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What do you do with someone’s home and belongings when they’re gone? Their home and things are part of their story, and it’s not always clear what happens to them when they’re no longer here.

What to do with someone's belongings when they die

What happens to our stuff when we die? While these things might seem insignificant, they carry a lot of weight for our loved ones. Deciding what to do with a loved one's belongings when they die is never easy. There are often feelings of guilt as well as waves of grief associated with throwing things away. Ultimately, the choice is yours, and there are many ways to handle someone's belongings when they're gone.

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What to do with someone's home when they die

When someone dies, they leave a lot of things behind. Aside from the memories and the feelings of loss, they leave a lot of physical reminders of their legacy—like their home. There are a lot of options for what you can do with a loved one's home when they're gone, and this burden typically falls on their next of kin. Whether you choose to sell this home, keep it, or something else, this is a personal decision.

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