How to Buy Cheap Funeral Flowers: Step-By-Step


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Funeral flowers are a way to offer sympathy to a grieving family. These are typically sent directly to the funeral home, but they can also be sent to the family of the deceased as a form of respect. Seeing the funeral venue filled with flowers sent by loved ones and arranged by family members is a touching tribute. 

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While there are so many types of funeral flowers to choose from, these quickly increase in price. Since funerals are already so expensive, it makes sense to look for ways to buy cheap funeral flowers. 

Luckily, it’s not difficult at all to find affordable funeral flowers, whether you’re sending a bouquet to the funeral service or you’re creating a flower arrangement for a loved one’s casket. In this guide, we’ll share how to buy cheap funeral flowers step-by-step to save you money when it matters most. 

How to Find Affordable Funeral Flower Delivery

Inexpensive flowers don’t have to be lower quality or uglier. In fact, it’s hard to tell the difference in most cases. Because it’s common to have these flowers delivered, here’s how to find affordable funeral flower delivery. 

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1. Shop around online

While you might be able to work with a local florist to get a lower-cost bouquet to hand-deliver, most local companies charge a delivery fee, which quickly adds up. Instead, shop around online for inexpensive flowers that don’t come with any added fees. 

A quick online search for the term “inexpensive funeral flowers” or “affordable flowers” will give you a few options. From there, make sure they deliver in your loved one’s area before you start shopping. 

2. Choose the right flowers

Different flowers come at different price tags. While some will run you higher than others, there’s no reason you should splurge for anything over the top without reason. All flowers are beautiful and meaningful. 

While there’s no one-size-fits-all, look for flowers that are in season to cut costs. In addition, these types of flowers are generally more affordable:

  • Baby’s breath
  • Carnations
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Daisy
  • Queen Anne’s Lace
  • Sunflower

All of these above make gorgeous bouquets, and you don’t compromise on style. There is a bloom to fit every budget. 

3. Write a card

Because you’ll be having your flower arrangement delivered, make sure you leave a card, so the recipient knows who it’s from. A sympathy note for flowers is proper etiquette, and it helps the family know just who to thank for their kindness. 

If you’re ordering your flowers online, there is likely a place to leave a small message. Don’t feel too much pressure to write anything long or complicated. The family is busy enough as it is, so a quick “I’m sorry for your loss” is always a good idea. Don’t forget to sign your name and offer condolences. 

4. Schedule the delivery

Last but not least, you need to schedule your affordable flower arrangement to arrive on time. According to funeral flower etiquette, it’s appropriate to have the flowers delivered to the funeral home or memorial venue directly. If they’re having a graveside service, deliver it there. The location should be listed on your funeral invite. 

If you’d rather send the bouquet to the family’s home, that’s an acceptable choice as well. Make sure you schedule the delivery for the right time and place. If you’re sending it to the family home, this is less important. However, if you’re mailing them to the service itself, ensure it has time to arrive on time. 

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How to Create a Cheap DIY Arrangement to Hand-Deliver

If you can’t find the right bouquet online, there are other alternatives. You don’t need to be an expert florist to DIY an inexpensive arrangement of flowers to hand-deliver yourself. Follow these steps to make the perfect floral gift. 

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1. Find your flowers

The first step, of course, is to source your flowers. You can find fresh flowers at:

  • Your backyard garden
  • Grocery stores
  • Farmers markets
  • Florists
  • Community gardens (ask first)

When looking for flowers, pay close attention to quality and freshness. This is especially true for grocery stories where many flowers have been sitting for a while. You want the recipient to have the flowers for a while without worrying about them dying immediately. 

The best place to find fresh flowers is in your own garden or at a local florist. You can ask your florist for guidance in choosing the best blooms within your budget, and they can even help you arrange them usually for an affordable price. 

2. Choose a vase

Because your recipient will need somewhere to store the flowers, arrange them in a vase of your choice. This doesn’t have to be anything expensive. You can find vases of all shapes, sizes, and prices at your local craft store.

If you’re on a tight budget, get creative. A mason jar, old candle container, or even a wine bottle can be crafted to look high-end and fancy. 

3. Arrange your flowers

Next, it’s time to arrange your flowers. This is where it’s helpful to have a few different varieties to choose from. Don’t be afraid to trim your flower stems to fit your container. 

Add on extras like twine, leaves, and branches to create something truly eye-catching. Look online for inspiration from your favorite blooms and styles. 

4. Write your note

Like with flowers you purchase from a florist or online, you’ll still want to write a note for your loved one. You can use a sympathy card, nice stationery, or a small gift tag. Attach your note to the flower arrangement to make sure it doesn’t get separated. 

In your note, feel free to share that you handmade the arrangement. If the flowers are from your own garden or somewhere special, let them know. These are the touches that really stand out. 

5. Deliver your flowers by hand

Lastly, deliver your flowers yourself. This usually means bringing them directly to the funeral service, but you can also bring them to your loved one’s home, depending on what works best for their schedule. 

If you’re delivering the flowers by hand, be careful when traveling with them. It’s easy to damage the blooms in your car or even when traveling on foot. You can store the bouquet in a box, wrapped in paper, or even in fabric to ensure it makes it where you’re going safely. 

Are There Inexpensive Alternatives to Flowers?

Though flowers are by far the most common type of sympathy gift, you don’t have to limit yourself to this option if it doesn’t fit your budget. Some families request different gifts in lieu of flowers, and these might include:

  • A charitable donation 
  • Volunteering for an organization
  • Assistance paying for the funeral 
  • Help to arrange the funeral
  • Food or baked goods
  • A helping hand around the house or with kids/pets
  • Photos and memories of the deceased
  • Ongoing support

If you’re unable to afford a flower bouquet as a sympathy gift, don’t fret. There are so many other ways to show you care. You can write a heartfelt card to the family, offer a helping hand, or just deliver a home-cooked meal. These gestures seem small, but they make all the difference to a family in need. 

While flowers are almost always appreciated, they’re not the only way to be there for someone in need. Flowers, though they are undoubtedly beautiful, don’t last forever. These blooms fade after a few days or weeks. On the other hand, kindness and generosity last forever. There is no cost for being there in someone’s moment of need. 

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Find the Perfect Cheap Funeral Flowers

Cheap funeral flowers are still a kind way to offer sympathy, and they often don’t look any different than more expensive flowers. As you’ve likely discovered, flowers come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and price points. 

There are plenty of online and in-person florists offering low-cost flowers for funerals and other occasions. In addition, you can always make a simple bouquet yourself with a bit of DIY skills. There are no limits to the ways you can offer kindness to those in need, and flowers are just the tip of the iceberg. 

Whether you opt for a gift or act of support in lieu of flowers or you handcraft your own blooming bouquet, this effort means the world to someone experiencing grief. These physical symbols of support remind the family that they’re not alone. 

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