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Loss of sibling

A sibling is a lifelong friend and confidant. Because they're so important, the loss of a sibling can be traumatic and life-changing. How do you imagine life without them?

Coping with the loss of a sibling

Regardless of the relationship you had with your sibling, this is a difficult loss. From their earliest days, siblings are deeply connected. They're present in all of your most important memories, and they're typically a huge part of your life. After this loss, you might even feel your grief being minimized compared to their partner, your parents, and other loved ones. In reality, you need time and patience to heal from this very real pain.

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Helping a loved one deal with the loss of a sibling

If someone you know lost a sibling, it's important to be there for them in any way you can. Though this loss is sometimes hard to put in words, you can show up for them through words of kindness, lending a helping hand, and even just listening to them. After the loss of a sibling, it's common to feel isolated and alone. By being there, you bridge this gap.

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Remembering a sibling who died

No matter when you lost your sibling, it's important to honor this relationship and their memory. Finding unique ways to recognize them, what they meant to you, and what you lost is one of the most powerful ways to move through grief. From honoring special occasions to creating a memorial scrapbook, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to sharing what your sibling meant to you.

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