How to Permanently Delete a Kik Account: 4 Steps


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Kik is a popular messaging app, due in part to its strong encryption for messages. It also offers the ability to sign up without a phone number. Many teenagers and adults alike use Kik as a fast, free way to message their friends and family. That said, Kik is not without its share of controversy. It has struggled with a range of spam and other bot-based messages.

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Kik has changed ownership in the past year, and as changes kick in, you may decide Kik is no longer for you. If you’d like to move on from Kik or delete your online presence entirely, it is possible to delete your account.

If a loved one has passed, you may be managing their digital assets after death. This is another reason you may need to delete a Kik account. This will help maintain your loved one’s privacy long-term and keep their data secure.

Tip: To avoid any future messes or security concerns, save your account passwords in a password manager. We recommend DashlaneLastPass, or RoboForm. You can read about the rest of our picks in our article on the best free or low-cost password managers.

How to Permanently Delete Your Kik Account

Steps to delete your Kik account with an image of a hand holding a phone

Kik keeps things simple with their deletion process. All it takes is a few clicks and a confirmation email. That confirmation email is the final step, so it isn't a tough process. 

Why would you need to delete your Kik account? Whether it's something you include in your will as part of your digital legacy or you're just trying to keep track of your social media accounts, it's important to stay on top of your digital information. To include your accounts (like Kik) in your final wishes and estate plan, create a legal will in minutes with Trust & Will. Being prepared is the best way to protect yourself and your accounts. 

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Consider your options

Permanent deletion isn’t your only option. Kik offers a similar process to simply “deactivate” your account. With this option, you can log back in and reactivate if you wish.

The main benefit of deactivation is that no one can send you Kik messages in your absence. It can be a good first step to see how you feel without Kik. If you like the change, submitting your deletion request later is still an option.

Here is the simple path to delete your Kik account.

  • Use Kik's dialogue box to request deletion.
  • Confirm you are ready to delete and click "Go!"
  • Open the confirmation email and click the final delete button.

Use Kik’s dialogue box to request deletion

Kik has an easy web form for requesting the deletion of your account. You can access this same form on an Android or iPhone. You can also use your laptop or desktop computer.

The form only requires your username and email address, plus your reason for leaving. They offer suggestions like “trouble finding friends” or “doesn’t have the features I want.”

This information isn't used to get you to stay; it seems to be a resource for them to figure out what they could do better as an application.

Confirm you are ready to delete and click “Go!”

Once you’ve completed the web form, click the radio button that indicates you understand there is no way to recover your account after you complete this process. You'd have to create an entirely new Kik account.

The submission button reads “Go!” but after you click it, there’s still one more confirmation step.

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Open the confirmation email and click the final delete button

Clicking “Go!” will send an email to the account associated with your Kik account.

To complete the deletion process, open this email and click “Permanent Delete.”

How to Delete a Kik Account for Someone Who Has Died

Steps to delete a Kik account for someone who has died with an image of a hand holding a phone

One of the first steps during the settling of an estate is to find out what websites your loved one has accounts with. If a loved one of yours had a Kik account but has passed away, you can request that this account be deleted so no one will try to contact them.

Kik has procedures in place for the deletion of accounts of minors, so they are accustomed to requests from someone other than the account holder. Taking the time to delete their accounts, including social media accounts, is an important part of the post-loss checklist. You're not only protecting their identity, but you keep their account from falling into the wrong hands. 

Here are some ways to delete a deceased loved one's Kik account:

  • Try deletion based on username and email.
  • Email support or safety for further direction.

Try deletion based on username and email

Because the Kik deletion process is so simple, you only need the username, email address, and access to that email to make a deletion request.

For instance, if you have access to the individual’s cell phone and their Kik-associated email, you may be able to submit the deletion web form without knowing their Kik password.

Submit the web form, open the deletion confirmation email from Kik, and delete the account.

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Email support or safety for further direction

If you don’t have access to the email account of your deceased loved one, you can still get a Kik account removed. The first email address to try is Send them your relationship to the individual, an online obituary or a copy of the death certificate, and any information you have about the Kik account. You'll need this information to prepare your loved one's final affairs, whether you're planning a virtual funeral with GatheringUs or saying goodbye with another type of memorial. 

If you believe that the Kik account has been compromised in some way, another useful email is This contacts the Safety Center at Kik, which could also help direct your inquiry and ultimately get the account in question deleted.

Kik Account Deletion: Frequently Asked Questions

Kik’s deletion process is incredibly fast and straightforward, but a clean break can still leave you with a few questions afterward. Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions about Kik accounts and deletion.

What’s the difference between deactivation and deletion on Kik?

If you deactivate your account, you won’t be able to receive messages or access your account. However, deactivation isn’t substantial; your account is restored as soon as you log back in.

Deletion is permanent. This means that even if you attempt to log back in, you cannot. Your messages are deleted rather than archived and able to be recovered upon reactivation.

How can I delete Kik messages between me and another user?

You can make the “wipe” motion to the right on any conversation to delete it. To delete a particular message, press and hold the message itself and select “Delete” from the menu.

Recognize that deleting the message on your phone doesn’t delete it in the other person’s device.

What’s the process for deleting Kik on an Android or iPhone?

On both an Android or iPhone, you’ll need to make the request as suggested above. Once you’ve done so, go to your email, click the link to delete, and you’ll have completed the process.

All that is left is to delete the application itself; on both iPhone and Android, touching and holding the icon for the app allows you options for deleting and uninstalling the application.

Kicking the Kik Habit

Kik may offer a nice opportunity to message friends for free, but plenty of people end up choosing to limit their access. Whether you prefer to minimize distracting conversations or simply aren’t thrilled with the new interface, you may be ready to remove Kik from your life.

Many people who are working to delete unused accounts and delete an online presence are surprised by how many accounts they have opened. Over time, you can declutter your digital life and aim for a more simple, worry-free online presence with any important passwords stored in a secure password manager.


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