How to Delete a Account: Step-by-Step

Updated has revolutionized the way people create, distribute, and sign petitions. You may be one of the many who use to address issues that are important to you.

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However, you might also one day decide you want to delete your account. For example, perhaps you once used it to create petitions regarding issues that you’ve since changed your stance on. While you could simply delete those petitions, maybe you would feel more comfortable deleting your account entirely.

Or, you may be responsible for deleting a loved one’s account after their passing. When online or digital identities and legacies are involved, knowing what to do when someone dies can sometimes be challenging.

This guide will answer your questions. It describes how to delete both your own account and that of someone who died.

How to Delete a Account for Yourself

The team at makes deleting your account an easy process. To delete your account, follow these simple steps:

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Step 1: Log in

Start by logging into your account.

Step 2: Go to Settings

Your next step is to access the Settings section of your account. The way in which you can do this will depend on whether you’re using a computer or a mobile device.

If you’re using a computer, click on your name or profile picture. You can find this in the top right corner of the screen.

This will bring up a drop-down menu. Click on Settings.

If you’re using a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, tap the three bars at the top of the screen that represent the Menu. Then you can select Settings.

Step 3: Delete your account

Once you’ve reached the Settings menu, all you have to do to delete your account is click or tap on “Close My Account.” You’ll be asked to confirm that you wish to do so. After you provide confirmation, your account will no longer be active.

Important information about deleting your account

You may one day decide you wish to still sign petitions via your old account after you’ve deleted it. Or, you might want to recover your account to create new petitions.

Doing so is just as easy as deleting it. All you have to do is sign another petition using the same email address you used for your account. This will reopen the account, allowing you to use it actively once again.’s team advises you to contact their support department if you continue receiving an error message when attempting to sign a petition with the email address from your old account.

You can recover your account so easily even when you delete it because it technically remains on’s servers. That may reassure you if you’re thinking about deleting your account but worry you may change your mind and wish to reopen it in the future. You will have the option to do so.

On the other hand, you may have reason to want to permanently delete your account from the servers. If so, the process described in this section won’t help you. Instead, you must contact’s support department to completely remove your account.

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How to Cancel a Deceased Loved One’s Account

Deleting someone’s account after they’ve passed away can be a slightly more challenging process, but it can also be extremely easy. Whether you have access to certain information will determine how easy this task is. The process involves:

Step 1: Following the steps in the previous section

Sometimes close loved ones share the login information of their various online accounts with each other to ensure that deleting said accounts is easy for one another if one of them dies. You may already know your loved one’s password, or you may have access to a place where they wrote it down. Your loved one may have decided that deleting their online accounts should be one of their executor duties.

If you do have their login info, the process of deleting their account is as simple as taking all the steps you would take if you were deleting your own account. Just remember, if you want to physically delete the account from’s servers, you need to contact the company directly.

Tip: Use a password manager tool if you and a loved one share passwords in case one of you dies and the other has to delete their accounts. With a password manager, you can guard against not being able to access a loved one’s account because you forgot their login information.

If you don’t know the deceased’s password, the following two steps are other options.

Step 2: Use their email address to get their password

The fact that you don’t know your loved one’s password doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have access to any of their accounts. For example, perhaps you have access to their email.

If so, go to’s login page. There’s a link that reads “Forgot password?”

Click on it. Enter the email address your loved one used for their account and request a new password. Then, check their email. You should receive an email with a new password that you can use to access their account. Once you have, you can follow the steps in the above section.

Like many services, also gives users the option to log in through their Google or Facebook accounts. If someone chooses to log in through a Facebook or Google account that they’ve connected to their account, as long as they are also logged in to the connected account (even if they’re not actively using it at the moment), they don’t need to enter a password to log in to

Your loved one may have used this method to access their account. It’s worth trying if you have access to their computer or mobile device. This is an option to keep in mind when attempting to delete a wide range of accounts after a death.

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Step 3: Contact

If none of the methods above are helpful, you should contact A member of the support team can help you in these circumstances.

Prepare yourself when contacting support by acquiring proof that your loved one has died. Our guide on how to get a death certificate can help if you’re unsure of how to do so. You’ll also need to show proof that you are responsible for managing a deceased loved one’s estate. Simply showing that you had a close relationship with them may not be enough to convince a support team member that you are qualified to delete their account.

There’s no guarantee will immediately comply with your request to delete the account of someone who died. A representative may wish to see some evidence that this is what the deceased would have wanted. will certainly delete an account if your loved one requested it in their will. If they didn’t, you may be able to provide another form of evidence or explanation regarding why they would have wanted to delete their account after their death.

There’s no guarantee will agree to delete an account if you can’t show why they should. The company might wonder if the petitions a user created with their account are part of their legacy, and that they would have wanted their account to remain active accordingly. However, if you do have a genuine explanation for why an account should no longer be active, the team will likely side with you.

Delete a Account With Ease

Deleting a account is very easy when it’s your own. It may be somewhat more challenging to delete the account of a deceased loved one, but it can still be a fairly simple task.

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