20+ Beautiful Cross Necklaces for Human or Pet Ashes


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When it comes to cremation jewelry options for a loved one, it's easiest to ask the staff at the funeral home to fill the pendant at the time of cremation. Still, many urn pendants arrive with instructions and a kit should you decided to fill it at home.

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No matter where you are in your search, you’ve come to the right place. But don’t limit yourself to any specific category below. When something speaks to you and will honor your loved one well, it’s always the best choice. 

Feminine Cross Necklaces for Ashes

Look below for some urns for ashes ranging from minimalistic to polished. From white gold to vintage olive wood, you can add enhancements or charms for a more individual look. 

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1. 14k white gold ‘gothic’ style cross

Some companies offer additional choices with your handmade 'gothic' style cross.

Those can include an option of chain styles, engravings, and some colored crystal charms. Choose from your loved one's birthstone, a favorite color, or one that reminds you of their personality.

2. Cross with a rose vine

Three sweet little roses adorn this pendant urn well-suited for a daughter, mother, or grandmother.

Metal options include sterling silver, gold plate, 14k yellow or white gold, or platinum. Options for chain length run from 18” to 24” and come in sterling silver or gold-filled. 

3. Vintage olive wood cross

As an urn pendant, the charm of olive wood lies in its simplicity. Seemingly minimalistic, both the texture or woodgrain and its sturdiness make it beautiful without even trying. If kept unadorned, a simple black cord or rope will accent it nicely.

4. Diamond sash on cross urn

Diamonds form a sash and shimmer across the front of this cross. You'll have additional choices to include a Swarovski crystal, chain lengths, engraving, and themed charms. Enhance the urn with such things as a paw print, an angel's wing, a rose, or a butterfly.

5. Claddagh cross

Claddagh represents love, loyalty, and friendship. When found on a cross, you'll see two hands grasping a heart with an adorning crown.

Several options include the addition of the Celtic Trinity, two-tone gold and silver, black inlay, and additional charms.

6. Silver heart with engraved cross 

Choose from two basic templates where the heart is the background and has a cross design inlaid or a cross with a heart design inlaid. Variations will include crystals, diamonds, and charms. 

Masculine Cross Necklaces for Ashes

The following cross necklaces are suitable for anybody appreciating earthy and functional designs, including those whose occupation requires a more sturdy build. 

7. Artist’s commissioned cross urn

If you'd like a cross in Thor's Hammer's shape or one with similarities to the Oathkeeper from Game of Thrones, find an artist willing to help you on this journey for a one-off piece of cremation art

Commissioning an artist to help you realize your vision is easily accessible and may be cheaper than you think.

8. Dagger or hunter’s cross

Both stainless steel crosses have blunted knifelike shapes. Check out the ones with hearts and skulls, too.

You can choose from various chains and chain lengths, charms, and engravings. It'll work for anyone from the avid outdoorsman to the IT professional. 

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9. Copper rugged cross

This stainless steel with a copper plate cross is suitable for anybody who's lost a loved one. Although the copper casts a rosy hue, the grooved accents keep it understated and masculine. 

10. Black inlay cross

Some designs go from affordable to expensive very quickly. And with metals ranging from steel to platinum, you'll discover a considerable price jump to as much as $2,000. Both offer engraving options as well as shipping discounts to the lower 48 states. 

11. Rustic wood

With a durable hemp rope dyed black, your rustic wooden pendant urn will remain low-key and discreet.

It'll work for anyone concerned about sustainability, and it’s frugal at just over an inch in length. Wear it to honor any loved one, from a partner to a sibling or parent.

12. Large crucifix cross

For a more detailed cross, choose one with a crucifix. With this, your cross will not only commemorate a lost loved one, but it will also venerate Jesus. Options include stainless steel and gold-plating for a two-tone look. 

More Types of Cross Necklaces for Ashes

Crosses don’t have to fit in a specific category; nor does your faith. And the ones listed here will suit any number of needs. So, whether you’re looking for a cross urn for a pet or human, check out this additional selection of necklaces for ashes.

13. Nose print or pawprint cross 

Use an actual nose print or pawprint to honor your furry child. Metal options will be limited to either stainless steel or sterling silver.

You can look for places that offer engravings too. If that’s not available, take it to a local jeweler to engrave it there.

14. Cross variations

The Latin, Patriarchal, and Papal cross each have unequal proportions, as do some of the crosses attributed to saints. Crosses like the Greek and Maltese versions have equal proportions, but they are uncommon, much like the Crusader's cross. 

Manufacturer options may limit your choices, but you can always find an agency or artist to help you design something suitable for your needs.

15. Celtic cross

The Celtic cross invokes the Pagan veneration for the sun, but Christ's dominion over it. Very ornate ones include symbols of the Celtic Trinity, Celtic knots, and more. 

If you’re not satisfied with the options you’ve seen, seek out a jeweler who can help design a more fitting tribute for your loved one.

16. Two-tone dog tag with gold cross

When a loved one’s military career and belief system defined them above all else, choose the shape of a dog tag, but include an engraved cross. If you opt for a two-tone pendant, a gold cross will stand out against a silver dog tag, thereby illuminating one’s faith.

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17. Cubic zirconia cross

CZ sparkles like diamonds but without the price tag, suited for one who always had the room's shiniest personality. Your metal choice may be limited to stainless steel unless you want to have the piece commissioned to expand the options.

18. Modern cross

For something simple and nouveau, look for a cross with a modern appeal. As with most of the cross urn pendants options, stainless steel and sterling silver account for most of the metal options. However, a few places offer gold-plate for a two-tone look.

19. Lord’s prayer bottle with cross

Adorning a vial-shaped bottle is both a cross and the Lord's Prayer. This tarnish-resistant stainless steel vessel comes in your choice of black, rose gold, or gold colorings. You'll also have a selection of necklace lengths to suit anyone's preferred style.

Types of Urn Necklaces for a Child’s Ashes

Below are a few sweet, delicate, and simple options for a child’s ashes plus a few tips on jewelry engraving and getting the best customer service in your search.

20. Angel-shaped cross

Here, the angel head, wings, and garment resemble that of a cross. You may or may not be able to engrave this stainless steel creation.

21. Cross with crystal wings and gold heart

Hypoallergenic, durable, and tarnish resistant are three great attributes to jewelry, especially when you’re holding a precious loved one near your heart. Some places may be able to offer custom engraving. 

Pro-tip: Check with your local jeweler to see if they can accommodate any engravings before you buy the pendant.

22. Carved angel’s wings on cross pendant urn

Angel wings are big in memorial jewelry. That means you’ll have quite a few options from which to choose. When searching online, type in any variation of the urn type then search through the images. 

An easy way to upgrade your cross pendant is with a memorial diamond. This is when you use a service like Eterneva to transform a loved one's ashes or hair into a gorgeous, stunning diamond. By using a specialized pressurization process, it's possible to turn one's ashes into a unique work of wearable art.

Pro-tip: For more personal customer service, choose an online marketplace, and read through the reviews.

23. Porcelain cross

Hand-painted motifs adorn this porcelain cremation necklace. You can work with the artist to see if they will facilitate any design changes, including a name or date. 

Pro-tip: Porcelain is more fragile than metal, so it won’t suit those who are laboring arborists or working in similar physically demanding jobs. 

24. Engraved name on a cross

The simplest of all crosses are engraved with a name only, holding no other adornments or styles. Because they are so simple, you’ll be able to wear them anywhere and for any occasion. 

Pro-tip: To maintain the integrity of your cremation necklace, check the glue holding in the plug. Not all adhesive substances will last forever.

Urns for a Loved One’s Ashes

Hopefully, you've realized that you can have both artistic and functional designs to suit your needs regardless of the categories above. What matters is that you've chosen a pendant that holds meaning for your lost loved one. 

If you'd prefer something more traditional for a loved one's ashes, there have never been more options when it comes to choosing an urn. WIth providers like Foreverence specializing in custom, unique urns, you can find anything to suit your needs. 

There's no right or wrong way to grieve or hold onto a loved one's ashes. From memorial jewelry to custom urns, it's all about finding what works best for you. 


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