Custom Pet Urns Explained: Cost, Process & Types


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Pets are members of the family. Though they’re only with us for a short while, their impact is profound and everlasting. As such, it’s important for many pet owners to feel like their pets are kept close even after they pass. 

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An urn is a powerful way to honor your beloved companion. Keeping your pet’s ashes close in an urn allows you to hold onto a part of them, honoring their memory each day. 

While you can find so many urns online, this might not feel right, depending on your specific pet. You might wish to take additional steps to create a unique urn that honors your pet in a special way. Luckily, finding custom pet urns has never been easier. 

In this guide, we’ll explore custom pet urns. From the cost, process, and different types available, we’ll share everything you need to know if you wish to customize or personalize your urn for your dog, cat, or another beloved animal friend. 

What’s a Custom Pet Urn?

A custom pet urn is just that—an urn that’s specifically designed for you. Custom pet urns capture your dog or cat’s unique personality, memories, and legacy. Just as no pet is the same as the next, you shouldn’t have to settle for an urn that doesn’t live up to your memory of Fido. 

Because pet urns are usually smaller than human urns, it’s easier to find custom urns at a price that suits all budgets. There are also different types of customization options. Most customizations include some (or all) of the following:

  • Engravings
  • Artwork
  • Depictions of your pet
  • Breed-specific imagery
  • Poems, prayers, or messaging
  • Your pet’s name

You can customize as little or as much as you want, and many people appreciate having this freedom to express what their pet meant to them. Our pets fill our lives with love and meaning. These emotions don’t end once they’ve passed over the rainbow bridge into the afterlife.

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What pets can be honored?

There are no limits to the type of pets that can be honored with a pet urn. You can find personalization and customization options for all species, breeds, and types. Some of the most common pet urns are designed for:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Horses
  • Birds
  • Guinea pigs
  • Hampsters

If it can be cremated, odds are you can find an urn for it. Even for pets that are buried, there are figurines and mementos that can be personalized to honor the pet’s memory. No matter how big or small your pet was, their life had meaning and deserves to be recognized. 

How Much Do Custom Pet Urns Normally Cost?

Another common question is how much does an urn cost. Compared to human urns, pet urns are typically more affordable. They’re usually smaller in size and can cost significantly less. Most pet urns are around $25-$300 depending on a variety of factors like:

  • Size
  • Material
  • Design
  • Customization
  • Engravings

A fully customized pet urn will likely cost more. While some sellers include basic engraving or personalization in the price, you can expect to pay anywhere from $10-$200 extra for something truly personalized. 

Still, compared to other types of memorialization, pet urns are a very affordable way to honor your furry friend. Most urns for ashes cost less than a burial or casket, so you can rest easy knowing you’ve chosen something budget-conscious. 

What’s the Buying and Design Process?

The process of buying and designing a personalized pet urn is very similar to designing and personalizing a human urn. The more familiar you are with what to expect, the better equipped you’ll be to handle each stage. 

Because most people don’t buy urns frequently (if at all), it’s understandable to be a bit confused and intimidated when you start this process. Don’t feel any pressure to rush through the steps. Your pet’s ashes can always rest in a safe, secure temporary urn until you receive the final one. 

Step 1. Decide what to do with the ashes

The first step is to decide what you plan to do with the ashes. There’s no one-size-fits-all choice. You might keep them in a traditional urn, distribute them, or do any number of things. You’ll want to know your plan for the ashes before purchasing an urn so you can get the right size. 

Some of the most common ways to honor a pet’s ashes are:

  • Scatter the ashes
  • Distribute the ashes amongst loved ones
  • Bury the ashes
  • Store the ashes in a mausoleum
  • Keep the ashes at home in an urn

If you plan to scatter or distribute a portion of the ashes, you might only need a small urn. These are known as keepsake urns, and they’re designed for only a small sample of ashes. Otherwise, you’ll want to pay close attention to the size of the urn to ensure it suits your needs. 

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Step 2. Explore different urn designs and materials

Your next step is to learn more about different types of dog and cat urns. A quick online search will introduce you to a large selection of options, so start paying close attention to the ones that stand out to you. 

Again, there is no right or wrong choice. With so many online retailers, creator marketplaces, and in-person options, you’re sure to find something that captures your eye. The crematorium handling your pet’s cremation might also be a great source for more information. 

Step 3. Choose your urn provider

It’s time to choose your urn provider. Once you have an understanding of what you want, it’s time to purchase the urn from a retailer. This can be an online provider, in-person seller, or local crafter. 

Be clear about any customizations. If you’re getting anything engraved, have it ready to go and spelled properly so there’s no confusion. Always check and double-check to make sure there are no typos, errors, or other mistakes. 

Step 4. Wait for your urn

A custom urn will have a greater turn-around time compared to one that’s ready-to-go. You’ll need to wait upwards of a few business days to several weeks for your urn to be complete. From there, all that’s left to do is wait. 

In the meantime, keep your pet’s ashes secure in a temporary urn. This can be the container you received from the crematorium, a bag, box, or jar. Store the ashes somewhere dry and away from the elements. 

Once your new urn arrives, transform the ashes carefully to the new urn. You’re now free to keep your new urn somewhere safe, preferably somewhere you’ll see it every day. You might also want to keep it next to a photo of your pet or other mementos. 

Where Can You Buy Custom Pet Urns Online?

There are a lot of online sources for pet urns nowadays. Today is the golden age of online shopping, and customizable pet urns are no exception. While you can also shop at your local funeral home or crematorium, here are some of the many options for finding a custom pet urn online. 

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Online retailers

There’s an online retailer for just about anything in today’s world, even urns. These providers below have a selection of cremation urns specifically for pets that allow customization and personalization:

  • Foreverence: Foreverence offers the most in terms of customization for your beloved pet. With custom 3D printed designs, there are no limits to what you can create. 
  • Modern Memorials: Modern Memorials offers a variety of urns to honor your dog, cat, bird, and so on. All urns can be customized with a personalized engraved plate.
  • Perfect Memorials: Similarly, Perfect Memorials has urns that are engravable with images, names, symbols, and more.
  • One World Memorials: Lastly, One World Memorials has engravable urns in all shapes and sizes, and they offer fast turn-around time.

Online artists

You can also discover independent artists online who create custom pet urns. These might range from small engravings and personalizations to full-blown pet portraits. 

While you can find individual websites and social media profiles, you can also use the online marketplace Etsy. The online creator marketplace has a number of artists who specialize in pet urns, and there are no limits to what you can find. 

Online auction sites

Last but not least, you’ll also find custom pet urns at online auction websites. Places like eBay and so on have pet urns, typically created by craftsmen, and these can be customized as you wish. 

That being said, make sure you check sizes, materials, and so on whenever you purchase from an auction website. You’ll need to make sure it’s suitable for your pet’s ashes.

Honor Your Unique Pet

A custom pet urn symbolizes your pet’s legacy and your shared memories. Just as your memories are dynamic and unique, your pet’s urn should be as well. Choosing an urn that’s meaningful to you is a powerful form of remembrance, and it can help soothe the feelings of grief after a loss. 

How do you keep your beloved pet close? From custom urns to mementos, there are so many unique ways to honor the ones you love—pets included. 


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