How to Permanently Delete a LastPass Account: 4 Steps


It’s a great idea to organize all of your passwords and important resources in a secure password manager like LastPass. But maybe you’re done using LastPass and want to switch to a different password manager.

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If that’s the case, it’s incredibly important to delete your account properly. You don’t want your passwords and other sensitive information to be vulnerable to attack by hackers or through a data breach. LastPass is unlikely to shut down but many internet companies do disappear without a secure plan for data. This is why it’s always smart to close accounts if you aren’t using them.

Similarly, you may have a loved one who passes away and you know they had a LastPass account. You will want to delete that account to prevent a loss of security for that individual in the future. 

Managing your loved one’s digital assets after death is a good way to protect information that could link back to their living family members.

How to Permanently Delete Your Own LastPass Account

LastPass offers a variety of options before deleting the account entirely. The company allows you to change your account email, recover your master password, and reset your account.

Resetting is focused on removing all the contents from your account, all the passwords and combinations. To truly delete your account, follow this path instead.

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Log in to your account

Begin by logging into your LastPass account. If you are concerned about data security, you can go ahead and remove various sites and their passwords before you initiate deletion.

However, the ultimate result is likely to be the same.

Click the “Delete Your Account” option

In LastPass, there is a “Delete Your Account” tab. This page offers you four options, including deleting your account. The option you want is the button that says “Delete.” Click it to initiate deletion.

If you’ve forgotten your master password, send instructions to your email

Clicking this button will not be as effective if you aren’t logged in. If you have your password, you can simply log in and begin the process. I

f you have forgotten your password, use the provided dialog box to email yourself. The resulting email will give you the information you need to provide.

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Follow email instructions to guide account deletion

You will receive the email confirming that this is your LastPass account. It will contain specific instructions on how to delete the account.

This information will help you finish the process and confirm with LastPass that you do not want your data to be retained.

How to Delete a Deceased Loved One’s LastPass Account

If a friend or family member entrusted you with their LastPass information, you may want to delete the LastPass account.

This is possible the same way we’ve mentioned above. If, however, you don’t have your friend or family member’s email address or master password for the LastPass account, you may still be able to make it happen.

Search your inquiry

First, go to the official help center. Use the search bar to type in your request, something like “How to delete a deceased loved one’s LastPass account.”

You may find an entry addressing this concern, but if you don’t, select any article that comes up. Look for a button on the right side of the page that reads “Contact Support.”

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Submit a contact form

The Support Form will pop up when you click the button. Give all the information requested and then explain the goal of trying to delete a particular LastPass account.

Save a step and add a link to the online obituary in order to substantiate the claim that this account needs to be removed.

Follow any requests set out by help representative

A LastPass representative will follow up with you by phone or email and ask any further questions.

The representative may verify that you are a close family member or administrator of the deceased person’s estate and should be able to remove the account you’ve requested.

LastPass Account Deletion FAQs

LastPass deletion can seem complex, but it doesn't have to be. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions if you’re still in the dark.

Can I delete my account if I forgot my master password?

Yes. The site makes it possible to have the instructions for deleting your account emailed to an associated email account. If you have lost access to the email that would be associated with your LastPass account, you will need to contact LastPass customer support.

You'll learn how you can independently verify your identity without this email or password, though it may or may not be possible.

Do shared passwords get deleted if I delete my account?

If you delete your account, you will delete all the passwords that you’ve shared with others and their access to those passwords. You also will no longer have access to any passwords that have been shared with you inside the LastPass interface.

Can you export your passwords stored on LastPass before you delete your account?

You can download your data from LastPass in order to make sure you can access it in the future. LastPass offers this option with both .csv or an encrypted file, depending on your preference.

Leave LastPass Behind

LastPass may have offered you an organizational location for data and passwords in the past. However, it’s fine to move on to a new password manager and delete your old one. Some people realize that a different interface works better for them. They also may not want their deceased loved one’s passwords to end up vulnerable in a data breach or left to a hacker.

It’s important to tie up loose ends for your digital legacy to ensure that your data isn’t floating around on the internet, especially if a particular internet company goes out of business or becomes a radically different company. 

It’s a smart move to start end-of-life planning early so you don’t have to worry about what will happen to your digital assets after death. Cake has a variety of simple tools so you can create a useful plan for yourself or a loved one.


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