How to Delete a Craigslist Account for You or a Loved One


Craigslist offers the opportunity to buy and sell used items—and a place to share information about jobs, housing, and events. Despite how helpful and free it is, you might decide that it’s time to clear out your unused digital accounts. And deleting your Craigslist account might be on the list. 

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At the same time, many people choose to remove the Craigslist accounts of their deceased loved ones. If you are working to manage your own or someone else’s digital assets, then follow the steps below.

How to Permanently Delete Your Craigslist Account

Deleting your Craigslist account is possible. However, you may want to take some precautions first if your goal is to protect your digital legacy. 

Some individuals on the internet voice concern that Craigslist’s account deletion process is opaque. The steps below should help you delete your account, but there are some preliminary precautions you should take, and you may need to monitor the account afterward to confirm the deletion.

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To start, anonymize your account details

The process of deleting your Craigslist account isn’t straightforward. Therefore, you’ll want to begin by removing any information you can from your account. This includes old listings, any stored information, and as much profile information as you can. 

Don't remove your last email address contact. You will need it for communication with a representative.

Message craigslist for permanent deletion

Depending on your location, Craigslist listings expire after a certain period. It is said that unused Craigslist accounts eventually “expire" from lack of use, too. You may not want to wait that long. There are two ways to request Craigslist delete your account. 

The first is by submitting this help form. Explain that you’d like your account permanently disabled and your information deleted. 

The second way to delete your account is to contact In your email, explain you’d like your account deleted and provide your account email and password. You should receive a confirmation email stating your account has been deleted.

Follow up

Depending on your method of deletion, you may or may not receive confirmation. Use the help form or email address to follow up with Craigslist as needed. 

Deleting your information before deleting your account can be reassuring in the off chance that you have trouble verifying your account’s deletion. If this is the case, you’ll at least know that you have successfully removed any identifying information. 

How to Delete a Craigslist Account for Someone Who Has Died

When the Craigslist account you wish to delete is not your own, bring as much information to the situation as possible. Either a close family member or the administrator of an estate should be able to make the case to Craigslist.

In your correspondence, you can state why you are contacting Craigslist and what you hope to accomplish. If you have access to your deceased loved one’s username and password, deleting the account will be easier.

Explain the situation to the Craigslist help site

Start with the help form. Explain your role and that you wish to delete the deceased’s account. If you know that your loved one spent a lot of time on Craigslist, you may want access to the account to tie up loose ends. Being clear and upfront with the Craigslist representatives in the form will help them help you.

Follow instructions to gain access, remove ads, and delete

Craigslist may need some form of proof that you are who you say you are, or that you are vouching for an actual deceased person. You should be ready with your information to prove your relationship to the deceased and a copy of the death certificate. 

Once you’ve provided your information, Craigslist should be able to provide access to the deceased’s account so you can remove listings, or simply confirm the deletion of the account.

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When a Craigslist Account Has Pending Posts

Before you delete your loved one’s Craigslist account, you may first want to check first if they are currently running any listings. You will want to mention active listings in your conversation with a Craigslist representative. Let them know what your wishes for these listings are. Perhaps, you’d like to have them deleted or have responses forwarded to another email address. 

Most correspondence on Craigslist is through email unless other contact information is provided in a listing. You’ll need access to the email account associated with your loved one’s Craigslist account to check for responses. If your loved one has listed an item that is now a part of the estate and someone has inquired, use your discretion on whether to reach out. 

Saying Goodbye to Craigslist

Sometimes, the peace of mind provided by a simple digital footprint is worth far more than access to the enormous internet bulletin board we call Craigslist. In the case of closing a deceased loved one’s account, it can provide closure.

If you find deleting a Craigslist account cumbersome, use this moment to notice how helpful a password manager can be. It’s quick work to delete accounts if you have easy access to every username and password. 

You might also consider starting end-of-life planning to create a long-term plan that will organize your estate and protect your family from undue red tape. Managing digital accounts is a wonderful place to start on your digital legacy. There are always new things to learn and explore while you make your plans.


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