How to Permanently Cancel an Aspiration Account: Step-By-Step


Aspiration offers a range of financial services and products aimed at customers who want to ensure they are not giving their business to companies that engage in practices that may be harmful to the planet. While this is an admirable goal, you may one day decide you want to cancel your Aspiration account for various understandable reasons.

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Or, perhaps a loved one with an Aspiration account has recently passed. Canceling their various digital accounts and subscriptions may be among your executor duties. In either case, you might not know where to start.

Keep reading if you’re trying to cancel an Aspiration account, but you’re not sure how to do so. Whether you’re canceling an Aspiration account for yourself or a deceased loved one, this guide will answer your questions.

How to Cancel Your Own Aspiration Account

Canceling your own Aspiration account is not necessarily a complex process. It basically involves only two steps. They are:

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Step 1: Liquidate your investments

Depending on the services and products you've used, you may have made investments via Aspiration. You need to liquidate your investments first before closing the account.

Step 2: Call Aspiration

Again, the process of closing an Aspiration account doesn’t always involve very many steps. However, it may nevertheless be somewhat more cumbersome than the process of closing most other types of accounts.

It’s often possible to close some financial accounts by simply logging into your account online and navigating to the “close my account” page. That’s not the case when you wish to cancel an Aspiration account. The company instructs those who want to cancel their accounts to call 800-683-8529 to begin the process.

Be aware that canceling your Aspiration account will only result in the removal of your account, transaction history, and login information from the company’s records. Because various laws and regulations require companies that offer financial services to preserve certain records and information, Aspiration will likely retain some of your data. Ask the customer service representative about the type of information the company will retain if this is a matter of concern for you.

A note on canceling certain Aspiration services and subscriptions

This blog’s focus is on how to cancel your entire Aspiration account. You will need to call the company to do so.

However, because Aspiration offers a range of products and services, it’s possible to cancel some Aspiration services online. Keep in mind this will not delete your entire account. It will simply remove that particular service from your account.

For example, perhaps you have a Planet Protection subscription with Aspiration. You could cancel it by logging into your account, navigating to Settings, then choosing Planet Protection. After clicking the link, you’ll find an option to auto-renew your subscription. You can opt out of auto-renewal to remove that particular service from your account.

That’s merely one example. If you are unsure how to remove a specific Aspiration product or service from your account, call 800-683-8529 to ask for guidance.

How to Cancel a Deceased Loved One’s Aspiration Account

Knowing what to do when someone dies is always difficult after a loved one’s passing. It can be even more challenging when you are in charge of such tasks as planning a funeral, managing their estate, and canceling their various accounts in the digital age.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure how to cancel a deceased loved one’s Aspiration account. Although you will have to do some prep work, the overall process is not as overwhelming as you might assume it would be.

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Step 1: Gather documentation

You will need to demonstrate to the company that closing a loved one’s Aspiration account is one of your duties. Thus, you will need first to show that they are indeed deceased.

It’s possible that sharing an obituary with the company will be sufficient to prove that your loved one has passed on. However, you might want to send a copy of their death certificate to ensure the process of canceling their Aspiration account runs as smoothly as possible. If you’re not sure of how to obtain one, check out our guide on how to get a death certificate.

A note on the importance of securing copies of a death certificate

After a loved one’s passing, you may be closing several accounts. Initially, you might find that you don’t need to provide a copy of your loved one’s death certificate to do so. Regardless, it’s still a good idea to learn how to get a copy.

You may need to provide a copy of a death certificate to close other accounts in the future. Therefore, knowing how to obtain one is quite important after someone close to you passes away. There are many potential scenarios where it may be helpful or even necessary to have a copy of a death certificate.

A note on the value of password management

Once more, Aspiration accounts are unique compared to certain other digital accounts. Canceling an Aspiration account does not involve logging into an account over the internet and canceling it by following a few basic steps. You will need to call the company to close your entire account, although you may cancel certain subscriptions and services over the internet without closing your account entirely.

However, it’s usually possible to cancel most digital subscriptions and accounts online. Thus, you and a close loved one may want to share your passwords for these accounts in case one of you passes away, and the other is responsible for canceling those accounts and subscriptions.

While this is a good idea, keeping track of all of those passwords can be challenging. You can make it much easier using a password manager tool. Even if you’re not responsible for canceling the accounts of a deceased loved one, such a tool can still help you keep track of your passwords, addressing what has become a common headache for many in the digital age.

Step 2: Call Aspiration

Just as you would call Aspiration at 800-683-8529 to cancel your Aspiration account, so too should you call that number to cancel a deceased loved one’s Aspiration account. Be prepared to explain the circumstances and your role as executor of your loved one’s estate.

The company will provide you with further instruction based on the amount of information you can offer over the phone. Because you naturally can’t transmit a copy of an obituary or death certificate over the phone, Aspiration’s customer service representative will likely provide you with an email address where you can send that documentation.

The following steps in the process of closing an Aspiration account can vary significantly depending on which services and products your loved one used, as well as whether they made any investments through Aspiration. Remember, to cancel your Aspiration account, you must liquidate your investments first. The same is true if you want to cancel the Aspiration account of someone who has passed away.

If you are responsible for canceling a deceased loved one’s Aspiration account, there is a very good chance any funds in their account will go to you. If your loved one’s will specifies this, it should not be difficult to liquidate the investments. If not, understandably, Aspiration may require you to offer additional evidence showing why you have a right to manage or even inherit those investments.

Frequently Asked Questions: Canceling an Aspiration Account

Do you still have questions about canceling an Aspiration account? This brief FAQ may help:

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What happens when you cancel an Aspiration account?

Aspiration will delete your account, login information, and transactions, but will retain certain information as required by law.

Can you cancel an Aspiration account if your account is locked?

The answer to this will vary on a case-by-case basis. If your account is locked and you wish to cancel it, call 800-683-8529 to discuss the issue.

Canceling an Aspiration Account: A Unique Process

This blog has likely made you realize that there is no universal process for canceling an Aspiration account. However, the process does not need to be difficult if you prepare ahead of time. It's best if you start by calling the company. Once you do, how you may go about canceling Aspiration will depend on such factors as your investments and whether there is a lock on your account.

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