23 DIY Cheer Up Care Package Ideas for a Friend


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Are you looking for a way to make someone’s day? Why don’t you drop off a cheer-up care package at their front door? You can leave a note with it that tells who the package is from, or you can have fun trying to sneak it to her door without your friend seeing you.

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Cheer Up Care Package Ideas for Her

Cheer Up Care Package Ideas for Him

Cheer Up Care Package Ideas for Kids

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Here are some ideas of what to leave in a care package for a friend. While these are general ideas, make sure you consider your friend’s likes and dislikes. Also, try to recall your friend’s dietary restrictions before you include food items in the gift. 

Here are some ideas for men, women, and children.

Cheer Up Care Package Ideas for Her

Are you struggling to cheer up a friend through uplifting text messages? Maybe it’s time to try other strategies. Show you care by dropping off a few small gifts to brighten up their day. Here are some ideas of what to include in the care package.

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1. Candle

Aromatherapy is nothing new. In fact, it has been used by some societies for centuries. Choose a perfect scent for your friend, whether they may want to be calmed down or energized. If candles aren’t your friend’s thing, consider purchasing an essential oil diffuser

2. Wine

Does your friend enjoy a dry merlot? Maybe they are more into sweet dessert wines. If they are a good friend, you may know their wine preference without even asking.

Include a bottle in the gift basket. If they want to drink it immediately, make sure it is chilled appropriately. To show the highest level of support, consider staying with your friend and enjoying a glass or two.

3. Nuts

While you can never go wrong with including chocolate in a gift basket, your friend may also appreciate receiving a healthier treat. Consider getting protein-packed, single-serving packages of nuts or trail mix.

4. Journal

Perhaps your friend needs to be able to sort through some complicated feelings after a recent tragic event. Consider gifting her with a beautiful journal and pen. If your friend is not one for writing, you may consider purchasing a journal that has prompts

5. Photo frame

There’s no excuse to give someone an empty photo frame. Social media makes it easier than ever before to scroll through your friend’s favorite images. Select one to print and place it in a beautiful frame for your friend to display at their home or office.

6. Flowers

Do you know your friend’s favorite flowers? If not, consider picking up a bouquet of daisies. They are happy, simple flowers that last for a long time and always put people in a good mood.

Cheer Up Care Package Ideas for Him

Are you looking for a way to cheer up a guy? While you could always text them some encouraging quotes, everyone loves receiving surprise gifts. Drop off or mail a cheer-up care package to your friend who is going through a rough time. Here are some ideas of things to include.

7. Beer

The key to many men’s hearts is good beer. Whether he still enjoys the same brand that he drank in college or if he is into craft beers from a local brewery, purchase a few of his favorites to leave on his doorstep. Of course, make sure your friend is home, or he may never have the opportunity to enjoy the gift for himself.

8. Shaving oil

Consider purchasing a small bottle of high-end shaving oil for a friend who needs cheering. Some men would never purchase luxury items for themselves. Treat your friend to a product that will make him feel like a new man.

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9. Socks

Who doesn’t like wearing new socks? This gift may be a little tricky to purchase as most people have favorite types and styles. If you happen to know your friend’s preference, consider filling the gift basket with a couple of new pairs. Or find novelty socks that celebrate something that your friend loves, such as tacos, cats, or classic art.

10. Water bottle

Encourage your friend to stay hydrated by purchasing the trendiest and most utilitarian bottle out there. Go to a sporting goods store to find out what is popular with men in your friend’s age group. 

11. Muffins

While we don’t recommend that you mail muffins, you could definitely make some and drop it off at your friend’s front door. If they live close by, deliver them as soon as the muffins come out of the oven. Pair the muffins with your friend’s favorite coffee order, and you will have a friend for life. 

12. Air freshener for a car

Perhaps your friend doesn’t know he needs an air freshener for his car. Once you purchase one for him, he may never be without one again.

Cheer Up Care Package Ideas for Kids

You may be excited to purchase small gifts for friends, but why not buy something special for the kid in your life? Your child may be missing school and being with friends. Put a smile on a child’s face by surprising him or her with a cheer-up care package.

Here are some ideas for kids from several different age groups.

13. Candy

Candy is a great thing to include in a cheer-up care package. If the parcel will be outside while it awaits discovery, you may consider purchasing candy that doesn’t melt in the sun. If you aren’t sure of the child’s candy preferences, buy a little bit of each instead. 

14. Bubbles

You can’t be sad while blowing bubbles. It’s a scientific fact. Purchase a bubble gun for your favorite kid or the old-fashioned type that includes a bubble pipe.

15. Playing cards

Purchase a new deck of playing cards for the kid in your life and teach them to play your favorite game. Not all kids play just video games. Some kids also enjoy classic board games with family members. 

16. Stickers

Kids still use stickers to decorate their laptops and water bottles. Purchase stickers that depict their favorite characters, food, or team.

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17. Succulents

We know that not every kid would be excited to get a plant in a cheer-up care package, but some budding gardeners would be happy growing succulents. These plants are generally easy to care for, and they can be purchased at big box stores rather inexpensively.

18. Sunglasses

Style-savvy kids can’t have enough pairs of sunglasses. These gifts are fun and practical.

19. Action figures

What is your child’s favorite character? While you can easily buy action figures depicting superheroes, you can find action figures celebrating artists and scientists as well. No matter your child’s hero, you should be able to find an action figure celebrating them. 

20. Cash

While giving cash to an adult friend may feel odd, putting a few bucks in a kid’s care package would make them grin. Consider finding a decorative way to present the money. Give the child rolls of coins or a small stack of one-dollar bills. 

21. Junk food

What kid doesn’t love toaster pastries, bags of chips, and snack cakes? Let the kid in your life go crazy with forbidden food. While you should always consider a person’s food sensitivities, every type of diet has some “treat” that is allowed.

22. Gift cards

Purchase gift cards to a local convenience store. Allow the child to purchase a treat of his choice at the local store. If you want to make the kid feel like he is the king of the world, let him make his purchase on his own while you wait outside. 

23. Bath bombs or bubbles

Buy age-appropriate bath products for the child in your life. Make bath time more fun for reluctant bathers or give your teen the excuse to spend hours in the tub.

Other Ways to Spread Cheer

Let’s face it, but food is the way to many people’s hearts. Pick up some cupcakes from a local bakery, or bake a pie to share with a friend. If your cooking skills are subpar, consider grabbing a meal from a local restaurant for you two to try. 

Are you looking for a healthier way to spread cheer? Invite a friend to hang. Sit on their deck and give them time to vent, or ask a friend to go on a walk or bike ride. Perhaps your friend doesn’t feel like talking. In that case, invite them to go to the movies. Some people get depressed because they think they are the only ones sitting at home by themselves. Give your friend something to do to spread a little cheer.  

While we all love receiving surprise gifts, you can also make your friend’s day by sending a funny meme or encouraging quote. If your friend is open to talking on the phone, give them a call to ask about their day. Make your friend feel special by being a good listener.

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