35+ Short Death Anniversary Cake Messages


Death anniversary cakes are used in some cultures to acknowledge a death anniversary. You can place quotes about death, simple messages, and phrases on top of the cake to honor a loved one. 

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The most common death anniversaries celebrated are one-year, five-year, and 10-year death anniversaries. If you’re planning to make or order a cake in honor of a loved one’s death anniversary, be sure to choose a cake decoration and message that honors their life, memory, and legacy.

Traditional Death Anniversary Cake Messages

Here are several short, traditional messages you might find on a death anniversary cake.

1. We miss you.

This is a short and simple statement that says it all. Pair this with a picture of your loved one or their name on the cake to make it complete.

2. Five years in heaven.

When you celebrate a person’s death anniversary, consider marking how much time has gone by. This can be especially meaningful on major anniversaries such as one-year, five-year, and 10-year anniversaries.

3. Gone but not forgotten.

This statement is short but deeply profound. No matter how long your loved one has been gone, their memory will never be forgotten. And, as long as they are remembered, their life and legacy will live on.

4. Greatly loved, greatly missed.

Our loved ones are never really absent from our lives so long as they are remembered. The love you have for your daughter will never go away, and you might find that you miss them more as the days go by.

5. In remembrance of [name].

This is a short statement that fits well on any cake design, from a large sheet cake to a small round cake to a cross or heart. If there’s room, consider adding your daughter’s dates to the cake, as well.

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Death Anniversary Cake Messages for a Father or Father-in-Law

If you’re unsure of what to say on a death anniversary cake, consider these options for a father-in-law.

6. We miss you, Dad.

This simple statement says a lot, no matter how many years your father or father-in-law has been gone. Those we love the most will always be missed the greatest, and their relationship, friendship, and love will live on in our hearts.

7. In remembrance of our dear Father and friend.

Did you and your siblings share a special connection with your father? Was he both father and friend? If so, consider a message like this for the anniversary cake.

8. Always in our thoughts, forever in our hearts.

No matter how long your dad has been gone, you will always carry his memory with you. This message is a tribute to keeping him with you forever, no matter how much time has passed.

9. You’ll always be with us.

When you love someone, they’re always with you, even if they’re with you in memory only. Keep the memory of your dad with you and remind yourself of his presence with a message like this.

10. Jerry A. Haynes. Dearly loved. 19452019

This is simple yet profound. This inscription can be placed on any size anniversary cake, from a large sheet cake to a smaller round cake to a shaped cake such as a cross or heart.

Death Anniversary Cake Messages for a Mother or Mother-in-Law

Honor the love and memory of your mom or mother-in-law with these messages to go on top of her death anniversary cake.

11. In memory of our mom, cheerleader, and friend.

What will you always remember your mom for? Did she come to every sporting event, contest, and major event in your life? Did you enjoy a special relationship with her and enjoy spending time together sharing the big and little things of life? Honor that relationship with a message like this.

12. Happy birthday in heaven, Mom.

If you know your mom is in a better place, a message like this could be just the reminder you need during her death anniversary. Losing a parent is never easy, but being reminded that she is in a good place can certainly bring some encouragement.

13. Another year in heaven, another year missed.

No matter how long your mom has been gone, a message like this pays tribute to the reality that time doesn’t minimize how much you miss her. Celebrate her legacy and her love when you have this message placed on the cake.

14. Always remembered, ever near.

When those we love leave the world, they stay near us as we keep their love and memory close. Celebrate your mom and remind yourself of just how near she is to you with this message.

15. Always in our hearts.

This is short and simple but very true. The ones you love, like your mom, will always be in your heart no matter how much time has passed since they’ve no longer been with you. As long as you carry her memory, she will always be present with you.

Death Anniversary Cake Messages for a Sibling or Step-Sibling

Remember the love and friendship you shared with these cake messages for a sibling’s death anniversary.

16. Missing my sister and my friend.

Did you and your sister share a special relationship? Was your relationship that of siblings and of friends? Celebrate this bond with a message that pays tribute to your sister’s place in your life as sibling and friend.

17. Happy birthday in heaven to my other half.

If you’re missing your twin, celebrate your special connection with a message like this on their cake. Remember that you always carry them with you inside, and they’re never far away. 

18. Wish you were here.

It’s not easy to lose a sibling. They were someone you could always depend on to pick up the phone, go places with you, get you into trouble, then get you out of it. Siblings are special, and doing life without them certainly may not feel the same. If this is true for you, place a message like this on their cake.

19. Thinking of you today and always.

Your sibling will never be far from your thoughts. A message like this says that you’re always thinking of them.

20. We may not see you, but you’re always near.

Your sibling may not be physically present with you, but their influence and legacy can live on. Remembering things they said, the ways they would act, and how they encouraged you in life keeps their spirit alive.

Death Anniversary Cake Messages for a Partner or Spouse

Losing a partner or spouse is a difficult adjustment. Honor the important role they played in your life with these cake messages.

21. Death made us part, but you are always in my heart.

In most wedding vows, a couple recites the promise that they will love “till death do us part.” However, most couples find that though death can create a physical separation, it cannot stop the love they had for their other half.

22. I’ll always carry your love with me.

No matter how long your spouse or partner has been gone, you can still carry their love with you. They’re never far away when a picture, a memory, or a gesture makes you think of them and brings a smile to your face.

23. There’s not a day that I don’t miss your smile.

What did you love most about your spouse? Was it their smile that lit up a room? Perhaps it was the way their eyes sparkled, or their laughter rang out. Pay tribute to the small things that make you love them all the more with a message like this.

24. So very loved, so very missed.

Though time might make the pain less intense, you might find that you miss your spouse more as the days, months, and years go by. If this is true of you, consider writing a message like this on their death anniversary cake.

25. In remembrance of my dearest friend, partner, and spouse.

This is short and simple but pays tribute to the fact that your spouse was more than a partner in marriage; they were your partner in life. 

Death Anniversary Cake Messages for a Friend

Here are several cake messages that are appropriate for the death anniversary of a close friend.

26. Her smile lit up the world.

What was special about your friend? Could they always make you laugh or smile during a hard day? Were they excellent listeners? Consider paying tribute to what made them special with a message like this on a death anniversary cake.

27. In remembrance of my best friend.

This is a short message that can go on any size cake, making it ideal if you are honoring the memory of your friend on your own or with a few other close friends.

28. A kind heart, a loving soul.

Consider paying tribute to their best qualities and attributes with a message like this. 

29. Friend to one, friend to all.

Was your friend the type to be friends with everyone? If so, this message will pay tribute to their legacy.

30. Always in my thoughts.

So long as your friend is in your thoughts, they’ll always be with you.

Funny Death Anniversary Cake Messages

Death is no laughing matter, but you might be celebrating someone who had a funny streak or was particularly amused by pulling jokes on other people. Maybe you’re celebrating someone who would love getting a laugh out of the message on their cake. If so, then these options could be appropriate.

31. Under the hill.

They’re not over the hill anymore; they’re under it.

32. Gone fishing.

Did your loved one go fishing for days before they returned? Pay tribute to their love of the sport with this message.

33. Gone but not forgotten. Who is this for, again?

Was your loved one a real jokester? Pay tribute to their funny streak with this message.

34. We’ll save you a piece.

It might be a while before you can give it to them, but go ahead and save them a piece of cake, anyway.

35. Livin’ it up.

Is your loved one up in heaven? They’re sure to be living it up, free of the illnesses, stress, and headaches that come part and parcel with life.

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Bonus: Death Anniversary Cake Topper Ideas

In addition to sayings that bakers can write on top of a cake, you can utilize cake toppers. Some toppers are part of the cake, some are placed onto the cake, and others are decorative pieces that can be removed before cutting it.

36. Top the cake with their photograph

Bakers can create a print of your loved one from a photograph and place it on the cake. Just be sure to remove it before cutting the cake.

37. Gone but not forgotten topper

This is a simple topper that looks like a wedding topper.

38. Ribbon with their name

Ask the baker to create a memorial ribbon with your loved one’s name on it.

Remembering and Celebrating Your Loved One

Though not everyone will make or order a cake to mark a loved one’s death anniversary, it can be a good way to take the emphasis off of mourning and instead celebrate their life and legacy. Choose a message that you think your loved one would have enjoyed seeing and celebrate all the ways they contributed to making your world a better place.


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