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A memorial is an event that commemorates someone, typically after a death. Unlike a funeral, the body is not typically present, but many of the practices are the same.

Creative memorial ideas

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to honoring a loss. Memorials come in all shapes and sizes, and this leaves a lot of room for personalization. No matter how you choose to honor your loved ones, make it count. Being creative with your memorial ideas can bring you closer to a loved one's memory. From a memorial garden to a unique diamond created from their ashes, these small details tell someone's story.

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Memorial events

A memorial event is any occasion that honors something or someone. While there are memorial events after tragedies, wars, and other major events, they are typically associated with someone's death. Memorial events include practices similar to a funeral service. It's common for there to be religious elements, prayers, speeches, and graveside visitations. You might be invited to a memorial event in your community or tasked with planning one for a loved one.

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Online memorials

An online memorial is a digital space for remembrance. Common in recent years, these memorial pages act as a place for friends, family, and loved ones to gather and grieve a loss together. These are highly customizable, but many include photos, a short bio, and space for online guests to leave comments. As people look for new ways to grieve their loved ones, online memorial websites are only going to grow in popularity.

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