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Loss of pet

A pet is a beloved member of the family, and they're a source of warmth and love every day. Their loss is felt by all, and their pawprints leave a mark on our hearts.

Pet cremation

After the death of a pet, there are a lot of important decisions to make. When it comes to your pet's final resting place, one common choice is cremation. Like with humans, pet cremation also takes place at a crematorium. This type of service is arranged by your pet's vet, and you'll receive your pet's ashes after the cremation is complete. From there, you can choose how to honor their memory.

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Pet headstone & grave markers

Like humans, pets also are commonly buried in cemeteries. This gives their human companions a place to visit them for years to come, honoring their special legacy. A pet headstone is a type of gravemarker, commonly sharing the pet's name and a unique, personalized inscription. Choosing a headstone for a pet is a highly personal choice, but it's one that eases the burden of grief.

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Pet keepsakes & mementos

After the loss of a cherished pet, it's important to hold their memory close. It's often scary to think that you'll forget them and that their memory will fade. By holding pet keepsakes and special mementos close, you feel the comfort of their love no matter where life takes you. Your pets aren't truly gone. They'll always be a part of you, and you'll be reunited one day over the rainbow bridge.

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Pet loss support

Losing a pet can be like losing a member of the family. These beloved companions are known as man's best friends for a reason. It's important to not only experience the grief of this loss but to also take the time to heal. Whether that means seeking a support group, talking to a therapist, or memorializing your pet, your grief is valid and real.

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