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Serious & terminal illness

A serious illness is any health condition with a high risk of mortality, and it could develop into a terminal illness. Whether you've received a diagnosis or you're helping a loved one, there are many unique concerns.


Cancer is a disease in which abnormal cells grow and spread to other parts of the body, ultimately destroying body tissue. Because there are many different types of cancer, treatment options, and stages, it's important to be prepared for any potential uncertainties. Whether you've received a diagnosis yourself or you're helping a loved one, you're not in this alone. Cancer can be difficult and scary, but you always have options.

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Get well soon gifts

When someone you know gets a difficult diagnosis, it's not always clear what you should do. While you might send get well soon messages, sometimes you want to do something extra special to show you care. The right get well soon gifts are a form of support, reminding them that you're always there for them. From flowers to gift cards, we've searched high and low to share the best get well soon gifts for any recipient.

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Get well soon messages

What do you say to someone who recently received a serious diagnosis? Finding the right words to say isn't always easy, but words carry a lot of meaning. The right get well soon messages give your loved ones powerful words of encouragement while also reminding them of their strength. Most importantly, it's a reminder that you're there with them during this time.

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Prayers for health and wellness

If you or a loved one recently received a difficult diagnosis, like cancer or terminal illness, it's difficult to know what to do next. Some prayers are designed specifically with health and wellness in mind, and these are helpful tools for coping with difficult news. Focusing your mental energy on prayer, mindfulness, and finding the support you need is one of the best ways to stay positive.

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Terminal illness

A terminal illness or end-stage disease is a condition that cannot be cured. This is expected to cause a patient's death, and it's sometimes called a life-limiting illness. Progressive diseases like cancer or advanced heart disease are the most common types of terminal illness, and these require patients to make important decisions about their end-of-life plans, advanced care, and legacy. Whether you're dealing with a diagnosis or helping a loved one, you're not alone.

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