How to Permanently Delete a McAfee Account: Step-by-Step


McAfee is a well-known provider of anti-virus software, encryption keys, VPNs, and similar software meant to keep your personal data safe. However, when you sign up for an account, you’ll need to provide a significant amount of information. 

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When the time comes in which you’re ready to change service providers or you’re cleaning up old accounts, protect your digital legacy by closing the account rather than letting it sit unused. 

How to Delete Your Own McAfee Account

Whether you’re getting your digital affairs in order or you’re moving on with another service, closing your McAfee account is simple.

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Step 1: Cancel your subscription

If you have a McAfee account, then you’re probably utilizing one or more of their services, such as anti-virus software or a VPN. Software with McAfee is a subscription-based platform. Until your subscription is canceled, your account can’t be fully deleted. To cancel your subscription, follow the following steps.

Log in

Go to McAfee’s home page and click “My Account” from the bar at the top of the screen. From the drop-down menu, click “sign in.” Sign in with your associated email and the password you set up. 

Check auto-renewal settings

After you’ve logged in, go back to the “My Account” drop-down menu and click on “Auto Renewal Settings.” 

If your auto-renewal is on, click the toggle to turn it off. This will give you an official end-date for your subscription with McAfee. 

Note: Canceling your subscription is an important step because you will not be able to delete your account unless your subscription is no longer active.

Step 2: Collect account information

Before you contact customer service, you’ll want to collect information related to the account you want to delete. At a minimum, it’s a good idea to have the following on hand.

  • Your driver’s license
  • Your billing address
  • Answers to security questions when you set up your account
  • The credit card associated with your account
  • The email address associated with your account
  • The subscription start date
  • The order number for your subscription
  • The cancelation confirmation number for your subscription

This information will be used to verify your identity and allow your request for deletion to process.

Step 3: Contact customer service

Once you’ve turned your auto-renewal off, you can contact customer service. It’s important to note that you can only fully delete your account and wipe all of your data by contacting customer service directly. There’s no other option for account deletion.

Navigate to the customer support page. If you’re already logged in, it’ll make the support process smoother, but it’s not a requirement. 

Choose your service option

On the customer support page, you’ll need to select an initial reason for contacting the support team. For account deletion, we recommend choosing “Account Information and Other.” This will get you to the right help desk personnel who can walk you through the process of account deletion.

Choose the chat option

On the next page, you’ll see two options: chat or community support. Click chat to talk with a live customer service representative 24/7.

Provide your information

Before you can start chatting, you’ll need to enter some information. If you’re not signed in, expect to enter:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone number
  • Email (use the email associated with your account)
  • Description of the reasons you’re contacting support.

If you’re already signed in, you’ll be asked to confirm your email address. You’ll also be required to enter the reason why you’re contacting customer support.

Once you’ve filled in your details, click “continue” and you’ll be directed to a live chat box, and an agent will be with you shortly. 

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Step 4: Chat with customer service

At this point, a new screen will pop up with a chatbox. An agent will review your information and come on to assist you.

You’ll likely be asked to state the reason you’re contacting customer service one more time. At this point, you should simply reiterate that you want to delete your account and have all of your data removed from the McAfee system.

Answer security questions

This is where the information you gathered earlier will come in handy. The support agent will ask several questions regarding your account and your identity. They could be related to your security questions, your billing address, or other information you entered when first signing up for the subscription.

Confirm deletion request

Once you’ve submitted the correct security questions, you’ll be asked to confirm your request for account deletion. Confirm, and you’re done! 

Check your email 

Check your email for confirmation of account deletion with McAfee. At this point, you’ll no longer be able to log in, and all of your data and personal information will be erased from the system.

How to Delete a Deceased Loved One’s McAfee Account

Deleting a deceased loved one’s McAfee account is just about as simple as deleting your own account. While you don’t need to complete this process right away after they’ve passed, it should certainly be on your list of executor duties.

Tidying up your loved one’s digital legacy is just one of the many things to do when someone dies so their information stays safe.

Step 1: Gather information 

Before you jump ahead and contact customer service, you should gather information about your loved one’s account in addition to important legal documents. If you have trouble finding these items, a good place to check is your loved one’s email or their password manager. Do a quick search through either one and look for account information, billing statements, and correspondence from McAfee. You will need:

  • The last 4 digits of the credit card on file for their account
  • The billing address on file for their account
  • The start date of the subscription
  • The order confirmation number

Though you may not need these next items, it’s a good idea to have them on hand in case you run into any issues or further verification is required. Documents you’ll need include:

  • Copy of the death certificate
  • Proof of your executorship
  • Valid ID

If you need to get a death certificate, you can order a copy from your state’s Vital Records Office, or ask the funeral director to acquire another copy for you. It’s always a good idea to have several copies on hand for things such as this.

Proof of your executorship can include a copy of the will or another court-validated document stating that you are responsible for your loved one’s estate.

A valid ID includes anything that you can use to get on a plane with, including an up-to-date driver’s license, passport, or military ID.

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Step 2: Contact customer support

Follow the steps outlined above for navigating to the customer support page and initiating a chat with an agent.

Submit your information

When filling out the contact form, you can submit your information. Be sure to state that you need to close your loved one’s account and that you’re the executor. This will help the service agent who chats with you to understand what you need.

Step 3: Chat with customer support

Once you submit your information, you’ll be directed to a second window with a chatbox. An agent will read through your information and begin speaking with you.

Provide your loved one’s account information

The support agent will ask you to verify several items related to your loved one’s account including their billing address on file, email address on file, and credit card on file. Once you provide this, they may request digital copies of the documents you collected. You can attach them through the chat box so approval can be given while you’re still chatting with them.

Confirm account deletion

After you’ve provided the account information and verified the death of your loved one and your executorship, the customer service agent will ask you to confirm account deletion. After you confirm, the customer service agent will cancel subscriptions and delete your loved one’s account information at the same time.

Step 4: Check your email for deletion confirmation

An email will be sent to your email and your loved one’s email confirming account deletion. Keep this for your records in case your loved one is billed by McAfee after this date. You should receive no billing or account statements from this point forward, and any you do receive can be contested as long as you have proof of account closure.

Deleting Unused Accounts

When you delete your deceased loved one’s accounts, you keep their digital afterlife neat and tidy. You also prevent hackers from accessing their information and using it. These tasks typically take less than an hour and provide a lifetime’s worth of security knowing your loved one’s estate is safe.

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