How to Permanently Delete a Runkeeper Account


Runkeeper is a popular fitness app that helps both new and seasoned runners track their progress. You may use it to help achieve your fitness goals.

However, in our digital age, having a large number of accounts for apps and web services can overwhelm you. If you haven’t used Runkeeper in a long time, you might want to “declutter” your digital life by deleting your Runkeeper account.

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It’s also possible a loved one with a Runkeeper account has passed away. Knowing what to do when someone dies and has left behind numerous accounts may confuse or intimidate you.

In either case, there’s no need to worry if you’re not sure how to proceed. This guide will teach you how to easily delete your own Runkeeper account or delete the account of a loved one after they have passed away.

How to Delete Your Own Runkeeper Account or Subscription

Deleting your Runkeeper account is a fairly simple process. All you have to do is follow these basic steps:

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Step 1: Head to the ‘Privacy and Data Protection page’

ASICS technically owns the Runkeeper app. Thus, to begin the process of deleting a Runkeeper account, you’ll need to head to the ASICS Privacy and Data Protection page.

Step 2: Select your country

The Privacy and Data Protection page features a dropdown menu with a list of countries. Choose your country from the menu.

Step 3: Choose Runkeeper

Below the dropdown menu is a series of images representing various ASICS brands. Choose the image for Runkeeper.

Step 4: Consider downloading your data

This is an optional step that you may want to take. Before deleting your account, you have the option of downloading your Runkeeper data. Do so now if there is any reason you may want to view it in the future. Once you delete your account, you will not be able to access your data.

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Step 5: Select ‘Delete Account’

After you’ve downloaded your data (if you choose to do so), select “Delete Account” from the list of options. Confirm that you want to delete your account, and you’re all set.

Important notes

There are a few points of which you should be aware when deleting a Runkeeper account. You already know that doing so will prevent you from accessing your data. You should also know that it may take up to two weeks to process your Runkeeper account deletion.

If your Runkeeper account still exists even after you’ve followed all the steps in the above section, don’t assume your deletion wasn’t successful. Wait two weeks before attempting to delete it again or reaching out to support staff.

You may also wish to delete your entire ASICS account (which you may also know as your OneASICS account), and not just your Runkeeper account. You may do so if you also have an account for such web services and/or applications as Onitsuka Tiger, Haglofs, ASICS Studio, or any other services ASICS provides.

To delete your entire ASICS account, head to this page. Log in to your account and navigate to “Personal Details.” From there, you can unregister your account.

How to Cancel a Deceased Loved One’s Runkeeper Account or Subscription

The way you go about deleting the Runkeeper account of a loved one who has passed away can vary depending on the circumstances. The following are your primary options:

Option 1: Follow the steps above

Sometimes, a loved one might share their login info for their various accounts with you or another family member or friend. This makes it relatively easy to delete or manage their accounts when they’re gone. Your loved one may have shared their Runkeeper login info with you, knowing that deleting such accounts may be one of your executor duties.

If you have this information, deleting their account is as simple as following the steps in the above section. The process is no different than the process for deleting your own account.

Tip: If you and a loved one do share passwords to ensure deleting your accounts is easy in the event of a death, consider using a password manager to guard against losing login information.

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Option 2: Retrieve their password

You may not have all the login info you need to immediately access and delete a loved one’s Runkeeper account after their death. However, you can easily retrieve this information if you have access to their email account.

Start by heading to the Privacy and Data Protection page. Select your country and select Runkeeper; then select either “Download Data” (if you wish to preserve your loved one’s data before deleting their account entirely) or “Delete Account.”

This will bring you to a login page. Here, you can click on the “Forgot password?” link. Enter the email address your loved one used for their Runkeeper account, then check their email. You should receive an email with a new password in a few moments. You can then use this to access and delete their Runkeeper account. Just remember to download their data first if you wish to!

Another trick to try is to access their Runkeeper account via Google, Facebook, or Apple. On Runkeeper’s login page, users who have linked their Runkeeper accounts to their Google, Facebook, or Apple accounts have the option to log in through those services.

Your loved one may have chosen this option. They might also still be logged in to an account they used to access Runkeeper. 

Try to log in with these options. Doing so only takes a few seconds, and it may provide an easy way to delete a loved one’s account.

Option 3: Contact ASICS/Runkeeper

The above methods may prove helpful, but if they don’t, you can always contact Runkeeper through email to explain the situation. You should prepare by securing any documentation necessary to prove your loved one has passed away. To learn more about this, check our guide on how to get a death certificate.

You should also gather documentation proving your relationship to the deceased and showing that deleting their Runkeeper account after their death is one of your responsibilities. This may be fairly easy to do if they referenced this fact in a will.

If they did not, the process of convincing the company to delete the account may be somewhat more complex. You need to demonstrate that you have the right to handle these matters and that your loved one wanted you to delete their account. That said, Runkeeper’s customer support indicates they will certainly consider helping in these circumstances; they simply don’t want to accidentally delete the account of a user who isn’t actually deceased.

It’s also worth noting that you may not need to take any steps at all if deleting a loved one’s Runkeeper account after their death isn’t an urgent matter. If a user doesn’t access their account or otherwise use their ASICS ID for two years, ASICS (and thus, Runkeeper) will consider their account inactive.

They will first send a notification to a user letting them know the company will cancel their account if the user doesn’t take action. If ASICS doesn’t receive a reply, they will cancel and delete the account automatically. Keep this in mind if there is no rush to delete a loved one’s Runkeeper account anytime soon.

Deleting a Runkeeper Account: What You Need to Know

The data a Runkeeper account stores may be important to a user trying to get in shape, but it’s not exactly what most would consider sensitive or valuable data. Because of this, deleting your own Runkeeper account isn’t very difficult. Depending on various factors, deleting a Runkeeper account after a death may also be fairly easy, although it can involve a few extra steps if you don’t have the deceased’s login information on hand.

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