What Are Memorial Cremation Rocks? Price + Where to Buy


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Has end-of-life planning for yourself or a loved one been on your mind recently? You might be thinking about final disposition options, including cremation.

Cremation has grown in popularity in the US, and many people have turned to creative things they can do with ashes. Cremation rocks and stones offer incredible versatility and relative affordability. 

Our Top Places to Purchase Memorial Cremations

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Below, we’ll discuss the specifics about cremation rocks and other ideas you may want to consider for cremated remains. We’ll also share some popular online stores where you can buy cremation rocks. 

What Are Cremation Rocks?

Cremation rocks, which look like natural rocks from the outside, provide a special place for cremains. Cremation rocks actually come in two different forms: cremation rock urns and cremation stones. Both can offer the perfect place to safeguard your loved one’s remains and keep them close for years to come. 

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Cremation rock urns

Cremation rock urns have a hollow section and serve as a container to store your loved one’s cremains. You probably still want to put your loved one's remains in a secure bag so you can get them out if you choose. 

You can think of cremation rock urns as another type of headstone with a built-in urn. You can put cremation rock urns in a garden or outdoors or put them on a shelf. You can also engrave them with your wording of choice.

Cremation stones

You can also choose to turn your loved one’s ashes into cremation stones. Cremation stones, like those from Parting Stone, transform the full amount of cremains into a polished, clean stone. These stones turn cremains into a welcome accent to any room or living space. You can also share them easily with loved ones.

Another option is to incorporate cremains into glass stones with swirled colors of glass. Glass cremation-art “stones” are often much smaller than cremation rock urns, but they can still look great in a garden. You can carry them with you or place them anywhere around your home. Glass cremation stones also give you a way to share your loved one’s cremains with multiple people.

Other Things You Can Do With Cremains

You may only put a small amount of your loved one’s cremains in memorial cremation rocks. You can use the rest of the cremains in other ways. (For example, you may want to check out these creative urns, or you can scatter the ashes somewhere special.)

If you have leftover cremains, you and your loved ones can share them appropriately. You and your family members may have disagreements over what to do with a loved one’s remains, so don’t forget to learn how to talk to your family about death

Another unique option for leftover cremains is transforming them into a cremation diamond with a service like Eterneva

How to Honor Your Loved One’s Cremains

Cremation rock urns and stones give you an excellent way to honor your loved one, whether the decision of what to do with your loved one’s cremains stays entirely with you or not. You may also want to learn more about honoring a death anniversary

How Long Do Cremains or Ashes Last?

You may wonder how long ashes last after cremation—a valid question, as you may not know what you want to do with cremains at first. The short answer: urns for ashes or cremains can help ashes stay preserved for thousands of years. 

Cremains do not technically biodegrade. However, how much the elements impact your loved one’s remains will also depend on the urn you chose. Some urns, called biodegradable urns, work particularly well for green or natural burials. 

How Does Turning Cremated Ashes into Rocks Work?

As we mentioned above, cremation rock urns may not incorporate the full amount of your loved one’s cremains. Cremation rock urns house cremains, whereas cremation stones turn all of the usable ash material into clean, polished rocks.

To learn more about turning ashes into stones, check out Parting Stone. 

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Do cremation rock urns have to look like normal rocks?

You can choose from limitless cremation rock urn shapes, sizes, and motifs. However, most families opt for natural-looking rocks, according to Memorials.com.

That being said, cremation rock urns can take on just about any form you and your family desire. If something bolder (or boulder) better suits you or your late loved one’s personality, why not get creative?

What else goes into cremation rock urns?

Cremation rock urns offer a hidden, private compartment. This compartment not only safely holds your loved one’s cremains, but it can also be made larger to accommodate other tokens, mementos, and possessions. You may want to include photos, war medals, and religious items in it, as well.

Where Can You Put Cremation Rocks?

Cremation rock urns can withstand the elements. That said, you may still choose to keep it in a safe, sheltered place near your home. Put your cremation rock urn or cremation stone where you feel most comfortable keeping your loved one’s cremains. 

You can also place your cremation rock urn or cremation stone in a cemetery, as long as you check with your cemetery of choice about its policies. Some cemeteries allow cremation rocks to go in an indoor arrangement.

How Much Do Cremation Rocks Cost?

Cremation rock urns and cremation stones can accommodate a variety of budgets. The cost also depends on the materials used, as well as the size, shape, and complexity of the rock. Cremations, particularly direct cremations, offer far more affordability than traditional burials. 

Cremation rock urns usually start at just over $100 but can rise as high as several thousand dollars. Cremation stones cost around $700. 

Below, we’ll share several common retailers where you can purchase quality cremation rocks to honor your loved one.

Where Can You Purchase Cremation Rocks?

Plenty of convenient online retailers sell cremation rock urns and cremation stones. You can also contact a funeral home, crematorium, or place of worship for local options to find cremation rocks made of natural rock materials, metals, plastics, and even glass. 

The cost also depends on whether you purchase something else for your loved one’s cremains, like jewelry or a wearable urn. 


Memorials.com a great resource for all kinds of memorial items, offers cremation rocks, headstones, jewelry, sculptures, and more. The site also features resources about its products to help you make the best decision. 

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Memorial Urns also offers affordable rock options that feature natural limestone blended with real granite. Rock urns also serve as a great option for pet cremains. 


Spirit Pieces offers beautiful glass cremation stones and “sharing stones,” in which you can share your loved one’s cremains with your family members. You can even take some of these stones with you or display them around your home. Most options cost less than $100 or come in value sets.  


Parting Stone offers “a clean alternative to ashes” for both people and pets. Their service solidifies the full amount of ash into clean, stone-like solids. These solid stones serve as a nice accent to any living space and a warm, polished way to keep your loved ones close. Best of all, they're a form of your loved one’s ashes that you can connect with by holding in your hands. 


Perfect Memorials advertises free shipping on orders over $150. However, several of the company’s engravable rock urns fall below this price, at $100 or less. 


Amazon also offers cremation rock urn options. You can even choose from aluminum rocks painted in a more artistic manner to mimic natural granite and marble. 

Choose the Right Cremation Rocks

Many people prefer cremation as a means of final disposition. Check out this guide to how cremation works for more information. 

Once you have a greater understanding of cremation, cremation rock urns and cremation stones may strike you as the best way to honor a loved one. Cremation rock urns and stones, much like headstones or plots, can serve as a tangible reminder of your loved one’s life. 

You might prefer a smaller, more accessible element like a rock over a headstone if you plan to keep it around your home. Rather than placing your loved one in a designated spot, you can move your loved one wherever you want.

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