How to Permanently Delete a Account


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Eventually, you may no longer have use for yours. Or a loved one may have had their own account, but they’ve since died.

This guide will explain how to delete a account in both of these scenarios. That said, if you’re starting the end-of-life planning process, you may want to gather the login information and other relevant info for all your loved one’s online accounts while doing so.

Although deleting a account for a loved one after they’ve died isn’t very difficult, it’s definitely much less challenging when you have all their information on hand from the start.

How to Delete Your Own Account

Deleting your account is relatively simple. All you have to do is follow these basic steps:

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Step 1: Log in specifically advises logging into your account from a desktop computer. 

Step 2: Open ‘Account Settings’

On the top right of your account page you’ll find a drop-down menu. Select it, then select “Account Settings.”

Step 3: Choose ‘Membership Information’

On the Account Settings page, scroll down to the section on “Membership Information.” You’ll see a link that reads “Close Account.” Click on it.

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Step 4: Choose your reason will prompt you to choose a reason for closing your account. Select the applicable reason, click “Continue,” and you’re all set!

How to Delete a Deceased Loved One’s Account

The steps involved in deleting a account for a deceased loved one can vary depending on your specific circumstances. Thus, the following isn’t a list of steps, so much as a list of two different ways to handle this particular task that may be among your executor duties.

Deleting these accounts can be a chore, but it's an important way to protect your loved one's identity. For more tips and next steps, follow our comprehensive post-loss checklist

Option 1: Start the account under your name

Planning ahead often makes handling a loved one’s digital assets after their death much easier than it might otherwise be.

In many instances, it makes sense that a person in need of a caregiver would entrust a loved one to manage their account. For example, maybe you’re arranging care for an elderly and ill parent. In this situation, it would be more appropriate for the account to be under your name anyway.

Thus, when your loved one dies, you won’t need to take any special steps to delete the account. All you’ll have to do is follow the steps above. Or if a loved one wishes to make the account under their name, they might still be willing to provide you with their login info. That’s all you’ll need to delete their account after they pass.

Option 2: Reach out to directly

There may still be instances when you need to delete someone else’s account after they die and you won’t have the login info. For example, perhaps your spouse created a account to arrange care for their elderly parents, but your spouse suddenly died, leaving you responsible for managing their digital afterlife.

In these circumstances,’s customer service team suggests reaching out to them directly and explaining the situation. You’ll need certain information and documentation. This includes the email associated with the account, as well as documentation proving your loved one has died and you’re the executor or administrator of their estate. 

Tip: When creating online accounts, you should also consider using a password manager to ensure you never lose track of your login info. This type of tool can be particularly useful when you’re trying to delete an account.

Deleting Your Account: FAQs

Do you still have questions about deleting a account? If so, you might find the answers below:

Does charge when you cancel? doesn’t necessarily charge a fee for canceling an account. However, when you delete a account, it’s important to know that you may still incur charges. accounts are essentially subscriptions that renew after a certain period of time. Subscription charges are non-refundable. So, for example, if you deleted your account, but you still had two months on your subscription, would usually charge you for those months. 

That said, will make an exception if you haven’t used your account since the most recent renewal charge, and you request a refund within 30 days of said charge.

Can you delete your account on the app?

Currently, the option to delete a account isn’t available through the app. You need to delete your account through a computer.

Can you delete individual reviews on

If you’re a customer deleting a review you’ve left on, you can simply head to the specific caregiver’s profile, find your review, and click “Delete.”

If you’re a caregiver who wants to delete a review on your profile because you believe it to be inaccurate or unfair in some capacity, the process may be a little trickier. Many caregivers have posted questions relating to this topic on the questions page, where both other caregivers and actual employees can respond.

A review of many of these questions and discussions indicates there doesn’t appear to be an official way for caregivers to delete reviews. However, several caregivers responding to these types of questions have stated that contacting customer service is the best option.

Because wants to ensure its caregivers aren’t misrepresenting themselves by easily deleting reviews they disagree with, it appears a caregiver in these circumstances needs to explain the specifics of their situation to a customer service team member, who may then determine whether to authorize a review’s deletion.

Deleting a Account: A Simple Process

Whether you’re deleting your own account, or you’re deleting a deceased loved one’s account, the process shouldn’t be very time-consuming. It’s just one of those minor chores that may come along for you in our digital age.


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