How to Permanently Delete a Grubhub Account: Step-By-Step


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Grubhub and other food delivery apps are addictive because of how easy they make it to order in. They give you your choice of local restaurants and can deliver within minutes any time the business is open. It’s no wonder that people love tracking their delivery’s progress on the app and anticipating their tasty treats before they arrive.

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Grubhub can be too much a good thing though. It can be too much convenience for your current budget, for instance, or you may feel your phone is getting cluttered with too many apps. Getting rid of Grubhub might be the solution to these problems.

There are also sadder reasons why deleting a Grubhub account is a good idea. If you’ve lost a friend or family member, shutting down their Grubhub account might be the responsible thing to do to protect their digital legacy and payment methods from hackers. No matter why you need to delete a Grubhub account, follow the steps below to take action.

How to Cancel Your Own Grubhub Account

Grubhub doesn’t have an easy, one-click option for deleting your account, either in their browser-based product or in the application. You’ll need to contact them directly with your account information to delete your account.

Tip: Ensure that your digital accounts are taken care of according to your wishes by making a will. You can easily create one from home with an online will maker like Trust & Will.

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Submit a request to delete data or opt-out of data sales

When you’ve decided to get rid of your Grubhub account, use this link to request your data be deleted alongside your log-in and account. Once you’ve signed in, it’s a quick process. You just need to click a button and confirm your choice in the pop-up box.

If you realize you do want to keep using Grubhub, there’s an in-between option. Go to the “Don’t Sell My Data” tab at the bottom of the screen on the right, below everything else on the front page of the Grubhub browser website. Click to opt-out of any situation where your data leaves Grubhub’s site.

There are more details on the Opt-Out page about exactly what this changes within your account. If your data security is especially important to you, be sure to check back regularly, too. These details may be updated at Grubhubs discretion.

Contact support via email

If the data deletion link isn’t working for you, a good second option is to contact Grubhub’s Care Team. It’s their business to make sure you’ve had a good experience with Grubhub. They should treat you well even though you’re deleting your account. If they do, you’re more likely to become a returning customer.

Through this support request, write out the details of your account, including the email used for your account. In your message, make clear that you want to cancel any premium services and delete your account entirely.

There may be a follow-up email from the company’s customer Care Team, so keep an eye out. Until they confirm that your account has been deactivated, assume it isn’t gone yet.

How to Permanently Delete a Grubhub Account for Someone Who’s Died

Grubhub, like other applications, has security measures in place to prevent you from gaining control of someone else’s account. This is one of the many essential steps in our post-loss checklist. Access the full checklist to make sure you're not forgetting anything important after a loss! 

Deleting a Grubhub account might sound small, but it's important. After all, they don’t want you to order a ton of takeout on someone else’s dime! That said, if you are working to close out an account of a loved one who’s died, you can make it clear to Grubhub why the account needs to be removed. Try these plans both for a Grubhub employee account as well for a regular customer account.

Tip: You can continue a loved one's digital legacy with a virtual memorial on a platform like GatheringUs. They even have specialists who can guide and support you through the planning process.

Use your loved one’s shared information to delete data

Sometimes, your loved one will have documented their online accounts thoroughly in a password manager. These documents allow you to access their usernames, connected emails, or passwords.

If this is the case, and you’re the trusted contact with whom they shared this data, you can use the outlined process above (using this link to request a data deletion and account removal).

This is usually the easiest way to delete the account of a loved one who has died, and the more prepared your loved one was with end-of-life planning, the more likely you’ll be able to use this simpler process. Try setting up these kinds of organization tools for your own family and friends, if you can.

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Contact Support with documents proving the situation

If you don’t have access, you’ll need to contact support. While they won’t let you access just any Grubhub account, sharing proof of the situation with your loved one who has passed away can change their response. 

In their support form, outline the situation, ideally providing a link to the obituary. Then, say whether you’re trying to get a final payment from a driver/delivery account, or just trying to close down the account. Payments will be harder to receive than closing the account, so stay on them. 

Support should respond and let you know whether they need any further info before they can close down your loved one’s Grubhub account. By responding to them quickly, you’ll make the process move faster and keep your request moving through any internal process they’ve got for deactivating accounts.

Giving Up a Grubhub Account

Grubhub and other delivery apps make it so easy to get takeout food, which is a delicious luxury and a big time-saver. Some people grow to rely on it. 

Still, there’s a variety of reasons to move on and delete your account: you might be trying to cook more at home, you might be streamlining your digital presence, or even deleting yourself from the internet. Whatever your reason, it’s worth being proactive to remove an application so hackers can’t access it. This is especially true if you’re deleting a dead friend or family member’s account. There is too much to deal with in the grief process, forget the additional burden of fraudulent Grubhub charges.

Deactivating accounts you aren’t using—or no longer want to use—is a great practice to keep your digital footprint light and clean. Consider tracking all your log-in information so you can easily delete accounts in the future. This is a good idea if you’re often picking up and putting down new apps. You’ll have less easy takeout in your life, maybe, but way more peace of mind!


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