right words to say isn't always easy, so it's helpful to borrow from the masters of language. The right funeral reading can come from your favorite book, a famous author, or anywhere that inspires you. Most importantly, it's a way to reflect on your loss and your loved one's legacy.

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Funeral & memorial songs

There are many aspects of funerals designed to bring the family peace and comfort in their time of mourning. For many, music is one of the best forms of togetherness and remembrance. Funeral songs are used to bridge the gaps between generations, connect cultures, and even honor someone's life. Whether you're choosing the perfect funeral song or exploring other culture's funeral music, there's a whole world to discover.

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