How to Permanently Delete a Coffee Meets Bagel Account: Step-By-Step


Dating sites have spiked in popularity. From Tinder to Plenty of Fish to Coffee Meets Bagel, there’s a site or app for everyone. Making real-life connections might be hard if you have a small social circle or if you spend all your time at work.

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But what happens when you no longer need that account? You might have found your true love or you might need to close an account for a deceased loved one. 

How to Completely Close Your Coffee Meets Bagel Account

In recent years, there have been a lot of scandals involving privacy, transparency, and security. From leaked private photos to banking information, security is on everyone’s minds. 

That’s especially true for dating sites. You might put more information on the site that you normally would on any other social media account because you’re hoping to attract someone who shares the same authentic passions that you do. But that information shouldn’t be floating around on the internet. That’s why you’ll need to doubly confirm that your Coffee Meets Bagel account has actually been deleted. That’s because Coffee Meets Bagel favors deactivation — not deletion. 

Find your settings

Start by logging into your account to make sure your profile doesn’t continue into an endless digital afterlife. You can deactivate it from the app or the site. 

  • Depending on which you prefer, tap or click “Profile.” This option is in the upper right-hand corner. 
  • Next, go to “Settings.”

Deactivated or deleted?

When you go into “Settings,” you’ll see the “Membership” option. 

  • Under this selection, you can toggle back and forth between “Active” or “Inactive.” Slide this bar toward “Inactive.” Then, hit “Deactivate” when the prompt comes up on your screen. 
  • Next, choose how long you want your account to be on hold. Select “Indefinitely” if you want to permanently delete it. Like most social media sites, you’ll need to pick a reason for deactivating. Of course, Coffee Meets Bagel hopes that’s because you’ve found the love of your life, preferably through their app! No matter your reason, select one and click or tap “Done.” 

Now, you went through the effort of permanently deleting your account. But then what happens to it? We’ll get into that below.

How to Delete a Deceased Person’s Coffee Meets Bagel Account

You may be responsible for a loved one’s digital assets after death. If so, how can you delete your loved one’s account?

Look for a password manager

Did your loved one keep his or her digital legacy organized? If so, you might be in luck. Look in secure cabinets or in the back end of his or her favorite browser. You can do this by looking at your loved one’s profile if he or she stayed logged in. Passwords are saved by each site.

Found Coffee Meets Bagel in its password manager? You’re in luck! 

Contact them

What happens if your loved one, like most of us, used an insecure password for every site? That doesn’t mean it’ll be easy for you to guess! Instead of stabbing blindly in the dark, it’s best to contact the customer service team. 

Coffee Meets Bagel doesn’t have an established policy for someone to delete a deceased loved one’s account. Its suggestion is to contact the Coffee Meets Bagel team. You can submit a request at their help desk but gather documents ahead of time.

Collect a death certificate, your ID, and submit a request for their account to be deleted. 

How to Cancel a Coffee Meets Bagel Premium Membership

Ready to cancel a premium membership for Coffee Meets Bagel? Here’s how. 

Downgrade your membership

Coffee Meets Bagel charges $35 a month for a premium membership. This unlocks a lot of data about other members, which might help prevent frustrating ghosting situations.

When you’re ready to cancel, you can email its support team. Send off a quick email to to smoothly cancel that membership. 

What Happens When You Delete Your Coffee Meets Bagel Account?

You might be worried about the information that’s left. Fortunately, everything gets erased, from photos to chat history to people you’ve connected with. 

It’s worth noting that subscriptions don’t cancel when you delete your account. Even if you’re not using the account and you’ve deleted it from the internet, subscriptions still run. This is something to be aware of, particularly if you are currently signed up for a premium membership. Cancel that separately.

Think About Your Online Accounts

Few people include dating sites when they start end-of-life planning. But doing so makes it much easier for loved ones later on. Be sure to write down information for each site you regularly use if you’re trying to make a plan. It might feel like overkill now, but in the end, your loved ones will appreciate it.

If you're looking to delete more premium accounts for your or a loved one, check out our guides to deleting a Spotify account, canceling a Hulu subscription, and canceling Amazon Prime.


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