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Loss of friend

Friends sometimes become our closest companions, always there for life's many adventures. When we lose this connection, it feels like we lost a part of ourselves.

Coping with the loss of a friend

When you experience the loss of a good friend, it's hard to describe the void that appears in your life. Death can strike anyone at any time, but that doesn't make these losses any less devastating. How do you return to normal knowing that your friend is no longer by your side? This is especially hard when the person who you typically turn to for support is no longer here. Learning how to cope with this grief is essential to paving your own path.

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Helping a loved one deal with the loss of a friend

If your loved one recently lost a friend, they need you more than ever before. The loss of a friend leaves a lot of pain and loneliness behind, especially if they were close. This loss will forever change them, but you can surround your loved one with a circle of support and compassion. By lending a listening ear and stepping in to help, you show them that they're never alone.

Remembering a friend who died

Whether you lost a friend recently or years ago, you know they'll always be a part of your life. Honor their legacy and the happy memories by finding your own forms of remembrance. When you incorporate remembrance into your own daily life, milestones, and events, your friend's memory shines bright no matter where you go. Those we love are always nearer than we think.

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