18+ Chemo Care Package Ideas for Patients


Unfortunately, one of the most effective therapies in fighting some cancers is chemotherapy. While we are thankful when these chemicals kill all the cancer cells in our loved one’s bodies, we have all seen the savage effects this form of therapy has on cancer patients. 

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What do you give to someone who is undergoing chemotherapy? The most important thing is to offer your support. Visit, text, and call periodically. Off your help. If you are searching for gift ideas to include in a chemo care package, here are some to consider. 

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Care Package Ideas for Your Mom or Dad

It’s hard watching your mom or dad suffer from an illness, especially cancer. The parent who always seemed larger than life may become smaller and weaker. You may find yourself longing for the times when your mom used to yell at you for leaving socks all over the house. You may wish to feel your dad’s strong arms as he wraps you in a bear hug once again. 

If your mom or dad is undergoing chemotherapy, it's time for you to step up and give back to the people who gave you so much. Here are some ideas on how you can help. Consider purchasing a gift basket with comfort items that you know they would enjoy. Also, include gift certificates for some of the following services. 

1. Cleaning service

Even the most mundane activity is strenuous when you are wiped out from chemotherapy treatments. That’s why you should hire a cleaning service for your parents if one of them is fighting the disease. 

If you live nearby, you could consider cleaning the house yourself. Keep in mind that strong smells from some cleaning products may make your parent feel nauseous, so you may need to find unscented products to use until those side effects subside.

2. Laundry service

Hauling loads of laundry up and down flights of stairs is sometimes a Herculean task even when you are feeling your best. If one of your parents is undergoing chemotherapy treatments, hire a laundry service to take care of washing clothing, towels, and sheets.

Make sure your parents have several sets of sheets to use while the others are being cleaned.

3. Meals

Your ill parent may not feel like eating much when undergoing chemotherapy treatments, but others in the household will still need to keep up their strength. Make sure the fridge is stocked with the family favorites or buy gift cards for restaurants that deliver to make meals go smoothly during this difficult time.

If you are creating a care package for your parents, don’t forget to include snacks and candy items that the healthy parent also enjoys. He or she will also be spending long hours in waiting rooms, and they would enjoy a treat too.

4. Tablet or laptop

Make sure your loved one has a lot of entertainment options while going through chemo treatments. Purchase a tablet or laptop for your mom or dad to use at the hospital or home. Download games or other entertainment options to give your parent something to do while sitting in waiting rooms or recovering at home.

5. Digital frame

Your mom or dad needs to know that they have a team of people supporting them during their fight against cancer. Fill a digital frame with images of family members and close friends who would be there in a moment’s notice to offer assistance. 

Care Package Ideas for a Close Friend or Relative

It’s hard to know what to do or what to say when someone close to you has cancer. You want to help, but at the same time, you don’t want to get in the way. Why not gift your friend or relative with one of these items?

6. Audiobook subscription

Reading may be exhausting for someone undergoing chemotherapy. Why not purchase a subscription to an audiobook service for your loved one? The long hours at the treatment centers will go quickly when the patient has a gripping story in which to get lost.

Are you not sure how to present such a service in a chemo care package? Create a gift certificate with the log-in and password and attach it to a new set of earbuds.

7. Streaming TV subscription

Maybe your friend doesn’t have the stamina to listen to a long audiobook, but he or she can watch reruns of their favorite sitcoms from the past. Purchase a subscription to a streaming TV service, so your friend doesn’t have to watch the community TV at the chemo center.

Even the healthiest people would feel ill watching live daytime TV, so make sure your close friend has other entertainment options.

8. Comfortable clothing

Soft, comfortable clothing is a must for people going through chemo. Since chemo causes people to lose weight, you may consider purchasing more forgiving clothing should a weight fluctuation occur. Purchase items that your friend would feel comfortable wearing in public. 

9. Hats or scarves

Your friend or relative may lose hair as a result of chemotherapy. Consider purchasing soft hats or scarves for this eventuality. Even if hair loss doesn’t happen, your friend or family member can use the items to stay warm while in cold waiting rooms. 

Care Package Ideas for an Acquaintance or Colleague

Perhaps you feel inspired to purchase an item for an acquaintance or colleague with cancer. Maybe you know this person has little support, and you would like to send a small token to say that you are thinking of him or her. Here are some ideas on what to give to someone you don’t know well. 

10. Tote bag

A person undergoing chemotherapy will have to carry items back and forth from home to the treatment center. Purchase a zippered tote bag that is large enough to carry a small blanket and tablet. A side pocket for a water bottle would be a nice feature as well.

11. Soft socks

Chemotherapy patients are always cold. Purchase soft, warm socks for the patient to enjoy while receiving treatment or while at home in bed. You may consider buying socks with grips on the bottom to keep the patient safe while walking around the house. 

12. Robe

When patients are recovering from the effects of chemo, they spend a lot of time at home. Robes are comforting articles to wear during those long hours. Consider purchasing matching PJs as well. 

13. Water bottle

It’s essential to stay hydrated while undergoing chemotherapy. Encourage your friend to drink water by buying a fun, brightly-colored water bottle. Purchase one that is easy to clean and sanitize.

14. Lotions

Purchase luxurious lotions to comfort a patient’s dry skin. You may need to find products that are scent-free if the cancer patient is experiencing nausea from the therapy.

15. Books

A chemo patient may not have enough stamina to read War and Peace while undergoing chemotherapy, but he or she may like some old Far Side books or ones with uplifting short stories. Purchase light-hearted reading options for someone to casually enjoy while they are undergoing treatment.

16. Candy, gum, or chocolates

Hard candies, especially those containing ginger, can help reduce nausea. Treat your friends with their favorite items from a candy shop. Doesn’t eating chocolate make you feel good? It may work on your friend as well.

17. Meditation app

It’s crucial to pay positive when undergoing cancer treatments. Encourage your friend to take time each day to listen to their inner thoughts and release good messages into the atmosphere. There are many meditation apps available to encourage this helpful, daily activity.

18. Gas cards

A cancer diagnosis can be financially devastating. Assist your acquaintance with mundane purchases by including gift cards for gas stations near you. 

19. Tea 

Hot tea is comforting to many people undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Not only does it warm the body, but it may also reduce nausea. Purchase a sampler pack of tea bags or some loose-leaf tea with an infuser. Ginger, peppermint, and chamomile are especially comforting to those who feel ill. 

Helping Your Loved One Through Chemo

Purchasing items for a person going through chemotherapy is a beautiful thing to do, and we need more nice people in the world. Be the person who sends sympathy messages and gifts. Offer sincere condolences when people are suffering.

Buy comfort items for people who are suffering and reach out to others in need. Our world would be a better place if we all tried to help those facing troubling times.

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