How to Buy a Custom Casket: Prices, Types & Where to Buy


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When it comes to final resting places, there are a lot of decisions to make. If you or a loved one opt for a traditional burial, the next step is to select the right casket. With so many types of caskets, this can be an intimidating process. 

While there have never been more options to choose from, sometimes the traditional, classic styles don’t quite fit your specific needs. You might wish to customize the casket, whether you choose a unique style, color, shape, or design. Luckily, anything is possible if you’re willing to search for it. 

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Since most people only purchase a casket after losing their loved one, it’s understandable not to know where to start. In this guide, we’ll share tips for buying a custom casket, how much they’ll cost, and different options you’ll find online and in person. 

We’ll also highlight some of the places that specialize in custom caskets so you can begin your search with confidence. Casket shopping is easier than ever in the digital age. The sky's the limit!

What Is a Custom Casket?

If you’re not familiar with different types of caskets, you might not understand what a custom casket even is. "Casket" is another word for coffin (although a coffin is shaped slightly differently). It's a container designed for burying bodies after death. 

Caskets are designed to house a deceased’s body for burial, typically in the ground or a mausoleum. It brings peace to the bereaved family to know that their loved one is resting comfortably in the afterlife. Traditionally, the family visits a funeral home to see different caskets in person. From there, they choose an existing, ready-made design that’s right for them.

A family might choose a custom casket because they feel that the available ready-made options aren’t the right fit for them. They may be looking for a different size, material, or design. In this case, casket manufacturers or artisans work to create something unique. Though these are more expensive, they allow the family total freedom over the design of their loved one’s final sendoff. 

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How Much Does a Custom Casket Cost?

As you might expect, custom caskets are more costly than traditional caskets. Most caskets come ready-made directly from the manufacturer or funeral home. They don’t have extra embellishments or add-ons. For those looking to find an affordable casket, it’s best to choose something pre-made. 

Ready-made caskets can cost anywhere from $900-$3,000, depending on the material, size, and interior. For a custom casket, you can expect to pay at least $2,000. The cost increases for heavier materials like metal. 

What Are Some Examples of Custom Caskets?

There are no limits to what you can customize on caskets. Options include choosing materials, adding images, and even gold engravings. There are a lot of options to make a loved one’s final sendoff special and unique. 

Here are some common examples of how families customize caskets: 

Oversized Casket

Traditional, standard-sized caskets are designed to fit the majority of adults. Most adults fit these caskets, but there are exceptions. 

If someone is larger than the standard size, they might need a custom oversized casket. These are easy to design with most manufacturers and are not considered a complicated request. Manufacturers can easily adjust existing caskets to fit larger individuals. 

Tip: You can also buy pre-made oversized caskets from retailers and casket manufacturers. 

Printed photo Casket

The casket can be used as a form of remembrance. It has become common to include printed photos in the design of the casket. These could be baby photos, wedding pictures, and family mementos. 

Having these screens printed on the casket's surface helps the family remember the deceased as they were in life. Such a beautiful custom casket can make a big impression at a funeral or graveside service. 

Floral casket

While it’s common to adorn a funeral service with flowers, they wilt and fade quickly. Painting or printing flowers on the surface of the casket ensure their longevity. This touching reminder of life and beauty is a popular customization option.  

Flag Casket

Flags often represent the deceased’s dedication and service to their country. At military funerals in the US, it’s traditional to drape a flag over the casket. Then the flag is ceremoniously folded and presented to the family. 

For a lasting tribute to the deceased’s service, customize the casket with flag designs or prints. 

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Solid bronze casket

There are few caskets quite as legendary as the Promethean casket. This solid bronze casket is a shining example of one of the most expensive, glamorous custom caskets you can find on the market. 

This casket was famously customized for Aretha Franklin and James Brown’s funerals. The Batesville Casket Company will gladly customize a solid bronze casket for you or your loved one for the starting price of $24,000. 

Tip: If you don't want to spring for solid bronze, you can find bronze-finished caskets pre-made

Sports themed casket

Many people have a beloved sports team, and that powerful fandom can leave a legacy. It’s possible to honor someone’s passion for their favorite players and team with a sports-themed casket. 

Design your loved one’s casket with team colors, logos, and numbers. This option is a fan favorite for good reason!

Wood-carved casket

For a twist on the traditional casket style, it’s common to commission a custom wood casket. Many cultures throughout history have used wooden caskets to bury their deceased loved ones. The natural simplicity of a beautiful, classic wooden casket is a perfect choice for many.

Elevate a simple wooden casket by hiring someone to engrave it. Woodcarvers and designers create stunning, eye-catching designs on wooden caskets. From wooden flowers to custom stains, there are so many possibilities for creating something unique. 

Custom “green” casket

Eco-friendly burials are rising in popularity. This requires the body to have a green burial encasement, whether it’s a casket or a shroud. 

Green burials use biodegradable materials. This includes hemp, bamboo, wood, paper mache, wicker, and even fabric. These caskets are highly customizable, with custom colors, shapes, and styles. 

Bonus: They are also typically the most affordable option. 

Where Can You Buy a Made-to-Order Casket?

Whether you’re looking for a fantasy coffin or something inspired by nature, there are so many places to find what you’re looking for. While your funeral home is a great resource, you’ll have more options if you expand your search. 

Sky Caskets

Sky Casket is a casket manufacturer that specializes in low-cost casket prices. Though they’re mainly known for their ready-made options, they also offer personalization if you contact them directly. They can print designs on both the exterior and interior of the casket. 

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Titan Caskets

Another well-known manufacturer of caskets is Titan Caskets. These caskets are all built locally in the United States, so it’s easy for them to create custom pieces for customers. They can customize wooden and metal caskets at a competitive price.

Casket Wraps

An alternative to a fully customized casket is to use a casket wrap. These are designed wraps that will save you some money. Once printed, they are wrapped around the exterior of the casket. They permanently attach to the casket and display your chosen design. 

At Casket Wraps, you can choose a design that honors your loved one or create your own. Wraps start at $699.

Fast Caskets

As the name implies, Fast Caskets specializes in custom caskets with a quick turnaround time. Their website makes it simple to select the specific type of personalization you want, whether you want a custom head panel, throw blanket, interior, or paint color. 

Customizations can be added to any of their existing caskets to make something unique to your family. Because you can pick the specific customizations, there’s also a lot of flexibility in the price. 


At first glance, it might strike you as weird to shop for a casket on Etsy. We think you’ll be surprised by their selection of thoughtful, handmade decorations. 

Etsy has a limited selection of full-sized human caskets (we like this one), but it has many easy design add-ons to add a personal touch to a ready-made casket.

Caskets by Design

Caskets by Design specializes in handmade wooden caskets. These are available in everything from simple wooden boxes to complex, elegant hardwoods. 

You have full control over the design and style of the casket, from the lid ship to the stains and liners. Though they’re handmade in the United States, these caskets start at only $799. 

Dancing Rabbit

Dancing Rabbit is an eco-friendly, sustainable village located in the United States that offers green, biodegradable caskets. They offer a wide range of customizations. 

Their wooden caskets can be customized with hand-carvings, symbols, handmade mattresses, and more. They start at $887 and are created with the planet’s health in mind. 

Make the Perfect Casket 

When it comes to the ideal final resting place, sometimes we need a bit of customization to get just what we’re looking for. Since this is a large part of our legacy and our family’s goodbye, it only makes sense to choose a casket that’s uniquely you. 

While it’s true that there are endless options for ready-made caskets nowadays, it’s also important to recognize when you need something special. You might be surprised by how much a casket can be customized to tell a story. 

There is no such thing as the status quo when it comes to laying someone to rest. Follow your heart in choosing a casket that’s meaningful to you.

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