How to Permanently Delete a Blizzard Account


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Blizzard Entertainment created or owns several video game classics from the past couple of decades. These include the Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo series. One important group of products is Blizzard's subscription-based games. Instead of purchasing a license for the game outright, you pay a monthly fee to play online.

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Perhaps you’re losing interest in the games or simply want to free up some gaming time for other pursuits. Deleting your Blizzard account is one way to symbolically and practically close the door on that era of your life. 

You also may know an avid gamer who has passed away without closing their Blizzard account. You may want to close down their account after death to streamline and simplify their digital legacy. We have the resources here for anyone trying to close or delete a Blizzard account.

How to Delete Your Blizzard Account

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Blizzard refers to the process of deletion by saying you can “delete all personal information” from your account. This accomplishes the goal of deletion, even if it’s called something else.

Such a request deletes your name, payment methods, and all security and contact information. These items tend to be the most important things to remove from a canceled account anyway.

Here's how to delete your Blizzard account:

  • Evaluate what will be lost when you make the request.
  • Send Blizzard a request to delete the account.
  • Wait the 30 days for confirmation.

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Evaluate what will be lost when you make the request

Blizzard has some products that must be associated with an account and other, older products that may or may not be connected. Perhaps you want to make sure you can still play an older game but don't want to be tempted by dozens of games every day.

Before you wipe your personal information away, recognize that all game information and purchased games will be erased. That is, all the games that are connected to your Blizzard account will be deactivated.

This process also deletes game products, in-game purchases, Blizzard Balance, and even your communication with customer support. Make sure you’re ready for this when you choose to delete all your personal information.

Send Blizzard a request to delete the account

Blizzard has a form you can use to request that your personal information be deleted. There may be a verification step where you're asked to send a scan of your government ID to confirm that you are the account owner.

Through this effort, you give Blizzard all they need to remove your personal information.

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Wait the 30 days for confirmation

The company may start the deletion of your information immediately. They might also take up to 30 days. Unlike other companies that give you a "cooling-off" period to see if you might come back, Blizzard may delete your information at any point in those 30 days.

After 30 days, you can look to see whether your account is cleared of information. You can submit a follow-up request if you still have concerns.

Be aware, though, that Blizzard doesn’t honor requests to reinstate accounts. Once the information has been deleted, it's a permanent choice. That's all the more reason to be sure you're ready to delete your Blizzard data before you start the process.

How to Delete a Blizzard Account for a Loved One Who Has Died

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If your loved one has a Blizzard account that you know about, you might be able to use the above process. Deleting their accounts is a common step in our post-loss checklist, so it's important to determine whether you have access to your loved one's account with the steps below. 

Many people share some information with those they trust who could help you submit the request. If you need additional help from Blizzard to get the account deleted, here are some suggestions for how to proceed. Blizzard is likely to work with you on this situation, even if it takes a little while.

Tip: You can continue a loved one's digital legacy with a virtual memorial on a platform like GatheringUs. They even have specialists who can guide and support you through the planning process.

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Use the contact form

Blizzard understands that some accounts have ongoing subscriptions. With the right information, they can help you cancel an account for a deceased loved one. Your interest in stopping a recurring payment is very understandable and should be addressed.

Contact them through their contact form. They suggest offering as much information as possible to locate the account in question. This might include the preferred payment method or the email address associated with the account.

You could also mention games on the account or potential usernames if you know them. Any information you include should be focused on proving your relationship and clarifying whose account you are attempting to close.

Share any needed verifications

A Blizzard representative may realize they need more information. For instance, they may need to know who you are in relation to the deceased account owner.

They may also need verification of the death of your loved one. While getting a request for more information can be frustrating, respond quickly. Your cooperation makes it easier for them to resolve your request.

If they do contact you, share as much clear information as possible to get the issues resolved promptly. Their team simply wishes to confirm that you’re the right person to make this call and that your loved one has passed away.

Breaking Free From Your Blizzard Account

There are wonderful things about video games—teamwork, entertainment, escaping the daily grind. At the same time, there sometimes comes a moment where quitting cold turkey is the best path forward. Deleting your account helps you commit to using your time for other activities. 

There’s also the side benefit of streamlining your digital legacy. Less of your personal information will be floating around out on the internet susceptible to data breaches. 

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