How to Close a Navy Federal Account: Step-By-Step


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Are you overwhelmed by the list of tasks you need to do after the death of your loved one? We would like to help. Here are some tips on how to close your deceased family member’s Navy Federal account.

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It’s not easy to navigate a financial institution’s website when you’re grieving, so we have read all the fine print and have created this step-by-step guide.

Canceling all of your loved one’s credit cards after their death is only the first part of the process. Don’t forget to revisit those institutions and close out their accounts as well. 

Here are the steps for doing so at Navy Federal.

Tip: The other aspects of handling a loved one's unfinished business can be overwhelming without a way to organize your process. We have a post-loss checklist that will help you ensure that your loved one's family, estate, and other affairs are taken care of.

How to Close a Deceased Loved One’s Navy Federal Bank Account

Navy Federal has produced a lengthy survivor’s guide that gives details on how to navigate the system. Unfortunately, we learn in this guide that every situation is unique, especially if the estate has to go through probate court. 

That’s why we are going to divide this guide into two sections. The first step-by-step list will provide details on how to close an account that is labeled “joint account — with survivorship.” The second list will give you more information about the steps you may have to take if the situation is more complicated regarding the beneficiary of the account. 

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Step 1: Contact Navy Federal Support Settlement Services

Call 1-800-883-3323. You will be assigned a survivor support case specialist who will be your contact through the account closing process. This specialist will know the laws and regulations of estates in your jurisdiction.

Step 2: Fill out the appropriate forms

Your survivor support care specialist will make the necessary adjustments to your accounts. This person can assist you with debt cancellation claims and will verify which legal documents are needed to entitle you to the funds. 

If your account is labeled, “joint account – with survivorship,” there may be little you have to do to close the account. 

If the deceased’s estate has to go through probate court, obtaining access to the funds and closing the account will be more complicated. Here are some general ideas of what kind of information you need to access and close the account.

Step 1: Contact Navy Federal Support Settlement Services

Whether you are the spouse of the deceased, the joint owner of the account, or the executor of the estate, you must first call 1-800-883-3323. You will be assigned a survivor support case specialist who will be your contact through the account closing process.

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Step 2: Learn what documents and information you will be required to obtain for taking control of the account

While we would like to provide you with a definitive list, it varies from one probate court to another. You may be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Deceased’s full name and date of birth
  • Certified copy of the death certificate
  • Copy of the will, if there is one 
  • Copy of the marriage certificate if the deceased was your spouse
  • Names and addresses of all heirs, next of kin, and beneficiaries 
  • Summary of the deceased’s assets 

You may also find it necessary to open an account for your loved one’s estate. This would allow you to make property tax payments and pay for funeral expenses while sorting out your loved one’s finances. This may require filing documents with the government and obtaining an EIN, which you will provide to the bank. 

Talk with your survivor support case specialist to learn about what you need to open such an account. The documents vary from region to region.

Step 3: Contact customer service to close the account

Once you have access to the account, contact the customer service department to close it. You may have to provide them with an account number where you wish the remaining funds to be transferred. 

How to Close Your Own Navy Federal Bank Account

Closing your own Navy Federal account is a much easier process than closing the account of a deceased loved one. Here are the steps.

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Step 1: Make sure the automatic bill payments and deposits are stopped

Whenever you decide to close a checking account, contact all the companies with access to your account to give them a new number. Also, make sure all your checks have cleared.

Also, be aware of any deposits that are automatically made in your account. 

Step 2: Open a new account at another bank

Unless you are planning to stuff your cash in your mattress, you probably have plans to open another account at another institution. Complete this process before you close your Navy Federal account.

Step 3: Contact Navy Federal’s customer service department

Navy Federal’s customer service representatives are available 24/7 at 1-888-842-6328. You can also visit the closest branch to you or send a message through the website. 

You Will Get Through It

Yes, there are a lot of details to take care of when a loved one dies. Besides making funeral decisions, such as choosing a funeral home and a cemetery, you’ll also need to notify family and friends and write the obituary.

After the funeral is over and the thank you cards are written, you’ll need to tackle what may feel like an insurmountable task of clearing out the house, selling cars and other property, and closing the estate.

Things may pop up as time goes on, such as what to do with your loved one’s digital afterlife. Will it bother you to see birthday reminders for your loved one on Facebook each year, or would it give you comfort? You may also wonder how to gain access to cloud storage accounts if your loved one didn’t have a password manager on his home computer. 

Your list of tasks (including closing a Navy Federal account) may seem long and complicated, but it’s possible to get through it one step at a time. 


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