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Hospice & palliative care

Both hospice and palliative care focus on easing suffering. Hospice is a type of compassionate care for those in the final stages of life, while palliative care is for those living with serious illnesses.


Hospice care is a specialized form of care that focuses on improving the qualify of life for those experiencing advanced, terminal illness. Those in hospice are reaching the final phases of life, and this type of compassionate care is designed to reduce the burden on the patient and their loved ones. Patients might receive care at home, in a nursing facility, or at a hospital.

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Palliative care

Like hospice, palliative care offers relief from the pain and symptoms of serious illness. Palliative care is for patients at any stage of an illness, and it may or may not be life-limiting. This care aims to address the patient's physical, emotional, spiritual, and social needs, as well as to help the family through this time. Also sometimes called comfort care, palliative care addressing the whole patient and their wellbeing.

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