Cremation Keychain: Types, Costs & Where to Buy


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For those of you new to death planning and cremation, you might be wondering what in the world a cremation keychain is? A cremation keychain isn't as nefarious or as strange as the phrase may sound. It's simply a keychain that holds a tiny portion of cremated remains.

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We know that this explanation probably leads to a lot of follow-up questions. We hope to assist you by giving your answers. We'll discuss the different cremation keychains, discuss how much they typically cost, and give you ideas on where to buy one. 

What's a Cremation Keychain?

A cremation keychain is a small, decorative receptacle designed to hold a tiny portion of cremated remains. It is ideal for a person who doesn't wear jewelry but would like a remembrance item to carry with them.

Cremation jewelry or grief jewelry may not be for everyone. While you may feel uncomfortable carrying around cremated remains, other people get a lot of solace from the experience. They feel closer to the deceased when being in constant contact with a receptacle that holds a tiny portion of remains. 

Additionally, some like cremation jewelry because it acts as a constant reminder of their loved ones. It's a tangible item that you can see when driving your car or unlocking your front door – acts that you probably do several times a day. Each time you use the keychain, you will be reminded that your loved one lived and that they were important to you. 

Please understand that even though we are referring to such keychains as "cremation" keychains, you might choose to place other things inside the receptacle. 

For example, if your loved one wasn't cremated, you might add a tiny portion of the earth that was turned to bury the casket. You might also treat it as a locket and add a small lock of your loved one's hair. Finally, you could also add soil or sand from a significant place in your loved one's life – such as grains of sand from the beach where you were married. Or a tiny amount of soil from the farm your loved one owned. 

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Popular Types of Cremation Keychains

As you search for a style of cremation keychain that appeals to you, you might expand your search by Googling cremation pendants. A pendant may be used as a keychain, as long as it is durably made.

Vial keychains

The most common types of cremation keychains are shaped like tiny vials. Most of them come with a screw-off lid that can be sealed. While it is clear that the vial holds something, no one else needs to know that it contains a tiny portion of cremation ashes. 

Some companies also offer charms to hang next to the vial. For example, you might choose death symbols like wings or feathers. Or you might include a personalization item, such as an initial. Finally, you might consider adding a small charm that holds a photo of your loved one. 

Urn keychains

We found a cremation keychain online shaped like a traditional urn – similar to the style you might have sitting on your mantle. The urn keychain can be engraved with your loved one's initials or a short phrase. Because of its shape, most would assume that an urn keychain holds cremation ash.

Religious cremation keychains

Cremation keychains with religious symbols are available. For example, you can purchase a cross keychain with a hidden compartment for your loved one's ashes (or soil from the gravesite). You might also enjoy the tree of life design available on some websites.

Fingerprint cremation keychains

Some families enjoy purchasing fingerprint jewelry to commemorate the life of the deceased. These personalized pieces are engraved or printed with your loved one's actual fingerprints, which you provide. Fingerprint jewelry comes in a variety of shapes and styles, including necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Additionally, you can also purchase a fingerprint keychain with a hidden compartment for ashes or soil.

Novelty cremation keychains

Perhaps you are looking for a keychain that reflects the deceased's life. For example, you might be interested in a bullet cremation keychain, flask-shaped cremation keychain, or one shaped like a wrench

Search online for a symbol that reflects your loved one's life. If you can't find anything appropriate, consider adding a charm – as they are more widely available than novelty cremation keychains. 

Engraved cremation keychains

Most cremation keychain websites offer engraving for keychains. For example, you could add your loved one's initials, an important date, or a short phrase. Some feel called to engrave a Bible verse that describes the hope of the afterlife or a favorite quote from a musician or poet.  

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Photo cremation keychains

Consider purchasing a pendant with a photo that holds cremated remains. You can use this on a necklace or a keychain. 

Cremation keychains with hidden compartments

If you would rather avoid questions about your specialty cremation keychain, you might find a design that looks like a simple decoration. For example, this pendant could be used as a keychain. Even though it holds cremated remains, others would never know.

Glass keychains

We know that the idea of a glass keychain may seem odd. However, you can hire a glassblower to incorporate some of your loved one's cremated remains in their designs. 

We found a couple of providers of glass-blown keychains that incorporate cremation ash. You'll find them in the final section of the article. 

Pet cremation keychains

If you are grieving the loss of a beloved pet, you might consider putting a small portion of the pet's cremains in a cremation keychain. Pet cremation keychains may be shaped like a paw. You might also consider using a simple vial keychain with a small pet charm.

Please note that although human cremation is only completed one body at a time, you may have to pay an extra fee for single pet cremation. 

How Much Do Cremation Keychains Typically Cost?

Cremation keychains are relatively inexpensive. They start at $30 or $40. However, those who purchase cremation pendants made of precious metal may spend several hundred dollars for the keepsake. 

Most websites offer customization and engraving. This, of course, increases the cost of the item. 

Still, others offer "bulk" cremation keychains. This purchase could be utilized by families who wish to divide the ashes and provide a keychain to multiple family members and friends. Keep in mind that a dozen keychains could be "filled," and you would still have enough cremated remains for scattering or burying.

Many companies that sell cremation jewelry and keychains also include the tools necessary to open and fill the receptacle.

Where Can You Buy Cremation Keychains Online?

Here are some websites that sell cremation keychains. Please understand that there are plenty of websites that sell memorial keychains. However, these online retailers sell keychains that hold a tiny portion of remains, soil, or sand.

Jewelry Keepsakes

This website sells a variety of cremation keychains as well as memorial keychains that don't hold ashes. We also like the paw memorial keychains that act as tiny urns.

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Etsy is a great place to order personalized pieces of jewelry. Many online retailers also sell through Etsy, so it is worth a quick search to see whether it is better to buy directly from the retailer's website or through Etsy.

Everlasting Memories

Everlasting Memories sells fingerprint jewelry, cremation urns, and cremation keychains. Most of their cremation keychains are bullet-shaped. However, they do offer one that holds a photo.

Perfect Memorials

We like the wide variety of charms that are sold through this website. They would make the perfect addition to a simple vial cremation keychain. You can purchase a classic initial, a charm that reflects a hobby, or a colored gem or crystal.

Zelda's Song

Many of the websites we've highlighted offer pet cremation keychains. However, this website specializes in this specialized product. There are five products offered and each cost $55. Those looking for cat charms will want to visit this website.

Forever in My Heart

We like the keychain designs found on Forever in My Heart. They look more like necklace pendants than keychains. Check out the "Always in My Heart" keychain, as well as one that is shaped like a teardrop.

InFusion Glass

InFusion Glass will use a tiny portion of your loved one's remains to create a beautiful piece of glass that can be incorporated into a keychain. While this option doesn't hold "loose" cremation ashes, the swirls in the glass are made from the remains.

Spirit Pieces

Like the previous company on our list, Spirit Pieces also creates memorial glass keychains with cremation ash. 

Other Ways to Remember Your Loved One

Are your loved one's cremation ashes sitting on a shelf in your closet? Honor the memory of your loved one by finding the proper resting place for your loved one's ashes. 

If your religious beliefs allow for it, you might consider scattering your loved one's ashes three nautical miles from shore. You might decide to divide the ashes and use some to create a memorial diamond. You could also scatter some, use some to create a diamond, and keep some in a cremation keychain.

If you are creating an end-of-life plan, consider leaving behind instructions on what you wish to have done with your cremated remains. Families sometimes fight when left to make such decisions for themselves. Make it easy for your next of kin by leaving a plan behind.

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