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Remembrance keepsakes

A keepsake is any object that honor's someone you've lost. Commonly used to hold a loved one's ashes, this is a form of remembrance you carry with you or keep safe in your home.

Cremation keepsakes

A cremation keepsake is designed to hold a loved one's ashes. The most common cremation keepsake is an urn, but there are many unique alternatives as well. From cremation jewelry to vinyl records pressed with ashes, there are no limits to how you express your loved one's personality. Cremation keepsakes are a way to keep your loved ones close even after they're gone. Though they're no longer with you physically, you can look upon your keepsake and remember that their memory is still near.

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Pet keepsakes

Losing a pet is like losing a beloved member of the family. Honoring your pet's memory with a keepsake is one of the best ways to keep them in your thoughts for years to come. A pet keepsake can come in any shape and size, but these are commonly urns. They can also be memorial jewelry, cremation diamonds, sculptures, a mold of their pawprint, or their favorite toy.

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Special event keepsakes

A special event keepsake is an object designed to honor a specific event. Though you can find these for any occasion, from weddings to birthdays, they're commonly associated with funerals. These vary from small mementos like a funeral program to larger things, like photos, ornaments, and jewelry. Offering guests a special event keepsake is a way to encourage remembrance, not just today but into the future.

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