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Grief & relationships

After a loss, it's hard to continue life as before. Everything feels different, and this can affect all aspects of our lives. Most of all, grief impacts our relationships with those around us.

Maintaining family relationships

After a loss, you might wish for things to return to how they were. Whether you wish to reconnect with loved ones or friends, you might discover these relationships don't feel the same. It's normal and common to struggle with maintaining family relationships after a loss, especially if this was a loss experienced within your family. Grief and loss change all things, including relationships. These rough seas ahead must be navigated together.

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Maintaining relationships with a partner or spouse

If you've recently experienced a loss, you might notice that it's hard to return to 'normal.' Even if you're grieving with your spouse or partner, it's very possible that you grieve in different ways. This might take its toll, and it might change your relationship permanently. It's entirely normal and okay for grief and mourning to affect your relationship. In reality, you both will need to search for your new normal together.

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