How to Permanently Delete an NFL Account


On a weekly, even daily, basis there are multiple subscriptions and accounts that we may use. We subscribe to things because we support them at one point in time and feel like they add to our lives. However, eventually, you may decide that they’re no longer worth keeping.

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People delete accounts and cancel subscriptions every day for a handful of reasons. Maybe you’re simplifying your expenses, managing your time differently, or ready for a change. Or perhaps you are now trying to tie up any loose ends while managing a loved one’s estate. Understanding what to do when someone dies is necessary for these moments. It’s important to know what tasks need to be handled. 

If you have decided that your NFL account is no longer needed, you may also be wondering how to delete or cancel it. Regardless if it is for you or a loved one, below we provide tips and steps on how to permanently delete this subscription and potential account. 

How to Delete Your Own NFL Account

The NFL site allows users to sign up for multiple different things. These include your NFL account, Fantasy account, and Game Pass account. You should go online to view your account and look up what different programs you’re signed up for. Maybe it’s just an NFL account or maybe you also are paying for a Game Pass account.

Their customer service representative should be available to help you with this or you can try a few alternate ways to find your solution. You can always find helpful information on the official NFL website which may help to clear any confusion or answer any questions you may have regarding deleting your account.

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Step 1: Login to your account

Once you get to the NFL site, log in to your account. You’ll need your email address, or username and password, depending on which one you have used to log in previously.

Step 2: Cancel subscription

Now that you’re logged in, you can head to your subscriptions. Head to the top right corner of the window where you’ll see your account “icon.” Click on the icon, which will lead you to a new page with your account details listed. Click on “My Subscriptions,” and at the bottom, the option to “Cancel Subscription.” You’ll want to select that, which will officially cancel the open subscription.

You will not be charged for the next month, but you will still have access to the subscription for the remainder of the billing period.

Step 3: Submit your deletion request

To officially delete your account, you will need to submit a ticket on the NFL Digital Care page. You can do so by filling out this form on their website. You’ll need to provide the email address used with the account, the username if any, and make sure to submit it under the “ Website” option.

After submitting the ticket, they will send you an email to confirm the submission of your ticket and query. Conversely, you can also use their chat service by clicking on the chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner that says “Hi. Need Any Help?”

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Contact NFL Customer Service

You can contact NFL Customer Service through various ways. One is through submitting a request via the Digital Care page. Another option is if you are a resident of California and you are looking to delete any and all information that the NFL has about you, you can submit a request to have it deleted under the California Consumer Privacy Act.

The last two options are to email their customer support at or to use their chat service function at the bottom right hand corner of the website.

How to Cancel a Deceased Loved One’s NFL Account

Some individuals sign up to be the executors of their deceased loved one that has passed, which means they’ll handle most of their tasks for them once they die. It’s essential to understand all of the executor’s duties before taking on this title. You might have to cancel credit cards, memberships, or accounts of the deceased.

If you have a loved one that signed up for an NFL account and now you have to delete it this section should help you. Here are the steps to take to delete your loved one’s account. Once you cancel their account, their information should be no longer available to the NFL. This can help prevent you from hearing anything else from the NFL and eliminate any potential fraud from happening to your loved one. 

Step 1: Follow the steps above

Make sure that you have the proper login info to access their account. If your loved one saved all their account information in a password manager, you may be able to access the login info through an application on their phone or computer. 

Step 2: Gather required information

As stated before, you can follow the steps above. However, if you can’t access their account, you may need additional information when contacting NFL customer service. Here is some of the following information you may want to have handy:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Username
  • Password
  • Birthday
  • Open subscriptions

However, chances are you will likely not have to provide a copy of your loved one’s death certificate. As an executor, it is incredibly important to know how to get a death certificate, as this document can prove to be useful when managing your loved one’s estate.

Step 3: Contact NFL customer service

Once you know what’s included in their account, you can submit a request to cancel all your loved one’s subscriptions and ultimately delete their account. This will support you in making sure no further fees will incur. As mentioned earlier, you can contact customer service in a few ways:

  • Send an email to
  • Submit a ticket through NFL Digital Care
  • Submit a request through the chat function

With all these options, you will want to make sure to include the basic account information and open subscriptions that you know of.

Deleting An NFL Account Indefinitely

It can be easy to forget what you may be subscribed to, especially as hobbies change and your time commitments evolve. When you are canceling subscriptions and deleting accounts, it can feel very time consuming to make sure that everything is all deleted and gone.

However, by being thorough, whether it is for yourself or a loved one’s estate, it can make all the difference down the line. You can avoid identity theft issues and any unknown charges made to a credit card or debit card.

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