How to Cancel a Roblox Membership: 4 Steps


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Roblox offers many options for online gaming and game development fun. Millions of people use it every day. The community is created around self-designed games and playing others’ games. Because of this, the bonds formed are even more tight-knit than other gaming platforms. It’s easy to find yourself spending a lot of time on the site and enjoying the creative challenges that Roblox presents.

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Many of us find that we need a definitive cue to make new choices in life. This is especially true when we need to regain some of our free time and devote it to new pursuits. One way to do this is to cancel your Roblox membership.

Another reason to investigate Roblox membership cancellation would be if a loved one of yours had an ongoing subscription with Roblox when they died. You want to cancel the recurring charge while settling out the estate. This will help you preserve a good digital legacy for them. We can help you find the answers you need.

How to Cancel Your Roblox Membership

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Roblox has chosen not to enable an option to cancel your entire Roblox account. It will exist long-term unless they change their policy. Thankfully, they do make it possible to cancel your subscriptions, which is what we’ll explain below.

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Log in to Roblox in a browser

The fastest way to cancel many of the Roblox Premium subscriptions is to log in to your account from a browser.

From there, you will have two options for finding and clicking the “Cancel” button.

Use account settings or the upgrade page to cancel

One option is to go to “Account Settings” and click “Billing.” There should be a “Cancel” button there. Follow the prompts afterward to finish the process.

Another way to cancel is via the “Upgrade Now” page. Once there, you should see a blue “Cancel” button. Be careful: upgrading instead of canceling will accomplish the opposite goal.

For mobile memberships, cancel in the mobile app

Mobile memberships, purchased through the Google Play or Apple Store app, are their own thing, so the above path won’t work. Instead, you’ll need to log in to the device/account where you purchased the mobile membership and cancel it through the app.

The path is slightly different for each app store. In general, look for the section marked “My subscriptions” or “Manage my subscriptions." At that point, you can cancel, renew, or change subscriptions for Roblox and other mobile apps.

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Send a message if you’ve forgotten your login information

You may need to cancel a subscription even if you’ve forgotten your account details. Roblox will work with you if you contact Customer Service and tell them the account details you remember. Share the known payment method, associated email addresses, recent renewal dates and amounts, and username possibilities.

They’ll work to get you reunited with your account so you can modify your subscriptions.

How to Cancel a Roblox Account for Someone Who Has Died

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Contacting Customer Service is Roblox’s path for canceling the subscriptions of a deceased loved one. If you're completing this task as part of a post-loss checklist, don't be concerned. There are a few different ways to manage your loved one's digital legacy.

The sequence is much like contacting them after you've forgotten account information. Do a little research on your loved one’s account and then take this information to the source.

Tip: You can continue a loved one's digital legacy with a virtual memorial on a platform like GatheringUs. They even have specialists who can guide and support you through the planning process.

Gather information

If you have access to a password manager or any online accounts, consider what information might help Roblox locate the account in question.

If you go to Roblox’s website and a username auto-populates, this could be a clue.

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Submit a request to Customer Service

Submit a request to Customer Service. Use the information you’ve gathered, your relationship to the account owner, and the information about that person’s passing.

Your specific choice of issue may vary. One that usually applies is “Billing & Payments,” since the pressing concern is to end ongoing fees.

Wait for a response and maintain the conversation

When Roblox customer service gets back to you, they may simply confirm that they’ve ended the subscription. They may need further information, in which case, you can decide how far to pursue ending the subscription.

Subscriptions do eventually expire if the payment methods don’t work. An expired payment method may also bring about a resolution to your problem. Canceling any of your loved one’s accounts may do the trick.

Roblox Account Deletion FAQs

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Roblox’s unconventional stance on account removal can create more questions. These may persist after you’ve managed to cancel subscriptions for your account. Here are the answers to a few of the most common queries.

Can you permanently delete your account?

You cannot permanently delete a Roblox account. Some people have expressed frustration with this element of the platform.

These comments haven't yet prompted Roblox to create the requested feature. You can certainly send a contact message to Roblox Support to register your desire to delete your account.

Why can’t you permanently delete your account?

On the Roblox page for account deletion requests, they say that you can just “stop playing.” They’ll keep your account secure for when you're interested in playing again. Roblox may not want to field requests for reinstatement of deleted accounts.

Significant game progress would be lost if they deleted accounts that an owner eventually wanted to get back into.

Reconsidering Roblox

While your account will remain active on Roblox, you don’t have to stick around or continue your subscription. When Roblox isn’t the right fit for you anymore, you can consider having a friend fill out your password change form or some other ceremonial version of “deleting your account.”

This may not feel like a great solution if you're working toward deleting yourself from the internet. But if your goal is to play fewer games or spend time on other things, it could work. If you're deleting Roblox subscriptions for a deceased loved one, most important is to end subscriptions that could continue charging the payment method. 

Thinking long-term, you may want to have all your accounts organized in a password manager. This will prevent extra hassle when it’s time to close your accounts. Using end-of-life planning tools from Cake, you can make many of the legal headaches go away for your loved ones just by doing a little planning and preparation. Get started today!


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