15 Coffin-Shaped Furniture Ideas for the Death-Curious


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It’s normal to have a bit of fascination with death and dying. This is truly the great unknown, and death-curiosity is a very human experience. Throughout history, people have had an interest and fascination in all things death, from ancient mythology to modern-day horror films. 

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For the death positive, there’s nothing creepy or off-putting about it. Putting the macabre on a permanent display in your home acts as a memento mori, or a reminder of death.

Far from grotesque, this is a way to focus on living life to the fullest. Any day could be your last, so coffin-shaped reminders of death encourage us to enjoy the time we have. 

While spending extended time in a casket or around casket-shaped furniture might not be everyone’s idea of comfort, there is something undeniably whimsical and exciting about it. Here are our favorite coffin-shaped furniture ideas for the death-curious. Some of these might be more practical than you think!

Caskets That Double as Furniture

With so many different types of caskets, it’s only understandable that people are looking for modern solutions. What if your existing furniture doubled as a final resting place? The concept is more accessible than you think. 

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1. Shelves for Life

William Warren is the owner of a furniture and product design consultancy. His work always questions the utility and emotional experience of his creations, and that couldn’t be more clear than with his Shelves for Life project. 

A functional bookshelf, this is a design that quite literally will last you a lifetime (and beyond). When you die, this gorgeous bookshelf can be taken apart and reassembled as a functional casket. Warren’s design is available for free for anyone who would like to craft their own Shelves for Life. 

2. Casket mattress and pillow set

This simple wooden casket is so stylish it easily blends in with your existing furniture design. Perfect for storing important things while you’re alive, this doubles as an eco-friendly casket when your time comes. 

Costing under $100, you can choose the material that best matches your aesthetic from Casket Builder Supply. Featuring a mattress and pillow, this is a versatile yet efficient use of space. 

3. Wicker casket

Another option is to use a wicker casket as a storage space or coffee table. Wicker or bamboo caskets are gorgeous, and they don’t have the traditional look of a casket made of wood or metal. 

Used in eco-friendly, green burials, this is a unique option for anyone who wants to confront their mortality in their daily life. Though you can find a lot of providers of wicker caskets, the Natural Burial Company offers some of the most trusted caskets in the USA.

Other Casket Furniture Ideas

If you’d rather not build your own casket, you can find many other options for casket-themed furniture. These range from high-end, stylish pieces to more playful, letting you get creative with your mortality in your space. 

4. VonErickson coffin couch

While there used to be more providers of coffin couches, this trend has largely fallen out of practice. Though recycled caskets can’t be used due to potential health hazards, VonErickson crafts handmade casket couches built to impress. 

Available on Etsy, these will cost you a pretty penny, but they also make quite the impression. You can purchase your piece of the afterlife with a velvet-covered foam cushion and metal spring seat in red, black, or purple fabric. Though it might look like something from a vampire film, it’s also undeniably gorgeous. 

5. Coffin letter board

A letter board is a fun way to share messages, notes, and fun sayings throughout the year. Spruce up your typical letter board with this Black Coffin Letter Board on Etsy.

Including white and red letters, there are so many ways to express yourself with this fun coffin-themed furniture idea. Though simple, it’s a daily dose of mortality. 

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6. Coffin kitchen

Coffin It Up is a handmade casket provider that specializes in actual caskets for burials, casket furniture, jewelry, and more. Though the practice of making coffins by hand has fallen out of popularity in the United States, Coffin It Up returns to old traditions found in other parts of the globe. 

Though Coffin It Up has created a lot of unique coffin-themed things, one of the most impressive is the Coffin Kitchen. Created for a Las Vegas Homeowner, this kitchen feels rustic and macabre in the best of ways. Perhaps this will inspire your next kitchen upgrade?

7. Coffin mirror

The gothic lifestyle brand Sourpuss created a Coffin Mirror for anyone who wants to picture themselves in a ghastly new light. This small glass mirror is in the shape of a coffin, and it’s the perfect size to hang in your bedroom, bathroom, or even to carry with you. 

This is a subtle way to add a touch of the afterlife to your space, whether you pair it with other macabre pieces or use it on its own. You could also easily DIY your own casket mirror if you have a specific design in mind. 

8. Coffin bookshelf

While many of the modern furniture to casket creations come in bookshelf designs, you can also purchase a coffin bookshelf that only acts as a bookshelf. PatsysCraftyDesigns on Etsy created large coffin shelves with recycled wood. 

Beautifully functional and thought-provoking, this is a bookshelf you’ll want to hold onto for years to come. Feeling crafty? The Makezine blog has a simple guide to how to create your own casket bookshelf. 

9. Coffin artwork

If you’re not ready to commit to full-sized casket furniture, you might wish to add a bit of casket-themed themed artwork to your home. There are so many ways coffins are used in art and design, and these offer a subtle touch of mortality without the commitment of furniture. 

These are several great art pieces to choose from. The Drop Side Casket Graphic Art print from Wayfair is taken from a funeral salesman catalog, and it’s beautifully artistic and modern. For a more affordable choice, AllPosters has other casket prints available. 

10. Coffin pet bed

If you want your pet to match your gothic, macabre style, a coffin pet bed is perfect for you. MeserMakes offers coffin pet beds built to order. Created with wood, foam, and fabric, you can choose the right color combo for your home style. 

Because these are built with functionality in mind, there’s a lip in the casket shape for the pet to enter comfortably. Though a bit dark, these are highly rated and comfortable pet beds designed to last. 

11. Coffin coffee table

This coffee table by GraydonCreek looks so realistic, you might wonder if it’s actually a real coffin ready for burial. In reality, this custom-order coffin coffee table is a special decor item, and it makes a real statement in any living room. 

The double doors on the top of this casket coffee table add extra storage, making it as functional as it is stylish. Choose your favorite wood stain to customize your casket table to your liking. 

12. Coffin key holder

Everyone needs a safe place to hold their keys when they come home, so why not add a touch of the macabre to their daily routine? This coffin key holder from Ella & Emma is perfect for a witchy, gothic, and modern touch. 

The pack of two coffin-shaped moon hooks is easy to install, and it’s not just for the Halloween season. Built to last, this is the perfect way to upgrade your entry space. 

13. Coffin succulent planter

Blend the living and the dead with a coffin succulent planter. This unique and eco-friendly coffin planter from BeamTeam3D is as stylish as it is functional. 

With drainage holes and a built-in tray, there’s no leakage here. Created using corn-based plastic, this coffin planter does no harm to the environment while growing something new. 

14. Celestial coffin incense burner

Incense is a way to cleanse your space, so why not invite celestial energy from the great beyond with these coffin incense burners from GoodEarthMercantile? These are a safe and easy way to burn your cone or stick incense. 

It’s as simple as opening the gorgeous casket design and placing your incense stick in the hole provided. Close the coffin to see the smoke coming from the tiny holes. Subtle and unique, this is a fun way to incorporate death positivity in your space. 

15. Coffin jewelry box

Last but not least, an inexpensive way to incorporate coffins into your home design is with a jewelry box. This jade coffin box by Nox Apothecary can be used for jewelry, gifts, or anything you want to keep hidden from sight.

The unfinished surface makes this coffin jewelry book easy to customize. You can add your own paint, jewels, engravings, and markings to personalize your design.  

Coffin and Casket-Themed Furniture for All

If you’re death-curious, the furniture picks above are a fun way to express this interest. Though caskets or coffins designs aren’t for everyone, they’re undeniably elegant with their classic silhouette. The craftsmanship in the items above is unmatched, so you might just find the right addition for your space. 

It was Mark Twain who famously said that the fear of death follows from the fear of life. As the saying goes, “A man who lives fully is prepared to die any time.” The casket-themed furniture picks above embody this idea wholeheartedly. 

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