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Headstones & gravestones

A headstone or gravestone is a slab of stone that rests at the head of a grave. This is usually inscribed with information about the deceased, marking their grave.

Epitaphs & headstone inscriptions

Headstones or grave markers typically have inscriptions, like the name of the deceased and their date of birth and death. It's also common to have an epitaph. This is a short text that honors the deceased. This inscription could be as simple as Rest in Peace or a favorite passage or prayer. Headstone inscriptions are a way to honor the dead, and they're typically chosen by the family.

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Headstone maintenance

If you've ever seen an old cemetery, you know that nature takes its toll on the graves after a while. Headstone maintenance is the practice of cleaning graves, replacing gravel chippings, trimming weeds, and delivering fresh flowers for graves. These services are often done by groundcrew at the cemetery, but they can also be an act of care from the family of the deceased. In many cultures, grave cleaning is an important way to show respect and honor lost loved ones.

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Types of headstones & grave markers

Headstones or gravestones are a type of cemetery monument that rest at the head of the grave, marking a burial site. While you likely have an idea of what headstones are, you likely don't realize that they come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials. The most common types of these cemetery monuments are either upright monuments or flat, flush markers on the ground.

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