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Legacy projects

A legacy project is any activity you do to preserve your own legacy or to honor a deceased loved one. This can be something personal or something intended to be shared with the world.

Legacy letters & ethical wills

A legacy letter, also known as an ethical will, is a written document that passes on important lessons to surviving loved ones after your death. Though you should leave a legal will outlining your wishes, sometimes we can't express more emotional and heartfelt messages through these legal documents. A legacy letter is a way to translate your values, stories, and memories into real-world experiences for the next generation.

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Other legacy projects

There are so many ways to make your mark on this world. Legacy projects are a way to create a lasting impact, even after you're gone. While many people choose to leave a legacy letter, this isn't your only way to pass down your values and stories. You might also write an autobiography, create an audio recording, found a charity, or make meaningful art. Ultimately, your legacy and your story are entirely up to you.

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Why leave a legacy

Your legacy is your mark on the future. Though you might no longer be here, you can still affect the world in some way. Leaving a legacy takes many forms. You can leave your stamp on those you love, tasking them with carrying your stories with them through life. You can also make an impact through your work, art, donations, or acts of kindness. Most importantly, it's a way to find meaning.

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