Wills & probate

A will is a formal legal document that expresses your final wishes and how your property is to be distributed when you're gone. However, probate is the legal process of proving your will is legally valid.

How to serve as executor of a will

If you’re the executor of a will, you’re responsible for carrying out the terms of a will. It’s your role to honor your loved one’s wishes to the best of your ability. While this can be a big responsibility, it’s also an opportunity to protect your loved one’s assets, arrangements, and estate. This is a final act of kindness for someone you love.

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Probate is a legal process that administers someone's estate after their death. Even if you have a legal will and testament, probate is the process that proves this will is valid. If you have a clear and legal will, probate is generally a simple process. However, if you die without a will or your will is contested, a probate court will apply your state's laws to determine how to distribute your estate.

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