How to Delete a Postmates Account: Step-by-Step


Food delivery is on the rise, and Postmates makes it easy to order from your favorite restaurants in just a few clicks. While Postmates delivery service is convenient, there might come a time when you no longer need a Postmates account. Whether it’s no longer in your budget, you’re moving outside of the service area, or you’re closing a loved one’s account, this process isn’t always clear. 

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Your Postmates account contains personal information and payment details that you might want to protect. As part of your executor duties, you could be tasked with deleting this account for a loved one. While on-demand delivery is a great luxury, it’s not for everyone. If you wish to delete a Postmates account, it should be simple. 

With that in mind, how do you delete a Postmates account once and for all? Follow these step-by-step details below to make sure your account is closed safely and securely. The last thing you want is for your personal information to fall into the wrong hands. 

Why Delete a Postmates Account?

First, why bother deleting a Postmates account in the first place? While you can delete the app from your phone, why take the extra steps to make sure your account is closed? There are a few reasons one might choose to cancel a Postmates account:

  • You are no longer using it.
  • You live outside Postmates’ service area.
  • You’re switching to another similar delivery service.
  • You’re protecting personal and payment details.
  • You’re acting as an executor for someone who died.

On-demand delivery is convenient, but it’s not perfect. From delivery delays to order mishaps, getting Postmates isn’t always the easiest way to order food online. If you’re deciding to use an alternative or cut back on delivery altogether, it might be time to delete a Postmates account for good.

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How to Delete Your Own Postmates Account

With that in mind, how do you delete your own Postmates account? Though it’s easy to stop using the app or delete it from your phone, closing your account completely takes more work. Essentially, you have to request Postmates to close your account using the steps below. 

1. Access your account 

First, access your account by logging in on a desktop computer. It’s much easier to delete your account completely from a computer versus a smartphone. While you can delete the app from your personal devices, this doesn’t actually delete your personal information from the account. If you want to be sure your information is secure, you’ll need to go through the request process. 

Log into your account and make sure this is the correct information. If you have multiple Postmates accounts, you’ll need to repeat the process for each individual account. 

2. Go to Postmates support

Once you’re logged in successfully, navigate to the Postmates support page. There are many different options on this page. Click “Account” to access all of the details related to your account or membership. If you don’t see “Account” listed as an option, make sure you’re logged in. 

3. Submit a request

Next, click “Delete Account.” Unlike other providers, this isn’t the end of the process. You’ll then be taken to a request form. This is where you share personal information about your account as well as why you want to delete your account with Postmates. 

Select a reason why you want to delete your account and share your first name, last name, and email. You can also leave a comment about your experience, though this doesn’t have to be anything complicated. Once you’re satisfied, click “Report Issue” at the bottom of the form to submit. 

4. Follow up via email

Once you’ve submitted the request form, you’ll receive a message via email from a Postmates support team member. They’ll confirm that you wish to delete your account. When you confirm, you’ll need to respond directly to the email. Finally, they’ll give you some confirmation that your account has been closed. 

Once deleted, you’ll no longer be able to access your account through Postmates. If you wish to use the service again, you’ll need to sign up again like a new user. Finally, ensure you delete Postmates from your password manager, devices, and so on. 

How to Delete Your Own Postmates Driver Account

If you’re a delivery driver for Postmates, the process is slightly different. While you’ll still need to submit a support request, you’ll follow a different process with the steps below. 

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1. Access Fleet support

First, you’ll need to log into your Postmates driver account. Once there, go to the Postmates Fleet Support Page. This is the support page that’s specific to food courtiers, not app users. When you’re on this page, go to Contact, click on your account, and select “Account Close Request.”

2. Complete the form

Next, you’ll have to complete a request form similar to deleting a typical Postmates account. On this form, fill out your full name, email address, and the phone number associated with your account. You’ll also be asked to share a reason for deleting your account. When you’re ready, click “Submit.” 

3. Wait for your email response

Again, you’ll need to wait for a follow-up response from a team member via email. This will confirm the deletion of your Postmates Driver Account. Keep all updates for your records. You will need to confirm yet again via email, and then the process is complete. 

4. Delete the Fleet app

Last but not least, be sure to uninstall the Fleet app from your device. This means you’ll no longer receive notifications from Fleet about available orders and surges. You should also unsubscribe from Postmates emails to ensure you no longer get updates. 

How to Delete a Deceased Loved One’s Postmates Account

It’s not always clear what to do when someone dies, but it’s important to take charge of their digital accounts. If your loved one had a Postmates account, here’s how to delete it. 

1. Log into their account

The easiest way to cancel a Postmate account for someone else is to simply log in and follow the steps as though it were your own account. If your loved one stored their passwords somewhere, it might be easier to discover how to log in. 

Alternatively, you can reset their password via email or phone. If you don’t have access to their email or any other accounts, follow the steps below. 

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2. Contact support

The next way to request an account closure is to simply contact Postmates support. You can use the same account form as before or contact Postmates via email. Let them know you’re acting on behalf of your deceased loved one. 

You might need to show proof of their death, like a death certificate or court order. It’s simple to learn how to get a death certificate depending on your state. From there, the Postmates support team cancels their account. 

How to Delete a Deceased Loved One’s Postmates Driver Account

If your loved one was a driver for Postmates, you’ll want to make sure you have their account closed. Again, this is a similar process to the one above. 

1. Log into their Fleet account

If you know their login information, the fastest way to delete the account is to log in yourself. Once you access the account, follow the steps above as though you’re canceling your own account. 

If you don’t know their username or password, you might be able to reset it if you have access to their email inbox, phone number, or other login manager. Unfortunately, if you don’t have access to their account, you’ll need to contact support directly. 

2. Contact Fleet support

For those who don’t have access to their loved one’s Postmates account, the only option is to contact Fleet support. Through the Postmates Fleet support form, request to have your loved one’s Fleet account canceled. This can take a while, but the support team is there to help. 

You might need to prove you’re acting as an executor or next-of-kin. Follow the support team’s prompts to make sure you complete each stage of the process. Lastly, remove the Fleet app from your loved one’s device. 

Break Free From Postmates

There are many reasons you might choose to no longer use Postmates, whether you’re a user or a driver. Keeping your digital information safe is an important responsibility, and it’s one you shouldn’t take lightly. Whether you’re protecting your own account or a loved one’s, these steps above are your guide. 

It’s important to note that Postmates is owned by Uber. You’ll also want to take steps to delete your Uber account if you’re no longer in need of it. Your digital footprint is worth the effort. 

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