How to Permanently Delete an Airbnb Account


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Being a frequent traveler comes with all sorts of different tips and tricks to make the most out of a long trip. In the past few years, lots of people have stretched out their dollars or enriched an existing trip by renting out a lived-in apartment via Airbnb. The digital search and rent service Airbnb offers an interesting and useful way to rent whole apartments, rooms, or even a whole house owned by another person. But sometimes, it comes time to delete your Airbnb account.

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Even with some great features, you may come to a point where you wish to delete your Airbnb account. You also may have a friend or family member who was active on Airbnb who passes away, and you want to know how to delete their account.

Managing your digital assets after death can be a complex endeavor, so a quick, clear account deletion can save you time.

How to Permanently Delete Your Own Airbnb Account

Like with many online services, Airbnb encourages users who wish to take a break to deactivate rather than delete their Airbnb account. This option is less permanent and can be reversed at any time.

If you are still on the fence about deleting your Airbnb account, consider starting with their deactivate option. Deletion is a bit more rigorous of a process and requires contact with the company representatives directly, but it’s not impossible.

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Visit the ‘Contact Us’ page

When deleting your Airbnb account, you’ll want to start the process through their Contact Us page. There is no option currently to delete your account on your own through settings alone.

You will need to be signed in to your Airbnb account when you begin this process.

Select the appropriate path

The Contact Us page starts with options for you to narrow down your needs with the company. The first selection to make is “My Airbnb Account” if you are interested in deleting your account.

After that selection, pick “Update or Remove Account.”

Your particular circumstances might require a specific selection in the third tier. They include options including “Remove a duplicate account” and “Unlink social media,” which might be what you want to do. These options may solve your particular concern.

However, the most generic option for getting rid of your account would be “Delete or Deactivate My Account.” Click that option.

Click through to request deletion

Airbnb will then offer you the option of “Deactivating Your Account.” This option hides your listings and makes you unable to make bookings, but your account still exists if you choose to come back.

If you actually want to delete your account, you’ll need to click the small link at the bottom of the page that reads “I still need help.”

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Call or email Airbnb your deletion request

Once you’ve selected “I still need help,” click on “Chat us” or “Message Us” or “Call us.” The options listed will be different depending on what time of day or week that you make this request. These contact methods will allow you to request a full deletion rather than a deactivation.

Explain that you want your account deleted and your data removed from the site, as much as they can do so. Many companies must retain a small amount of information about you, but they can anonymize it for their required legal reporting.

An Airbnb representative should be able to contact you with the results of your request. Once they confirm with you, your account will be deleted.

The conclusion of the process should be that last communication from Airbnb. This is, of course, unless they request any further information from you.

How to Delete a Deceased Loved One’s Airbnb Account

If you co-hosted or used a joint Airbnb account with your deceased loved one, you can use the procedures above to delete the account yourself. But if the account is not under your control, you’ll first want to start by contacting Airbnb to explain the circumstances.

While a friend or family member may help you, the best person to be in charge of this contact is a next-of-kin or administrator of the estate. Airbnb is most likely to respond and make the changes for someone who is authorized to be managing the individual’s digital legacy. If you need more help deciding the key tasks to do after a loved one's death, use our post-loss checklist as a guide. You don't have to make these decisions alone. 

Contact Airbnb’s help department

Start by contacting Airbnb through your own account if you have one since much of the Airbnb help center is unavailable until you are logged in.

The “Contact Us” page doesn’t appear until after they offer you a variety of other options. If you select “it’s something else” at the bottom of each selection page, you will receive the options to message, chat, or call the Help department. There is no specific option listed for this particular circumstance, so speaking with a representative can be the best path forward.

Two phone numbers offered on this page include +1-415-800-5959 and the toll-free number +1-855-424-7262. Getting access to these numbers is difficult if you don’t personally have an Airbnb account. It may be worth keeping these handy to try calling in if you don’t have an Airbnb account from which to contact them.

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Share documentation that allows you to close the account

Once you message, chat, or call Airbnb, explain the situation. You should include your relationship to the deceased and what you want to accomplish.

For instance, the Airbnb account may have pending payments that are now owed to the estate of the deceased. In such a case, you may be requesting a payout on top of closing the account.

With your identity verified and the death of the individual verified, Airbnb can close the account for you. If they request additional information or documentation, make sure to provide it quickly.

Airbnb Exit Strategy

Even if an Airbnb account served you well in the past, it is completely fine to choose to move on. However, it can be more trouble to simply leave unused accounts floating around on the Internet without keeping an eye on them.

If your loved one used Airbnb but has passed away, it is wise to delete such an account. You are protecting your loved one’s name and information from potential data breaches or hackers in the future.

Deleting your unused Airbnb account is one of many parts in cleaning up and putting your digital legacy in order. To start making your accounts easier to manage, you might consider consolidating to a single password manager.

Such a secure storage location can make the process of closing unused accounts after death much easier and faster for your loved ones. You also might want to do other overall tasks that allow you to start end-of-life planning in earnest.

If you're looking to delete more accounts for a deceased loved one, read our guides on deleting eBay accounts, deleting Skype accounts, and deleting Uber accounts.


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