How to Delete a CafePress Account: Step-By-Step


You may be taking care of a loved one’s CafePress account who has passed away recently, or perhaps you are no longer using CafePress to sell art. Many times when a loved one dies, a trusted family member or friend will have to tie up loose ends and close any accounts on the behalf of the user.  

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These types of tasks tend to fall under executor duties, which are the things people manage on behalf of someone else when they die. An appointed loved one can help settle an estate by closing bank accounts, paying off debts, and distributing any property to beneficiaries, among other things. If your loved one was a budding artist or running a small business printing things on varied materials, they may have had a CafePress account. If you have to close down the account, keep reading to learn how. 

How to Delete Your Own CafePress Account

Are you looking to delete your CafePress account? Or maybe you’re no longer interested in utilizing your CafePress account. The following steps will tell you how to delete your CafePress account. You can also find additional information and support by heading over to CafePress’ website.

CafePress is an online print-on-demand site that lets you upload your designs and have them printed on loads of different things like tote bags, mugs, t-shirts, and other materials. You can buy in different quantities and sizes – they offer a wide variety of options for users. Read the below steps if you’re ready to delete your CafePress account 

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Step 1: Log in to the CafePress website 

The first step is to make your way to your account, which can be located by visiting their website and logging in. You will want to log in with your account credentials, like your account username and password.

Step 2: Go to your account settings

Head to your account settings page, which should be located in the top right corner of your screen. Click to have your account profile pop up. You’ll see information such as your member number, the option to edit your information, and the ability to change your password.

Step 3: Close your account

At the bottom of your account settings page, under your information, there will be a link that says “Close My Account.” The page will show a form asking for your reasons for the cancellation. Fill it out however you’d like and then select the green button “Close Account” at the bottom. Keep in mind that CafePress will retain some information related to your account on the website for a while. To delete all your information, you will have to contact Customer Service.

Step 4: Check email for verification link

After clicking the close account button, CafePress will automatically generate an email with a verification link to make sure that you want to cancel your account. Click on the link provided in the email, which will send you to a new page saying that your account has been permanently deleted.

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Additional help to delete your account

An alternative option is to contact the CafePress customer service team. Head to their contact page to email or call their customer service team directly. Make sure to supply their team with your most recent account details, including your account username and your current password. They will help you to navigate your way around the CafePress deactivation process.

Once your CafePress account is deleted, you’ll still have the option to create a new one. You can also put in a request to receive a confirmation email with the modifications to the email you provided on your account.

How to Delete a Deceased Loved One’s CafePress Account

This section may be helpful if your deceased loved one had a CafePress account that you’re looking to cancel on their behalf. Below are a few easy steps and options to cancel your loved one’s CafePress account. Once their account is canceled, it will no longer be available online. This modification to their account will be processed online immediately. 

Step 1: Follow the listed steps above

Much like the steps listed previously, you can head over to review your loved one’s CafePress account to see what is needed. You can find this information about your loved one’s CafePress account by going online to their official website.

Step 2: Find more support through CafePress

By reaching out to CafePress’ customer service you can find additional support to help you through the cancellation of your loved one’s account.

Before deleting your loved one’s CafePress account, you will want to make sure you have their account information handy. One way to check is to see if they have a password manager. Your loved one may have downloaded a password manager app on their phone or have relevant account information listed in their end-of-life documents. 

If you decide to call CafePress customer service, they will ask that you give them the deceased’s account information, including account data like the associated password and email address. You will want to double-check whether or not you will need to send along a copy of their death certificate if your loved one ran a shop on CafePress.

Regardless, it is worthwhile to have their death certificate handy to manage the cancellation of other financial accounts and other important digital accounts. It’s easy to learn more about getting your loved one's death certificate or finding out more about your death certificate for future end-of-life planning.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Deleting a CafePress Account

You may have created a CafePress account because it was an easy way to print things online. CafePress, like other printing companies, offers users the opportunity to print on mugs, clothes, banners, blankets, wall art, and more. Keep on reading to discover more answers to frequently asked questions regarding your CafePress account.

Can you delete a CafePress account without a password?

To delete your CafePress account you will need the password you used to create the account. If you forgot your password, you can reset it through the CafePress website. When attempting to log in, you can select “forgot password” in the login box, which will then prompt CafePress to send a link to your email. The link provided in the email will jumpstart the reset process.

What happens when you delete a CafePress account?

Once you delete your account it will be taken off the CafePress website. You will no longer be charged or have access to the account. However, there may be some additional information linked to your account that may stay on the website. If you want to delete all your account information, you may want to contact customer service.

How soon will my CafePress account be canceled?

After updating your CafePress account, the modification will be processed immediately. You can always create a new account or restart your account.

Deleting Your CafePress Account Can Be Simple 

Whether you’re canceling your CafePress account or your loved one’s account, efficiently taking care of these tasks can provide more time and energy back to focus on other things. Once you decide that it’s time to pause, cancel or delete your account, it’s best to go ahead and do so. You can dodge any potentially fraudulent activity, previously scheduled charges, or unwanted notifications by staying present with your CafePress account. 

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