How to Delete an Etsy Account or Shop: Step-by-Step


Etsy has made deleting your account or shop more straightforward than ever, thanks to a few rule changes and adaptations from the European Union (EU).

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Recently, Etsy adopted regulations from the EU’s General Protection Data Regulation (GDPR), which went into effect on May 25, 2018. 

The code includes measures which “regulate the processing by an individual, a company or an organization of personal data relating to individuals in the EU.” This measurement of safety regarding data privacy applies in-part to US-based accounts as well, including:

  • Transparency in the use of personal information
  • Improved access to personal and shop data
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How to Delete Your Own Etsy Account

As a buyer, you can delete your personal Etsy account, but you can’t reinstate the information later if you change your mind. However, you can opt to close the account instead, which will simply make it inactive. If you’d still like to delete it, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Log in to access your account

You’re probably already logged into your account unless you log out every time. Otherwise, type Etsy in your browser to find a link to log on to their website. Then log in as usual.

Step 2. Find your personalized icon/circle and click on it

Locate the personalized circle in the top right-hand corner, with the “You” label below it. Click on that circle. A menu will open, providing access to your account settings.

Step 3. Find account settings on that menu and click on it

Click Account Settings to take you to the next screen where you’ll be able to manage the inner workings of your account. Once there, you’ll notice three sections:

  • a left-hand column 
  • a bar at the top
  • a list of options below that bar

Step 4. Change your email address if necessary

You can’t use the same email address when you set up another Etsy account down the road. 

If you’d like to be able to log in with that same email address at a later time—change the current email address on your account before you finalize deletion.

Browse the list of options on your account settings page to change your email account.

Step 5. Resolve any issues on your account

It will take time to resolve any pending issues on your account, such as:

  • Overdue payments
  • Unfulfilled orders
  • Unresolved cases

If these discrepancies exist on your account when you’re trying to delete it, expect up to two weeks for processing.

Step 6. Find the privacy link at the top bar

Locate the Privacy link in the bar at the top between Preferences and Security, click on it. You’ll be directed to another page.

There, you will see the same left-hand column and the same bar at the top. However, the list of options will have changed.

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Step 7. Download data before deleting the account

If you’d like a copy of your data before closing the account, click Download your data.

Once you do this, a link will be sent to your email account to verify that you’re requesting this information. 

  • Verify that it’s you by opening your email account. 
  • Click on the link provided, and you’ll be redirected back to your Account Settings in Etsy.
  • Click on Download my data and choose a location for it on your computer. 

The data you’ll receive will include any payments, orders, and conversations you’ve had using the Etsy account.

Step 8. Now you’re ready to close your account permanently

Click on Request deletion of your data. A window will pop up, giving you two options:

  • Nevermind, keep my account
  • Yes, I’m sure

Click Yes, I’m sure for an email with a list of follow-up instructions.

How to Close a Deceased Loved One’s Etsy Account

If your loved one kept a password manager, the process of closing their Etsy account would be much more manageable. Otherwise, take the following steps to close their account.

Step 1. Contact member services

You can do this by sending an email to Include your loved one’s full name and email address so that they can better assist you in your pursuit.

Step 2. Provide a copy of the death certificate

You can’t access your loved one’s account, but a teammate from member services can assist you in closing it. 

Note: they may or may not be able to provide you with certain information. As Etsy’s policy states, they take “account privacy very seriously.” 

And given that they follow some of the guidelines from the EU’s General Protection Data Regulation (GDPR), you’ll note that not all information will be readily available to you.

How to Delete Your Own Etsy Shop

Deleting your Etsy shop is relatively straightforward and does not mean that you are deleting your Etsy page. If you would also like to delete your Etsy page, please refer to that section above.

Step 1. Log on to

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Step 2. Click Your Account

Log into your account and click on Shop Manager, located next to your personalized circle/icon. You’ll be directed to your Shop’s homepage.

Step 3. Click Settings

In settings, you want to select the Options button next.

Step 4. Click Close Shop

Answer a short survey before closing the shop.

Note: Once you delete your Etsy shop, your account will turn into a Buyer-only account. 

However, if you have any open orders, you can put your shop on Vacation Mode, which will enable you to fulfill orders with your customers—but not open any new orders. 

How to Delete a Deceased Loved One’s Etsy Shop

As part of your executor duties, you’ll be closing a variety of accounts or businesses, such as your loved one’s Etsy shop. If they left a password manager, this would be a straightforward process. Otherwise, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Contact a member care associate

First, send an email to with your loved one’s full name and email address included.

Step 2. Provide a copy of the death certificate

When you receive an email from member services, they will ask you to provide a copy of the death certificate to facilitate the transaction.

Note: Etsy’s adherence to the EU’s General Protection Data Regulation (GDPR) prevents them from doling out personal information from your loved one’s account but they may be able to provide some information to you. 

Without the right passwords and emails, they won’t let you gain direct access to them.

Deleting an Etsy Shop

Taking control of one’s digital afterlife is an important step in end-of-life care. There are lots of reasons to close online accounts for yourself and your loved ones. That includes managing your online presence, such as deleting your Microsoft account.

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