50+ Condolence Messages for Coworkers or Clients


When someone experiences a loss, you can be there for them by delivering a supportive message. Saying sorry for your loss, for example, can be appropriate. It’s easier when you know the individual personally, like a close friend or family member. 

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But what happens in the professional world? How do you offer condolences to a coworker or a client? In these situations, you need to tread carefully. Since you likely don’t know the full picture and you also don’t know what they’re feeling, less is more. 

While you want to say something in these situations, you need to do so delicately. Reaching out and letting someone know you’re thinking of them can be a great source of comfort. In this guide, we’ll share 25+ example condolence messages for coworkers or clients. These balance both support and appropriateness to avoid overstepping any boundaries. 

Sympathy Messages to Send a Close Coworker

Example of a sympathy message to send to a close coworker over an image of flowers

What you write in your sympathy message ultimately depends on your relationship. If you were close to your coworker, feel free to treat them the same as you would a friend. Just remember you’re in a professional environment, so you might also want to include an office message or one of these sympathy gifts for coworkers.

1. “We’re all here for you. Please let us know if you need absolutely anything.” 

For someone in the office who you were close to, let them know you’re there for anything they need. Whether you take over their work temporarily or answer their emails, these small things matter. 

2. “We’re all thinking of you during this tough time. We’re so sorry for your loss.” 

If you’re writing a message on behalf of the office, let them know that everyone is keeping them in their thoughts. It’s good to know you’re not alone in a time of crisis. 

3. “I’m sending you all the strength to get through this.” 

When we go through something traumatic, it can feel like we have no strength left to keep moving forward. Remind your coworker that they are strong and can get through this. 

4. “All of our hearts go out to you. You have all of my love.” 

Be honest with how you feel about your coworker. If you’re close friends, remind them that you love them and care deeply about them. 

5. “You’re so strong. Know that I’m thinking of you.”

Again, remind them of their strength and courage. They might be feeling weak, and your words are the encouragement they need at this time. 

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Sympathy Messages to Send a Coworker You Aren’t Close With

Knowing what to say when someone dies is never easy. This might be the case if you weren’t close to your coworker. Here are the best sympathy messages when you’re not sure what’s appropriate. 

6. “Please accept my warmest condolences.” 

One simple way to offer support is with warm condolences. This isn’t the same cliche as “sorry for your loss,” but it captures the same kind energy. 

7. “I can’t imagine what you’re going through, but just know I’m thinking of you.” 

Sometimes we make the mistake of comparing our own feelings of grief to others. There’s no way to know exactly what someone else is going through, and it’s okay to say you could never understand. 

8. “Sending you my condolences.” 

Another alternative to “sorry for your loss” is to simply send your condolences. Though simple, it emphasizes your concern during this difficult situation. 

9. “My thoughts are will you during this time. Wishing you and your family all of the best.” 

Less is truly more, especially if you’re not sure what else to say. Wishing the recipient’s family the best is often the best path forward. 

10. “I am so sorry for this loss. My heart goes out to you.” 

Even if you’re not close, you can still empathize with their pain. It’s always okay to say you’re sorry for someone’s loss and that you’re thinking of them in their time of need. 

Sympathy Messages to Send a Coworker’s Family

Example of a sympathy message to send a coworker's family over an image of flowers

It’s always hard to lose a coworker, even if you weren’t close to them personally. You can bring some peace and comfort to their family with kind words like these messages below. 

11. “Working with Susan was a blessing. She was always willing to lend a helping hand. I wanted to extend my sympathies to the entire family for this loss.” 

If you did work with this coworker in some capacity, sharing kind words about them helps the family feel their loved one is remembered. It is our impact on those around us that ultimately matters the most, so share this insight with those who loved them the best.

12. “We’re thinking of you while we celebrate John’s outstanding life.” 

Remind the family that you’re taking an active role in remembering them in the office as well. They made an impact even amongst those they worked with, and that’s something worth celebrating. 

13. “Alice will always be in our hearts. Be well during this time.” 

Again, the family often just wants to know their loved one won’t be easily forgotten. Remind them just how much the office cares with a heartfelt message. 

14. “Wishing you all the comfort during this challenging time.”

If you didn’t know the individual, it’s okay to just focus on your sympathy message rather than share how you knew them personally. Well wishes are always a good idea. 

15. “Norman was always an inspiration to me. I will miss him dearly. I’m so sorry for your loss.” 

Don’t be afraid to clarify exactly how you admired or appreciated your coworker. If they were a bright light within the office, tell this story to those who need it the most. 

Sympathy Messages to Send a Boss

It’s not always easy to talk about more personal, emotional topics with a boss. However, after a loss, they might be looking for support in all shapes and sizes. Offering a kind word shows you really care. 

16. “May your happy memories bring you some comfort during this time.” 

If you know your boss had a good relationship with the deceased, encourage them to hold their happy memories closely. These are worth everything after a loss. 

17. “My thoughts and prayers go out to you.” 

Simple is sometimes best. You know your boss, so determine how much or little involvement they want with their condolence messages. 

18. “Wishing you hope during this time of sorrow and comfort during this time of pain.” 

This phrase is similar to “sorry for your loss,” but it’s not nearly as common. It’s a straightforward way to wish someone all the best. 

19. “I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your friend/partner/parent. I’m thinking of you.” 

Don’t shy away from highlighting specifically who your boss lost. Having this person acknowledged can be extremely important during times of grief.

20. “You’ve always been a great support for me, and I hope I can do the same for you during this time. Let me know if you need anything at all.” 

For the boss who is always there, let them know that you’re willing to be there for them on this darker day. Though they might be your boss, you can still support them in many ways. 

Sympathy Messages to Send a Client

Example of a sympathy message to send a client over an image of flowers

If one of your clients experiences a loss, it’s considered appropriate to send them some form of condolence message. This could be through email, social media, or even a physical card. Here are some messages to ensure you say the right thing. 

21. “I’m so sorry for your loss. Helen will be sorely missed.” 

If you knew the individual who died or knew of them, remind your client that this person will be missed. This is especially powerful if you knew both of them directly. 

22. “I am so sorry to hear this news. Please accept my deepest condolences.” 

When in doubt, less is more. It’s okay to admit that this news is shocking and sad. From there, offer your condolences to your client without overstepping boundaries. 

23. “I’m thinking of you during this time. As a trusted client, I’m always here if you need anything at all.” 

This is also a great opportunity to be there for your client in a time of need. If you feel comfortable doing so, ask if there’s anything you can do to help. 

24. “Jenn’s passing will be grieved by all of us here. Sending you all of our sympathies.” 

You also might need to write a sympathy message on behalf of your firm or office. When doing so, make sure you include everyone. 

25. “Whilst I never met your partner in person, I know just how much they meant to you. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.” 

Even if you don’t know the deceased individual yourself, you can still comment on their relationship and legacy. This reminds your client that though their loved one is gone, they will never be forgotten. 

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Sympathy Messages for a Coworker Who Lost a Parent

Losing a parent is incredibly difficult, and that’s why it’s important to send a timely sympathy message to a coworker going through this type of loss. Because sharing condolences after losing a parent is never easy, try these sympathy message ideas below. 

26. “I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your mother/father. Please accept my sympathies.” 

Sometimes the best thing to do is to just send your sympathies to your coworker. This doesn’t have to be complicated, just make sure your words come from the heart. 

27. “My deepest sympathies to you and your family after the loss of your parent. Sending strength your way.” 

We can all use extra strength after a loss. Though it might sound like a small gesture, it certainly makes an impact on your recipient. 

28. “Losing a parent is always heartbreaking. I’m so sorry for your loss.” 

The best way to respond to a loss is often to acknowledge its difficulty. Instead of blanket statements, let your coworker know it’s okay to grieve with this message. 

29. “May your memories of your mother/father bring you comfort. Wishing you the best during this challenging time.” 

Our memories are often our biggest consolation after a loss, especially of a family member like a parent. Remind your recipient to look on these memories as a source of comfort. 

30. “You’re in my thoughts and prayers. Wishing you peace and comfort after your loss. ” 

Lastly, if your coworker would like to know you’re thinking of them, don’t hesitate to reach out. Well-wishes are a way to show they’re not alone during a difficult time. 

Sympathy Messages for a Coworker Who Lost a Sibling

When one loses a sibling, it’s like losing a close friend. Regardless of how well you know your coworker, let them know you’re thinking of them as they recover from this loss. These messages are a great idea for what’s appropriate to send. 

31. “My heart goes out to you and your family. Wishing you the best.” 

Let your coworker know that your heart goes out to them today and everyday. This type of loss is devastating, and they need their time to heal. 

32. “Please know that many of us at the office are thinking of you right now. Sending peace and strength your way.” 

If you’re sending a message on behalf of the entire office, let the recipient know you’re all thinking of him or her. Having a group of supporters makes the world a less lonely place. 

33. “I can’t imagine what you and your family are going through right now. Your sister/brother was a wonderful person, and it’s clear how much they meant to you. ” 

It’s okay if you can’t imagine what your coworker is going through. In fact, admitting that is a form of strength and compassion. Still, you can share a meaningful sympathy message. 

34. “I’m keeping you in my thoughts as you go through this loss.” 

When you keep someone in your thoughts, you send them a form of strength they can draw upon in their darkest times. Don’t underestimate how much a simple gesture or thought can do in the midst of sorrow.

35. “I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your sister/brother. Wishing you condolences and compassion.” 

Lastly, “sorry for your loss” is almost always an appropriate sympathy message for a coworker. There’s no need to overthink your message, especially if that’s what you really mean. 

Sympathy Messages for a Coworker Who Lost a Partner or Spouse

It can be challenging to comfort someone who’s grieving, especially if you don’t know them that well. This becomes even more challenging if it’s a big loss, like the death of a partner or spouse. However, it’s always important to express support to those in your life including coworkers. 

36. “Holding you close in our thoughts. Our whole staff is so sorry for your loss.” 

If your recipient is out of the office, remind them that you’re thinking of him or her during this time. They need to know they have the support of everyone behind them.

37. “Words aren’t enough to express my sympathies. I hope these flowers bring you some comfort during this time.” 

For those who choose to send flowers, this is a great message idea. Flowers are a symbol of hope, and they can bring peace in a dark time. 

38. “I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your dear husband/wife/partner. He/she was an amazing person.” 

If you had the pleasure of meeting your coworker’s partner, remind him or her of how much you admired them. These memories mean so much when someone’s gone. 

39. “May your loving memories together bring you strength and comfort.” 

Speaking of memories, these are the things your coworker draws upon to keep their partner’s legacy alive. Give them the encouragement they need to explore these memories in a safe space. 

40. “Wishing you endless courage to face the days ahead. Hold your loving memories in your heart forever.” 

Finally, wish your recipient courage as they face the challenges immediately following a loss. This is the most difficult path ahead, but they’re not alone. 

Sympathy Messages for a Coworker Who Lost a Friend

The loss of a friend can be like losing a member of the family. Regardless of your relationship with your coworker, make sure they feel valued as a part of your team with one of these condolence messages. 

41. “I know you and your friend had a close bond. Wishing you peace and comfort as you grieve this loss.” 

Acknowledging the special bond your coworker shared with his or her friend helps them feel heard. All the peace you can offer makes a difference.

42. “I’m so sorry for your unexpected loss. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.” 

If the loss was unexpected, this can be even more challenging. Make sure your coworker knows you’re thinking of them as they handle these next steps, whatever they may be.

43. “Thinking of you as you navigate these difficult times. Your friend will always be with you.” 

Losing a friend is like losing a part of yourself. Though they’re gone, they’ll always be near in spirit. This is a beautiful message to send a coworker. 

44. “Keeping you and your loved ones in my thoughts and prayers.” 

If you aren’t very close to your coworker, this type of short and sweet message is more than enough. It pays respects without crossing boundary lines. 

45. “Though I never met your friend, they sure were lucky to have you in their lives. My condolences for your loss.” 

Even if you never got the opportunity to meet your coworker’s friend, you still know the impact they made. This is what matters the most to someone’s legacy.

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Sympathy Messages for a Coworker Who Lost a Child

Even if you’re not a parent yourself, it’s hard to comprehend the grief and anguish of losing a child. Sharing a condolence message for a coworker after the loss of a child, no matter the age, can feel impossible. For inspiration, draw on these sample messages below. 

46. “I cannot even begin to imagine what you’re going through. I’m so sorry.” 

Sometimes the best wishes are to admit you can’t possibly understand what your coworker is experiencing. You should never compare one type of loss to another. 

47. “Love leaves a memory nobody can steal. My heart is with you during this time.” 

Though your coworker’s child is no longer here, their love leaves a lasting legacy. This is what everyone should focus on after a loss. 

48. “The love your child brought this world will never be forgotten.” 

Reminding your coworker that their child was important can be a source of comfort. This love lasts beyond a lifetime, and it’s not something that fades over time.

49. “Our prayers are with you and your family. My heart breaks for you.” 

Sympathizing with your coworker reminds him or her that they’re not alone. Your heart breaks along with anyone after hearing of this devastating loss. 

50. “Your son/daughter meant so much to all who knew him/her. This type of legacy lasts forever. Sending you all the condolences in the world for your loss.” 

Last but not least, share a special memory of this child. Even if you weren’t close, you know what they meant to your coworker. These memories are what they draw upon as they find a way forward. 

Sympathy Messages to Send a Coworker’s Family After Your Coworker Died

Finally, if your coworker dies, you can offer kind words to his or her family. Having a message of condolence from those who spent their days with this person makes a world of a difference. What did this person mean to you? Did they make a mark on their industry? Tell his or her story.

51. “I was lucky enough to work with Name one-on-one. He/she was a great person, and I’ll never forget them.” 

If you worked with this individual directly, share something meaningful about them with their loved ones. These small details craft someone’s story that lives on after they’re gone.

52. “Please know that we’re thinking of your family as you remember Name’s life and legacy.” 

A short, simple message to send to the family on behalf of an entire office is this one. It’s always important to reach out with kindness. 

53. “Wishing your family peace and courage during your mourning period. Name was a hard-working, dedicated worker, and the office will not be the same without him/her.” 

What made your coworker’s work stand out? Whether they were always willing to help someone in need or go the extra mile, make sure his or her story is told. 

54. “Name had a huge impact on our industry. We will all miss him/her every day.” 

Some people don’t just make a splash on their workplace but on the entire industry. Honor this type of legacy with a meaningful message.

55. “I’m privileged to have spent so many years working alongside your loved one. His/her memory will leave a huge hole in our lives.” 

Some coworkers become more like friends. This type of loss isn’t easily forgotten, so make sure the family knows how much you valued their loved one.

Offer Supportive Words in a Time of Need 

Whether you’re writing a card to a coworker or a condolence email to a client, make sure you’re staying supportive and professional. When work and personal life combine, things get tricky. Being there for someone is possible no matter your relationship, so don’t be afraid to send a message when the timing feels right. 

After a loss, having people reach out to offer kind words can mean the world to someone. Though it often feels like there’s nothing you can do, don’t underestimate the power of just being there when it matters the most. 

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