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Catholic funerals are rich in tradition, religious elements, and togetherness. It’s common to include a funeral program as part of the Catholic funeral service to help guests understand the progression of the service. 

Additionally, a funeral program template is a powerful memento of the memorial event. This is something friends and family can hold onto for years to come to remember their deceased loved one. 

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Because there are already so many other things on your plate after a loss, creating a Catholic funeral Mass program can be overwhelming. This free Mass program template download is easy to use, and it helps you organize the service effectively. 

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What Happens During a Catholic Funeral Mass?

There are a lot of things that happen during a Catholic funeral Mass. This is a highly ritualized and traditional service, and it doesn’t resemble a lot of other Christian funerals. 

Whether your service includes guests of different faiths or you simply want to stay on track, here is what happens during a Catholic funeral Mass:

  • Reception: First, the family greets guests, usually at the entrance. This is an informal reception. The priest is usually also present to greet the family. 
  • Catholic readings: The funeral begins with Catholic funeral readings. This is usually a selection from the Old or New Testament. The priest reflects on these readings and also the person who passed. The bereaved family might read prayers, as well. 
  • Eucharist: At a funeral Mass, guests and family bring bread or wine to the altar. This is known as the Eucharistic Prayer. There is a Holy Communion after this offering. 
  • Speeches: After the Holy Communion, friends and family are typically invited to speak about their loved one. 
  • Final commendation: After the speeches from friends and family, there is a final prayer to honor the deceased. The priest might also sprinkle holy water on the coffin, and there is a farewell hymn. 
  • The committal: When the Mass ends, the family typically goes to the graveside for a service there, as well. The priest might say additional prayers as the grave is lowered into its final resting place. This could be an intimate gathering or open to all mourners. 
  • Repast: Lastly, many families choose to hold a repast or informal feast after the Catholic Mass. This could be held at a funeral home, church, or family home. 

Not all of the things above occur at each funeral, but they are very common. A Catholic funeral Mass program guides the service, keeping mourners aware of what happens next. 

You might include extra things on your memorial template to help the service run more smoothly. These might be:

  • Biography: This is a great place to share a brief biography about the deceased. Pair this text with photos to add to the design. 
  • Donation: If you’d prefer guests to make a donation in lieu of flowers or other gifts, list the best way to do so on your funeral program. 
  • Church resources: Many churches provide additional grief resources and even volunteer opportunities. Sharing these on your funeral program connects you to your local religious community. 
  • Thanks: Last but not least, your Mass program is the perfect place to share special “thank you” messages to those who have helped bring the funeral to life. From your speakers to those who have been there, let them know you’re grateful for their help. 
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How to Download and Edit Your Free Catholic Funeral Mass Template

To download your free Catholic funeral Mass template, use the form below. It will download as a Microsoft Word file.

Open your file in Microsoft Word to edit. You can customize the colors, fonts, text, photos, and more. Feel free to add additional pages if needed. 

When you’re ready, print your free Catholic funeral Mass template on US letter paper. For best results, print on both sides of the page. You can also print your template professionally using a printing service or use cardstock at home. Your funeral home or church might have additional printing resources. 

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Catholic Funeral Mass Program Template Example

For more inspiration on how to fill out your Mass program template, follow the example below. Remember, the more information the better. This helps your guests understand the flow of the service. Including names, dates, speakers, and so on will make this easier for everyone. 


Monday, January 10, 2020, 10:00 am

Our Lady of the Cross Catholic Church

Boston, MA

Father Robert Brown

Organist John Bishop, Soloist Christine Price



Prelude… “Pie Jesu”

Song… “Closer My God to Thee”

Opening Prayer….Father Brown

Holy water blessing…Father Brown

Placing of the pall…Mason Price, John Bishop

First reading…Old testament, Father Brown

Second reading…New testament, Susan Mason

Gospel… “John 21:15-19,” Deacon Riley

Prayer…Family reading



The Eucharistic gifts are presented by Father Brown

Offertory song… “Ave Maria”

Eucharistic prayers…Father Brown

The Lord’s Prayer…Congregation

Rite of Peace…Congregation

Communion… “Here I am, Lord”




Prayer of Commendation…Father Brown

Song of Farewell… “My Lord” 

Recessional Hymn… “Peace on Earth”



Joseph Brian, Dion Cotter, Paul Davis, Pat Ruiz



Local Cemetery Name

Create a Catholic Funeral Mass Template

The free Catholic funeral Mass template above is perfect for honoring your loved one. From the opening to the closing prayer for a funeral, sharing the order of service is an important part of the day. Not only is it a powerful memento for years to come, but it’s a way to make sure the service stays on track from beginning to end. 

Download and edit the free template above to personalize it to your needs. In the world of grief, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That being said, it helps to have something to start from, especially in difficult times. We hope this template takes one less thing off your plate. 

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