How to Permanently Delete a Hi5 Account: Step-By-Step


With so many social media accounts to choose from nowadays, many people are deleting accounts they no longer use. One of these social networking platforms is Hi5, a social website that launched in the early 2000s. 

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This is a platform for sharing photos, messages, and information about yourself. It’s also shifted to feature many online games in recent years. Still, there might come a time when it makes sense to permanently delete your Hi5 account. The good news is it’s relatively simple to delete your online presence on Hi5 whether you’re removing your own account or acting for a loved one. 

Because social networking sites are designed to keep you engaged as long as possible, you might need some help deleting your Hi5 account. We compiled this step-by-step guide to walk you through how to permanently delete a Hi5 account for yourself or a loved one. It’s all about taking control of your digital legacy. 

How to Delete Your Own Hi5 Account

Deleting an account on any website can be tricky, especially if you’re not very familiar with it. With Hi5, luckily, it’s relatively simple to complete the account cancelation process. Follow these clear steps below to get started. 

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Step 1. Access the full site

First, it’s important to understand that you can’t delete your Hi5 account from the mobile app. You’ll need to access the full website from a mobile browser by navigating to the mobile site ( and selecting “Full Site.” 

Alternatively, you can access Hi5 through a desktop or laptop browser. Either way works the same with the steps below, but you cannot cancel your account from the mobile app. 

Step 2. Cancel VIP subscription

If you’re a Hi5 VIP member, it’s important to cancel this subscription first. If you don’t, you can still cancel your account, but you might pay for a future billing cycle. To do this, login to your account (not through the mobile app). 

From there, go to “Account” at the top of the navigation bar. Select “Settings,” and look for the “Membership” line. Click “Cancel VIP” to cancel your VIP subscription. On the bottom of the page, you’ll see a button to “Cancel Billing.” 

If you pay for your subscription through PayPal, you’ll be taken to the PayPal platform to confirm your cancellation. Otherwise, you should be good to move onto the next steps. If you don’t have a premium account, you don’t need to worry about this step. 

Step 3. Cancel your account

Once your premium membership is canceled, you’ll follow similar steps to cancel your Hi5 account. When you’re logged in on the full website, navigate to “Account” again and click “Settings.” 

You’ll see a section titled “Cancel Account.” Click the “Cancel Your Account” link. You’ll be directed to a set of instructions. Read through them to ensure you understand what canceling your Hi5 account means for your data. To confirm, click “Yes, I want to cancel my account.” 

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Step 4. Type your password

You’ll need to confirm your identity to cancel your Hi5 account. Once you’ve confirmed through the cancelation information, you’ll need to enter your account password and click “Cancel Account.” This is the last step in the process. 

Note that it might take a few hours or even days to process your canceled account. Once your account has been canceled, it can no longer be recovered or accessed. Your information should no longer be visible on the Hi5 website. 

How to Delete a Deceased Loved One’s Hi5 Account

Often, one of your executor duties after a loved one dies is to cancel accounts on their behalf. This gives you and your loved ones more control over the information available about them on the internet when they’re no longer here. 

Deleting unused social media accounts not only lets you stay in control of your loved one’s legacy, but it can also be a way to protect their online security. Privacy is important in life but also death. Here’s how to delete a Hi5 account on behalf of a deceased loved one. 

Step 1. Login with their credentials

The easiest way to delete someone else’s Hi5 account is by following the steps above as though you were deleting your own account. Of course, this means you’ll need access to their account username and password. 

If they used a password manager, you might find their Hi5 login this way. Otherwise, if you have access to their email, you can always reset their password. To do this, select “Forgot Your Password” on the Hi5 login screen and enter their email address for their account. 

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Step 2. Contact support

If you don't have access to your loved one’s login credentials, it will be more difficult to delete their Hi5 account. Your best option is to contact support via email. Their support email address is

Explain in your message that you’re acting as your loved one’s executor. In most cases, they will be able to close the account or set it to private as long as you have supporting documents (court documents, death certificate, etc.) 

Step 3. Report their account

Finally, because the Hi5 support team can be difficult to reach, you might have more luck reporting your loved one’s account. Not only is this likely to get attention faster, but you might have success getting any media or posts removed. 

To report an account, tap the user’s profile picture and click “Report Abuse.” Under “Reason,” choose “Other” and explain that this individual is no longer living. While your experience may vary, this is one of the fastest ways to reach the support team.

Manage Your Hi5 Account

Whether you’re taking stock of your own digital afterlife or managing a loved one’s accounts after their death, you might find yourself needing to delete your Hi5 account. All social media platforms come and go, and you want to be sure you’re not presenting the wrong data on the internet for privacy and security. 

Luckily, deleting your Hi5 account is simple with the steps above. This is an important reminder to talk to your loved ones about what you want to happen to your accounts when your time comes. Do you want them to stay memorialized on the internet? Or would you rather they be made private? There is no right or wrong choice, so it’s important to have these difficult conversations now. 

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