14 Creative Ideas for Gifts With Cremation Ashes


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Losing a loved one is never easy, but it’s important to be there to support those who matter the most. If you or someone you know lost someone special, giving them something created with their cremation ashes can be a beloved tribute. 

With cremation growing more popular, it’s easy to see why so many people are choosing to gift memorial items with these ashes in mind. They symbolize someone’s legacy, and they’re literally a way to keep loved ones close. 

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If you’re in the market for unique cremation ash gift ideas, you might be surprised by just how many options you have today. Because cremation is becoming the new normal, there are endless options when it comes to sympathy gift ideas

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Cremation Gift Ideas for a Loved One’s Ashes

To honor someone special, consider a cremation gift idea that keeps their memory close. Anything that reminds you of who they were or what they loved is the perfect fit. 

1. Memorial diamond

Memorial diamonds are one of the most popular ways to keep someone you love close. While memorial jewelry itself is popular (and for good reason), memorial diamonds are a unique, transformative process. 

Inspired by the natural way diamonds are created in the wild, memorial diamond providers like Eterneva, transform a loved one’s hair or ashes into a real, gorgeous diamond. With endless settings, colors, and sizes to choose from, this is a powerful way to wear your loved one’s memory.

2. Vial jewelry

If a memorial diamond isn’t in the budget or doesn’t suit your style, there are other memorial jewelry alternatives. Vial jewelry is any type of jewelry, usually a pendant, designed with a small vial for holding ashes. 

Like a wearable urn, this is a way to keep your loved one close. Whether you wear this jewelry around your neck, wrist, or finger, you’ll feel them with you always. This makes all the difference. 

3. Glass art

Art and remembrance go hand-in-hand. You can actually turn a loved one’s ashes into a gorgeous work of art using glass. This process uses a portion of remains to create a unique, textured design within glass. 

With so many colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from, this is a personal way to honor someone’s memory. Like an urn that functions as art, you’ll want to keep this in your home forever. 

4. Bio urn

For someone who felt at home with nature, you can return them to the ground even after a cremation. Trees symbolize life, change, and strength. With a biodegradable urn, you can mix your loved one’s ashes with seeds of their favorite tree. 

With a bit of ongoing care, this tree blossoms into a strong symbol of remembrance. Perfect for a backyard or garden, a bio urn is a unique gift idea that turns ashes into a new life. 

5. Hourglass

Few things in life are as eye-catching as an hourglass. These symbols of time and change are also a powerful way to honor someone’s memory. Instead of sand, memorial hourglasses are made with a loved one’s ashes. 

These hourglasses can be kept safe and sound in your home, in a library, or even on a pendant you wear. This unique way to hold onto a loved one’s ashes also reminds you to value each and every moment in life. 

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6. Writing ink

The art of letter-writing has largely fallen out of practice, but to many, it’s a great way to be remembered. Marvel comic author Mark Gruenwalk famously requested his ashes to be mixed with ink in a comic book, and his family carried out this legacy in his honor. 

Ink can be mixed with cremation ashes, and you can even have a pen created in someone’s memory. From there, you can use this ink or pen to write in a grief journal, create art, or just keep close. For someone who loved writing or creating, what better legacy could there be?

7. Memorial tattoo design

Another great way to turn ashes into art is with a memorial tattoo design. Memorial tattoos are becoming a popular way to show our love for those we’ve lost, and it’s possible to mix tattoo ink with your loved one’s ashes. 

To gift this idea, create a memorial tattoo design in honor of someone’s memory. It could be a heart, angel, religious symbol, or even just something they loved in life. This is the perfect gift to give a family member, partner, or friend who loves tattoos. 

8. Ammunition

If your loved one loved practicing at the shooting range, hunting, or just wanted to go out with a literal bang, give the gift of memorial ammunition. My Holy Smoke is a service that transforms ashes into shotgun shells, pistol cartridges, or rifle cartridges. 

From there, you can hold onto these mementos or shoot them off somewhere special. For an outdoor sportsperson, veteran, or gun lover, this is an amazing way to honor one of their favorite activities. 

Cremation Gift Ideas for a Pet’s Ashes

If you’re wondering what to do with pet ashes, you’re not alone. It’s not always easy to know how to honor your pet’s life, but these cremation gift ideas are always special. 

9. Urn vase

An urn vase is like a traditional vase, but it has a space on the interior for holding a loved one’s ashes. Perfect for both decoration or holding plants, this is a simple yet elegant way to show your pet’s ashes. Because it blends seamlessly into your home decor, this is a subtle tribute to a beloved pet. 

10. Painting

Capture your pet’s essence with a memorial painting. Like other art mediums, it’s possible to use a pet’s ashes in the paint seamlessly. A skilled painter can create a work of art in honor of your pet’s memory. 

You can commission an image of your pet, their favorite space, or a gorgeous natural landscape. The choice is yours, as long as it honors your pet. 

11. Picture frame

It’s common to use pictures to share a loved one’s memory even after they’re gone. A memorial picture frame can come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. 

Some have the ashes painted into the exterior, sometimes appearing like natural stone or granite. Other frames store the ashes inside, allowing the focus to be solely on the picture. 

12. Suncatcher

Pets really bring light into our lives. They’re a source of warmth and comfort on dark days, and they remind us of what really matters most. A suncatcher is a perfect way to remind yourself of this comfort long after your furry friend is gone. 

As mentioned above, it’s possible to turn ashes into glass, so this is a decorative option perfect for anyone who loves suncatchers. Another option is to include the ashes in the base of the suncatcher. Either way, you’ll be reminded of your pet on any bright day. 

13. Custom urn

Finding the right ready-made urn for a pet isn’t always easy, especially if they were really special to you. While there are more urn options than ever before, sometimes you need something custom and one-of-a-kind. Foreverence specializes in unique, personalized urns for pets and loved ones alike. 

14. Memory box

Last but not least, honor your pet’s memory no matter where life takes you with a pet memory box. This is a box created in honor of your pet, usually complete with a photo and decoration on the outside. 

This makes the perfect gift idea because it’s something you can DIY yourself or purchase, depending on your budget and skill level. A memory box includes a pet’s ashes, collar, photos, toys, and anything that reminds you of them. 

Keep Their Legacy Close

Losing someone you love is never easy, but the right memorial gift lessens this burden. All of these cremation gift ideas above remind us that the memories we cherish are always closer than we think. Whether you gift a memorial diamond or a memory box, this is a beloved tribute that lasts a lifetime. 

How do you want to be remembered when your time comes? Talk to your loved ones about your own wishes, as well as what remembrance and legacy mean to you. 


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